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The Hunt for Red October: 1990-2015: Captain Marko Ramius: So It Begins...

During my preparations for a costume party / potluck lunch at work, I made a list of the ‘big’ films that came out 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years ago. 294 more words

Jack Ryan: Clear Hunt for Patriot Fears

Tom Clancy kind of fascinates me. He’s sort of like a pulp adventure novelist combined with military fanboyism. I once described him as Grandpa Fanfiction. Anyway, he’s been such a fixture in my life in one way or the other (my family read a lot of his books) that I can’t help but regard him with some fondness. 409 more words


What If I Was a Blogger in a Submarine movie?

Imagination … flying in like humming birds, and I am in the midst of something I did not expect.

Such imagination can be fun, good for a writer’s brain; and it shakes off the mediocrity. 557 more words


Neofascist Review of K-19: The Widowmaker (directed by Kathryn Bigelow)


Wolfgang Petersen’s DAS BOOT is justifiably considered the best submarine movie. Though no expert of submarine films, I recall the dramatically effective ENEMY BELOW with Robert Mitchum, which had a suspenseful and ennobling final scene that left a powerful impression on me as a child. 5,231 more words

Mike's Video Alley: The Red HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER VHS Tape!

Millennials are arguably the last generation that was able to embrace the soul-opening wonder that was the mom-and-pop video store. Before there was a Blockbuster on every sub-metro highway, your local video store—or, as previews on tapes would call it, “your local video library”—would be right next to the pharmacy or a convenience store. 843 more words

Krasny Oktyaber

Sometimes hunting for the right bus in Virginia is like the goddam Hunt For Red October.

It’d be totally worth it if I could meet Pensive Inscrutable Russian Sean Connery.   26 more words

Beer Extremists


The President opens his “Violent Extremism” summit at the White House by informing us that those Muslims who commit acts of violence are not Islamic. 128 more words

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