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Happy Belly - Part 4

Oh, it’s been a while since we talked about food.  That’s just unacceptable, so let’s take a walk down food memory lane, Instagram-style.

@pinkbarrestudios and @callieshotlittlebiscuitatl with my sweet @iveymj4 this morning.

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5 Things that Happen to Travelers

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Let’s be practical for a minute. We all know I LOVE to travel, but I’ll be completely honest, there are some uncomfortable and less than convenient parts to traveling. 924 more words

Losing motivation instead of weight

These past two weeks have been extremely difficult for me. I have been super busy with work, and I have had no control over what I have been eating. 132 more words

The Superpower Tag (and a question so y'all better not just like this post without even reading it)

Thank you FarahEdz for tagging me to do this tag c:

If I was born with a superpower, it would be the power to mimic other people’s powers and talents by either watching them (whether it’d be in person or watching them on a TV screen) or by being near them. 124 more words

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Good Thymes

Who wouldda thought that one year later, we all JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD? I met these three beauties on the East Coast of America, and now we’re casually having Monday night dinner on the East Coast of Australia! 94 more words