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Botched: The Sin Cara Project

Brian Damage

He was supposed to be the next great high flyer in WWE history. He was the heir apparent to an aging Rey Mysterio. His merchandise would fly off the shelves and every kid would own his mask. 696 more words


Quick Hits: WWE Main Event 1.15.14 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

Kofi Kingston v. Curtis Axel

: Kofi’s upset win over Randy Orton on Raw is just a set up for Kofi’s annual Royal Rumble moment in just a few weeks but don’t get too excited fans of the high flyer because come the day after Rumble Kofi will be just an after thought. 212 more words

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Headlock'd: A Case of Mistaken Identity

This week, we play musical masks with Sin Cara, Davey Richards fails to understand what “context” means and find ourselves very pleased with a rather obvious Simpsons reference. 17 more words

Professional Wrestling

Will The Real Sin Cara Please Stand Up?

It’s the curious case of Sin Cara. Have WWE pulled the wool over the eyes of their fans and managed to successfully change the man behind the mask of one of Mexico’s most-loved wrestlers? 249 more words


WWE Issued Statement Regarding Sin Cara's contract and future.

As Recently posted, Sin Cara has been replaced by Hunico, who has portrayed Sin Cara in Mexico before. You can read the original article here it… 70 more words

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Was that Sin Cara on Raw?

Sin Cara supposedly returned last night on Monday night Raw with a huge win over Alberto Del Rio, but it wasn’t the former Mexican wrestler Mistico who played him. 143 more words

Wrestling News And Events

Quick Hits: WWE NXT 11.27.13 (w/Justin C)

Yoshi Tatsu vs Antonio Cesaro

-Hey, a Yoshi Tatsu sighting!

-Before the match, Byron Saxton picks up Cesaro’s flag and Cesaro grabs him and demands it back. 290 more words

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