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Writing Without A Net

Hey, you’re a clown fish. Tell us a joke.
– Finding Nemo

I was worried. I’d been writing for almost a year and my blog, …

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Professional Development

I’m writing a fic (hoping to finish the last 50k draft during NaNo) about a period after a failed grab for political power and civil war, where frightened people are reforming the areas that were thought most dangerous. 388 more words

Life- The Universe- And Everything Else

The Power of Story

I’ve touched on this topic off and on in other posts, although not exactly from this direction. I am a confirmed bookaholic–reading is as necessary as breathing for me and I get completely lost in whatever story I’m reading. 432 more words


The Three Best Submarine Movies of All Time


The three submarine films I mention here are not being rated against each other or in any order, except oldest to newest.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… 586 more words


C is for Connery

Sean Connery done up today for my daily exercise. I realized I should’ve used a grid for yesterday’s sketch. Really helps.

RDJ next! Feel free to send me a suggestion for ‘E’! 12 more words



Morning everyone.  In the past few days there have been two updates to Scared by the Bell.  I posted a cover to issue #2:

An obvious homage to the classic, “The Breakfast Club.”  These colors are me just eyeballing it.   483 more words