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Ugly truths

I used to keep a journal. I read Anne Frank in Grade 6, a subject prize from the school’s prize giving ceremony. I was already doing this silly werewolf story so writing wasn’t a new thing to me. 906 more words

Loud Thoughts That Need To Be Written

Snoozy the Squirrel 

Here we have Snoozy the Squirrel, caught napping and hiding behind the flowers while his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sister Snappy waits hopefully in the background. I was handing out peanuts, but Snoozy was just too tired to care. Zzzzzzz. Wake up, Snoozy!


Midnight cravings 

So in case you were wondering it is midnight and I am sat in bed, I come up to bed an hour ago because I know I need sleep. 820 more words


Prone to Wander – Homesick and Hungry

The following is a prayer I wrote a few days ago. I share it with you in case you ever feel inclined to wander from the God you love. 525 more words

Food For Thought

Dark, Brown Eyes

(Poem stolen (with permission) from Tamara Yancosky’s Blog)

Dark brown eyes;

Soulful, mysterious,
Darkly romantic,
And inflamingly,

And Somehow,

Dark brown eyes
(Permission by:

Tamara Yancosky Moore)

When I am hungry...

What steps did I take today to move towards my goals?

Well, I am watching what I am eating today.  Even though I am so flippin’ hungry I could very well start gnawing my desk – just give me some salt and some butter…  Okay, I’m kidding.   251 more words


I prefer to call them disagreements rather than arguments.

I think in every relationship there are bumpy times, when you both has opposite opinions on a subject.  Minor ones, I can let go over my head, but when it comes down to something important to do with my husband’s health, then I will not let them go. 280 more words

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