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An Eating Plan I Can Live With

The crappy food from last week made me sick. I was cussing hard. So this week I got foods I like…turkey breakfast bowls,pizza rolls,pancakes,& jello. That may seem  fattening…but no…not if I eat less than  before. 216 more words

I WANT TO EAT! (all the time)

OK! If you’re pregnant, you have to agree: The second trimester is better known as the “Starving Trimester”

I am hungry all the damn time and I feel like I’m going to become a whale by the end of it but there are so many restrictions on what to eat which grinds my gears. 320 more words


Evening lull

a cowbell clangs afar
nearby a hungry buzz
between sips of tea

My response to Carpe Diem #1459 evening lull (yuunagi)


June 22: I’m so hungry

I am wide awake, it’s really late, I have to be up relatively early tomorrow, and my stomach is growling. I have no idea what to eat or do to make it stop. 149 more words

the blessing of hungry for more...

After the first day of knit camp… she tells her mom… I don’t want to do this three days…

Didn’t you like learning to knit…? 180 more words


Five Tips To Follow For Faster Cooking

Cooking at home is always better than ordering take out or getting a pizza delivered for the third time this week. You can always find more taste and more nutrition when you cook the food at home. 484 more words


Don't stay hungry at D' Hungry Mogambo

If you can’t imagine finishing some pork chops without impenitently licking the sauce off your fingers, D Hungry Mogambo, on the right corner of Regent Plaza on Baner-Pashan Link Road, is an ace option. 811 more words

Restaurant Review