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earth day and gardening

Every day should be Earth day. But that’s another post. Start small. You don’t need a green thumb to grow simply things like onions, beans, and lettuce in your own backyard. 82 more words

Vickie McKeehan

France’s food waste prevention law making inroads 2 years in

France has been trying to end food waste through a progressive law passed in 2016 requiring supermarkets to donate unsold products to food banks. It’s estimated that one-third of all food is thrown away around the world.CGTN’s Lucy Taylor reports on how well it’s working, two years on. 13 more words

Food & Wine

Our kids matter

It seems to be that poor people are hit with the most tragic things simply because they are poor. A recent article said that obesity rates skew towards people of color, but specifically toward children who live in urban areas. 309 more words

Tonight, Hungry & Homeless How About You?

Tonight, Hungry and Homeless – How About You?

By A.M. Santana

I’ve always heard that a writer should write about what they know. What if what they know is hunger? 454 more words


Plenty sits still, Hunger is a wanderer.
—Zulu proverb

Quote Of The Day

Pigeon for Tea

he works his wool hat with

fingers he has nowhere to wash

the baby is still coughing

that wet haze washes beneath the door—

a constant, brittle chill that find its way through wood and tar… 58 more words


Eternity - the lesson of learning

You know that cliche, “You never stop learning”? Well, I like to think, sometimes, that cliches exist for a reason: because they’re eerily accurate, and usually true. 192 more words