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Willy & Greg have a simple theory:  Try your best to be a RADical-DADical not a RUDEical-DUDEical! 66 more words


Hunter or Gatherer?

There’s a lot of passionate opinions whether to, or not to partake of animal protein-based gastronomy. Most of us fall somewhere in-between: We like land-food and seafood just fine and don’t necessarily turn up our nose at vegan menu items. 237 more words

Creative Nonfiction / Essay / Journal

Our big boned ancestors

Your average Stone Age man or woman had legs like an Olympic runner.

And probably not because of any genetic difference from you or me but because they walked and ran many miles every day, often loaded down with game animals, foraged plants, firewood, their infant children, and everything else they had to transport. 525 more words


Nellie Knows : 24 April : The Wokingham Paper

This was previously published in The Wokingham Paper on 24 April 2015


Here we are again! A new weekly paper for Wokingham and it’s all very exciting. 882 more words

Home And Gardens

We are all Cavemen in a Modern World

In the words of Charles Darwin ‘ It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is it the one that is most adaptable to change.’ 638 more words


The Paleo Diet

When you want to get back to your roots, what do you feel is the best thing to do? Call or visit mom. Hang with long time friends. 724 more words