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The title says it all!

First we have Sanbec, with his solution to the human male face problem.

Yes, that is Mother Sharazz in the background. 94 more words


Three Posts in Two Days?!?

What the heck? Was there a patch or something?

So, I got a mission to get that darn SELFIE camera. But not on one of my 100s. 249 more words


Welcome, Blizzard Watch

Most of you who care already know, but the folks who formerly worked at WoW Insider have launched a replacement site at Blizzard Watch. They will be funded by contributions from their readers/supporters through Patreon. 229 more words


So Long, Molten Core

So, the 10th Anniversary Event is going away today. I didn’t get everything I wanted from it, and it was a dreadfully long and painful raid for one guaranteed helm (and a mount on your first victory of course). 346 more words


Three Menageries

Because after all, that’s the whole point of getting to max level and getting that level 3 garrison, amirite?

This time I was paying attention and got a screenshot when I dinged. 139 more words



The sculpture says it all.

I love the movement captured here. Works of art appear and disappear all the time at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens… 24 more words



I finally got enough hexweave to make my elekk plushie. Like everything else in WoD, I derped around and sometimes trapped wolves for fur to make work orders for hexweave, not really making it a focus more of a ‘oh I should ….’ type thing. 209 more words