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Song: "The Great Mandella", Peter, Paul and Mary, 1967

Listener Beware! Uh… all I really got is that the song only gets louder and more discordant. If you’re not paying attention, it’s really jarring, and that’s basically the story of how this post came to be. 777 more words


Bobby Sands - McIllhatton

This rousing song was written by Bobby Sands, one of the greatest ever to have lain down his life for Ireland. Rebel Voice wonders just how much Ireland has lost out on with the passing of Sands. 25 more words

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Bobby Sands - Back Home In Derry

This beautiful song was written by the Irish revolutionary and martyr, Bobby Sands. The lyrics are among the best to be found in any Rebel Song. 6 more words

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The Boy From Tamlaghtduff

This fine ballad from Christy Moore is a firm favourite among Irish Republicans around the globe.

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Murals As Resistance Across The Occupied Six Counties

Art has long been a means of resistance to tyranny. In Ireland’s Occupied Six Counties (OSC), the tradition of murals has served to make profound statements upon historical and current injustice in Ireland and beyond. 138 more words


A Human Rights Defender, Facing the Death Penalty

The defiance and kindness of Dr. Mudawi remains extraordinary, though the beatings and detention have taken their toll.

Published: June 7, 2017 at 05:30AM

Opinion By DR. 70 more words


So How Do You Fake a Hunger Strike During Ramadan? Asking for a friend.

By Marwan Barghouti

May 27, 2017

Hey gang! Big Marwan over here, and welcome to “Blogging with Barghouti“! Coming to you from the belly of the beast in the Zionist Entity’s biggest, baddest, most inhumane jail. 52 more words