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33: I'm Back! [A Recap of my October]

Hey everybody! I’m baaaaack!

As I mentioned at the end of September, I took a break from social media during the month of October. No blogging, no Facebook, no Twitter. 511 more words

The Hunt for Red October: 1990-2015: Captain Marko Ramius: So It Begins...

During my preparations for a costume party / potluck lunch at work, I made a list of the ‘big’ films that came out 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years ago. 294 more words

Jack Ryan: Clear Hunt for Patriot Fears

Tom Clancy kind of fascinates me. He’s sort of like a pulp adventure novelist combined with military fanboyism. I once described him as Grandpa Fanfiction. Anyway, he’s been such a fixture in my life in one way or the other (my family read a lot of his books) that I can’t help but regard him with some fondness. 409 more words


What If I Was a Blogger in a Submarine movie?

Imagination … flying in like humming birds, and I am in the midst of something I did not expect.

Such imagination can be fun, good for a writer’s brain; and it shakes off the mediocrity. 557 more words


Neofascist Review of K-19: The Widowmaker (directed by Kathryn Bigelow)


Wolfgang Petersen’s DAS BOOT is justifiably considered the best submarine movie. Though no expert of submarine films, I recall the dramatically effective ENEMY BELOW with Robert Mitchum, which had a suspenseful and ennobling final scene that left a powerful impression on me as a child. 5,231 more words

Mike's Video Alley: The Red HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER VHS Tape!

Millennials are arguably the last generation that was able to embrace the soul-opening wonder that was the mom-and-pop video store. Before there was a Blockbuster on every sub-metro highway, your local video store—or, as previews on tapes would call it, “your local video library”—would be right next to the pharmacy or a convenience store. 843 more words

Krasny Oktyaber

Sometimes hunting for the right bus in Virginia is like the goddam Hunt For Red October.

It’d be totally worth it if I could meet Pensive Inscrutable Russian Sean Connery.   26 more words