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My charity shopping spree

A wet Friday, I’d finished all my outstanding work and done my accounts and invoicing, so I took myself out for a treat: lunch at the marvellous… 278 more words


Chungking, The Mona Lisa...

Tonight I’m really excited to talk about the band with the song I consider the ultimate masterpiece, I’m talking about Chungking, a band that if you don’t listen carefully may go through as an average band, but if you listen carefully enough you may find that your ears were cheating on you and discover a true Gioconda on Jessie Banks, Chungking’s music can be compared with Da Vinci’s enigmatic masterpiece, think about the smile of the Gioconda translated into music and you’ll get Chungking’s music, all of the sudden you will find yourself strugling to determine if Chungking’s music is of joy or bitterness, some examples of that are; “Making Music” a delicious track that has some optimism on it’s rythm but when you listen carefully can notice some bitterness about how hard it could be to do what you love to do, in her case it’s “Making music” but could be as well “Making Love” but sometimes the complexities of life turns such kind of things harder than they should be (I’ll make a separate post about “Making Music” later), we have also “Following” a song that you’ll only understand if you really identify your self with it, a true anthem to the hard side of love and resignation, that resignation you have to accept when you love someone but don’t want to interfere with his/her personal life, this is a song for the silent lover, an anthem for silent lovers to be more accurate, we have “Come With me” Come with me may be considered as the silent hope of such silent lovers, what keeps them standing on and keeping some hope in the adverse situations “Come with me, Just believe you’re free” such quote says it all, how many times we have wished to be free and follow that special person, or be followed, but it’s not always possible for better or worse, and so on, you’ll discover on every song mixed feelings of joy, bitterness, hope and overall a lot of true love, not that love that you see on TV or movies or read in books, but true love which is far more complex and beautiful. 126 more words

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