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Eternal optimist streak coming to an end

I’m constantly thinking positive in whichever situation that has come my way (with a very few minor complaints). That optimistic behavior has come from the teachings of Islam saying that every bad thing that happens to a believer 7 good things come out of it. 236 more words

Food Drives and Forest Fires

The Worst Natural Disaster in Canadian History

And the long road to recovery

The good news?
Lots of people and organizations helping out.

CIBC + Alberta Food Banks = 105 more words


Kleiner Zwischenruf aus Berlin 

Ich dachte ja schon, dass die Bio-Hunde-Frischfuttertheke absolut absurd ist und ein Merkmal/Auswuchs unserer satten Gesellschaft (besonders im Prenzlauer Berg) ist. Hier denke ich allerdings zum ersten Mal – und das eben nicht nur so dahergesagt: Und in Afrika verhungern Kinder. 29 more words

Devos of the Week: John 6:35-40

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry…” Bread is the basic staple of life. Is Jesus the essential, the basic staple of life for you?  22 more words



So, in my world, it’s the end of month.  It is a time when the cupboards are barren and the bank account is a few cents above a dreaded negative balance.   403 more words

Belize: Where food is everywhere and yet...

A foodie visitor to Belize might observe that the country has a vibrant “street food” scene. In Belize, we just call it food, comida, and dinna (dinner). 455 more words


Our Souls Wait

We hurried ahead.

We turned to a friend.

We counted on a coworker.

We had confidence in family.

But our soul waited, knowing the only real hope was in the Lord. 405 more words

My Mission