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Kids Bottles: Another Moral Dilemma

As I grow older, it seems to me, I am faced with some kind of moral choice nearly every day.  Then, I suppose that it’s something that’s true for every thinking person. 749 more words


Stop the Hunger Games

Food is power.

Withholding food from people is cruelty.

Feeding unhealthy or tainted food to poor people is torture.

Do you agree with any or all of those statements?  2,714 more words


Crispy Cafe

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"Kids Are Starving in Africa," and Other Reasons to Eat Your Broccoli

When you were a kid, your parents may have told you to finish your dinner because “there are starving kids in Africa.”  While this may have inspired you to finish those last spears of broccoli, your mom was lying.  1,628 more words


Any Imaginable Hunger

Any Imaginable Hunger

They drifted into a conversation,

That she immediately felt

Would be pivotal for her mainly.

He never had a clear understanding… 191 more words


World Hunger: Ten Myths : Food First

This is a great article from a book by Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins that blasts common myths regarding world hunger:

We are led to believe that there is “too little food” for “too many people” – when we live in a day and age where there is an abundance of food, but it is our political systems and the oligopolies (a few global companies that control a huge market share)  that have grown to dominate the “food scene” that don’t allow the food to be grown and distributed where they can benefit the hungry.  133 more words

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