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'He has lately been on “hunger strike”, although I had my doubts about it being complete'

The Schraplowsky saga rolled on. Had his hunger strike caused the Polish internee to lose weight?

Place of Internment
8th May 1918

H. Schraplowsky… 177 more words

Life On The Home Front

Fried onions too much for a hunger striker

The Governor of Reading Prison had an ingenious way of ending a hunger strike.

Place of Internment
27 April 1918

H. Schraplowsky

With reference to my report yesterday as to this man going on hunger strike, I have now to report that I had some onions fried near his cell and placed in his potatoes. 23 more words

Life On The Home Front

Without food for 48 hours

An internee who disliked the food on offer went on hunger strike after he was assigned restricted rations.

Place of Internment, Reading
26th April 1918… 115 more words

Life On The Home Front

Writing the Troubles Workshop 2017

By Thomas Dolan –

The incursion of Arlene Foster, the DUP and, by extension Sinn Féin, back onto the centre-stage of British politics has produced an upsurge of interest in the political situation in Northern Ireland reminiscent of the darker days of its long-running conflict. 1,121 more words

INLA Tribute Collection

This montage shows imagery concerning the militant Irish Socialist Republican organisation, the INLA.

(some of the images are of poor quality)

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Weeping Winds by Bobby Sands

Bobby Sands was an Irish revolutionary, Gaeilgeoir, song writer and poet who died on 5th May, 1981 after 66 days on hunger strike. He was 27 years old. 252 more words


Song: "The Great Mandella", Peter, Paul and Mary, 1967

Listener Beware! Uh… all I really got is that the song only gets louder and more discordant. If you’re not paying attention, it’s really jarring, and that’s basically the story of how this post came to be. 777 more words