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I Believe I Can Fly!

This is Little Monkey flying!

So how did this come about?

It was a public holiday, which I’d forgotten about, so people were playing tennis on the courts, bowls on the greens and a soccer match here on the fields that are normally deserted. 246 more words


Watching the Grass Grow

It’s not often you’ll catch Little Monkey having a quiet moment.

But here, early one evening, I caught her lying in the cool grass, apparently watching it grow. 19 more words



I can still hunt from here, Mum!

Little Monkey surveys the world from her prison; ever ready to charge out and protect her territory – or just bark at everything passing by! 24 more words


Monkeying Around

I was sitting on the stoep with my daughter, enjoying a relaxing drink in the early hours of the evening, when we noticed Little Monkey playing on the lawn. 77 more words




Senses all fine-tuned

Listening for the slightest sound

Hunter stands alert.

A domesticated hound?

Eyes watch for movement

Sniff the air for hint of prey… 14 more words


The Hunter's Trade: Forochel

October 24, T.A. 3017

I left Rivendel again in a search for hunting grounds that would provide a new challenge. I had heard of the frozen lands to the north from the dwarves in the misty mountains, and seeings as everything is under control at this point, I saw no problem with A Short holiday in some strange new lands that would expand my experience and give me some escape from the scouting done around The Valley. 513 more words


The Hunter's Trade: Misty Mountain Excursion pt. 1

October 13, TA 3017

I have left Rivendell once more, This time heading north to the Misty Mountains. I’ve been sent to scout the passes for their integrity should any travelers need to pass through. 525 more words