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Vacation Detox: Phantom Hunger

Continuing to re-acquaint my body with healthy habits. What I mean by “vacation detox” is that my body grew accustomed to certain things – too much food, too little activity – and now I’m having to readjust. 440 more words

Food for the soul – How does it nourish me?

Do you sometimes feel you lack something you feel you need? It may be a more satisfying job, bigger house for a growing family, or a better car. 780 more words

Comet Cupboard for Hungry Students

College students often run into financial difficulty. According to study performed by Ohio State University, 70 percent of college students have monetary problems. While this study focused on the impact of loans and monthly expenses as a whole, living on a tight budget can have very real implications on a financially-stretched student’s daily life. 182 more words

Cash me onstage, how bow dah. (revisit)

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, especially when you see some of your friends and peers living out your dreams. Sometimes it feels as if I made a wrong turn, or chose the zig zag path. 613 more words

Happenings And Thoughts

Update 3 - Week 4

It’s been a while since I updated this blog – life just got in the way – but I have now passed the 4 week mark and have stuck with it. 373 more words