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Prehistoric Hunter-gatherer Societies

Hunter-gatherer societies are – true to their astoundingly descriptive name – cultures in which human beings obtain their food by hunting, fishing, scavenging, and gathering wild plants and other edibles. 106 more words


Hunter Gatherer (2016)

 Hunter Gatherer

(Drama – 1 hour 30 minutes – Director/Writer: Joshua Locy – Starring: Andre Royo, George Sample III, Jeanetta Arnette, Ashley Wilkerson, Kellee Stewart, Antonio D. 593 more words


"Hunter Gatherer"

When people get out of the pen, they usually want to start life over and do better than they did before. At least, that’s how popular movies seem to make of former prisoners. 917 more words


Reflections on Archaeological Theory: Hunting and Gathering in the Andes

A question I am frequently asked by my colleagues, mentors, and supervisors is: What theoretical perspective or stance have you chosen for your research? Personally, I have had a difficult time answering this question and, as such, have chosen this writing opportunity to tackle this problem. 1,208 more words


Agriculture and Diseases of Civilization

2350 words

It is assumed that since the advent of agriculture that we’ve been better nourished than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This assumption stems from the past 130 years since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the increase in the quality of life of those who had the benefit of the Revolution. 2,317 more words

Race Realism