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attitude of emperor

Where is she I don’t know but is always inspired by her attitude.

“Who cares I have my own life what to do with your allocated definitions and interpretations. 605 more words



I’ve recently had the opportunity to read Sapiens. It’s one of those books that academics, whose specialist subjects may be referenced, get rather sniffy about as Sapiens doesn’t bother getting the details right in the pursuit of a good story. 568 more words

Consumer Trends

Hunter Gatherer

China. Not quite the country you think opts for the seed to table trends because they want to. Mostly, because that’s just what they are allowed to. 199 more words


Hunter Gatherer to Slave.

When the world was young, the only “profession” was that of a hunter gatherer.

Hunter gatherers are literally that. They go out, foraging, scavenging, and hunting for what they need with any surplus used for trading. 557 more words


Hunter-Gatherer announces location for production brewery

After more than a year of searching, Columbia’s Hunter-Gatherer brewpub has announced the location of its future production brewery, which is now scheduled to open mid 2016. 181 more words


In The Veins of Stone Men Part 3

Steam shot from his nostrils into the cold air. Though breathing hard, he forced his lungs to work through his nose so that he could listen. 558 more words

Weekday Preacher