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Butter made before our eyes

Before we get too far removed from the things Raymond and I did when we were at the Manse in Queensborough for what (for us) was an extended period – five whole days! 643 more words

Good local Hastings County food, fresh from the farm

I took a day away from work today to try to cross a few things off my endless (and growing) to-do list in my “civilian” life. 595 more words

Towpath Trail Ira to Hunt Farm hike three

After our rugged hike on the Salt Run trail, I decided Maisy and I needed to take it easy. So tonight we hiked the towpath trail. 241 more words


towpath trail hunt farm to ira, forest point & pine grove trails hike 5 & 6

i got a late start this morning, i had a few things i had to do before i could go outside and play. i didn’t get started until ten, usually i would’ve been out on the trail for three hours by then. 262 more words


towpath trail hunt farm to bath rd

it was an unseasonably warm day for november, we have a week of good weather coming, may be our last for awhile, so i decided to hit the trails. 408 more words


do over! pine lane trail head, valley bridle trail & towpath trail

i hiked this hike, the last and longest of the hiking challenge this past summer, i got off track and ended up adding nearly 4 extra miles onto the hike. 531 more words