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Scary Visitor

That moment when there’s a spider on you and you suddenly turn into a black belt karate master.

– Anon

When I opened my daughter’s bedroom curtains the other morning this little jumping spider fell out onto the duvet cover. 252 more words


Family Reunion

aka, Juna goes to Highmountain

Being a Tauren hunter, obviously Junahu had to visit Highmountain first. Having lots of experience with Thunder Bluff’s elevators was a plus, although the ones at Thunder Totem are a lot more enclosed and should be harder to die on. 310 more words


I Believe I Can Fly!

This is Little Monkey flying!

So how did this come about?

It was a public holiday, which I’d forgotten about, so people were playing tennis on the courts, bowls on the greens and a soccer match here on the fields that are normally deserted. 246 more words


Watching the Grass Grow

It’s not often you’ll catch Little Monkey having a quiet moment.

But here, early one evening, I caught her lying in the cool grass, apparently watching it grow. 19 more words



I can still hunt from here, Mum!

Little Monkey surveys the world from her prison; ever ready to charge out and protect her territory – or just bark at everything passing by! 24 more words


Monkeying Around

I was sitting on the stoep with my daughter, enjoying a relaxing drink in the early hours of the evening, when we noticed Little Monkey playing on the lawn. 77 more words




Senses all fine-tuned

Listening for the slightest sound

Hunter stands alert.

A domesticated hound?

Eyes watch for movement

Sniff the air for hint of prey… 14 more words