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5:2 fasting day #10 - when calorie counting goes wrong

Yesterday was my 10th (full) fasting day, which means I’m about to head into my sixth week of 5:2. Hooray! Yesterday was a great fasting day – I actually didn’t feel hungry, nor did my brain start to fade, until 4 pm – so I didn’t eat anything (besides a cup of coffee) until 4 pm. 335 more words

Random Thoughts

I wonder what they think?

I often go to town with a few friends, we usually end up sitting around in shops talking about random topics. One of my friends points out seemingly normal things and calls them gay. 437 more words

Crocodile Gets His Arm Ruthlessly Ripped off

Well fucking A, Zookeeper. Maybe throw more than one chicken in the feeding pit filled with hungry primordial like dinosaur of a reptiles and you wont have your talent that bring in money to your zoo eating each others arms off. 186 more words

Day 287

You came running to see dad when he picked you up from school today. Well, you did a quick walk, fell, and then crawled really fast. 49 more words


Criteria SugarBooger Zippee BackPack Hungry Monsters

Next, you want to look at the style of the backpack. This goes along with what you need it for and how long you are planning to be gone. 358 more words

Eating Red Meat Makes You Hungrier

It’s true that a high-protein diet makes you less likely to overeat; any nutritionist will tell you that protein—including the kind found in red meat—will keep you feeling satiated for longer than carbs, fat, or any other nutrient. 326 more words


Tropical Smoothie & Berry Blast

  1. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to eat enough fruit and veg in a day. I just don’t tend to crave what I deem to be healthy food.
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