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Maggi Maggi Maggi

Noodles are probably a Chinese innovation. But we Indians have the ability to make things our own with the certain twists that we add to everything. 364 more words


confusing my hunger signals

‘Am I actually hungry?  Or am I just bored?’

‘I really want some chocolate right now, but I’ll have an apple instead, because that’ll satisfy my sugar craving . 992 more words


Zombie and hunger - day 26 of 26w26d

word for day 26: zombie, theme: hunger
dear tokens of expression, the cliche diaries, and your rules

a destructive maelstrom of sudden revelation, 174 more words


Feed Me

Baby Bird Wants To Be Fed

<Took this photo after a bird laid a nest in a hanging plant on our balcony a few years back, by far one of my all time favorite photos>


Zero Out Hunger

Student group members: Tyjah Minniefield, Frida Morales, Soledad Garica

Presentation link

Overview: We chose to do this project because we thought it would be interesting to learn about. 134 more words


Squirrel cheeks

He was famished hunger embodied
To many solely an idea, unempirical concept,
To him a physically painful reality as the groans
Of his stomach became audible to all… 141 more words

Aurora Kastanias


I’m feeling so compulsive right now. And not in a good way. Rather than caving in, I’m going to write about it. 359 more words