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My Journey to the Way- Part 5 - Lent

I joined in about 2 weeks late, but I fasted for Lent, giving up dairy and meats.  It was not easy.  My body reacted by making me ravenously hungry. 490 more words


An Aggressive Toddler Slapped My Bottom

Today I walked past Muffin Break and they were cooking some cheesy scones and honestly the smell made my entire body tingle.

Then, like how a lion will pick on the sickest gazelle, a little boy ran up behind me and slapped my bum. 92 more words

21 Days

#hiddengems | Restaurant Review : Falla , Jumeirah

So on my hunt for hidden gems I found this little place in Jumeirah called Falla. Upon checking Zomato, I found the interiors to be quite a mix of Quirky and Authentic. 392 more words


Diet tip, LOL

Diet tip, LOL:  If you think you are hungry, you might just be thirsty.  Drink a pitcher of margaritas and see how you feel.

Be sure to check out my other blogs: 75 more words


First post: Why Blog? Blog What?

So, I was thinking why am I starting a blog and what do I blog?

I wandered back to what made me make up my mind to start this… 134 more words


Hearthstone's Formerly Garbage 'Hungry Crab' Is Making a Comeback

(Source: kotaku.com)

Screen capture of a YouTube video by Hearthstone Tournaments.

Can a crab become a hero? In both Hearthstone and in the animal kingdom at large, the answer has long been a resounding “no.” But now the answer is: maybe. 496 more words


OH GOD Remove such Poverty

What a line said by a person…

“I was not poor..

But condition make me poor..

I was not hungry..

But Money make me hungry… 86 more words