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Protien salad bowl 

Alright so I found an interesting recipe online and thought I would give it a try … So here it is:

Basically you take half the bowl and fill it with a grain (I used quinoa) then half with a protien (I used beans) …. 77 more words


Hungry For Almost 30 Years

Just imagine you have a need, a basic need like Food, or Air, and you never got to eat, or breath, you only have read about, After all those years when you finally get to experience food, and air for the first time, how it will be, I fear of getting used to be hungry and refuse the food. 31 more words

Forever together. Forever alone.

There are some cases when this place hosts couples, although the conditions are harsh. The couples aren’t the typical ones you would imagine, but quite bohemian ones, brought from other imaginary worlds. 160 more words


The very hungry hamster

Fur twitching
Paws creeping
Whiskers wiggling
Eyes peeping

Nose sniffing
Ears pricking
Cheeks waiting
Tongue licking


Sushi Lovers

I don’t know about any of you but I crave sushi like no other. Going to a small school with no a lot of food options(as you can tell from my previous posts), makes me rip my hair out because sometimes ya just need some good sushi to get ya through the day. 210 more words