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The choice of having children: Not having children

In this series I have tried to take a look at the process of having children from the standpoint of essentially energy. In that what we have is a finite amount of it, and having children requires quite a lot. 1,454 more words


Reflections on Mercy - By Helga Vierich, Anthropologist

I killed it mercifully and quickly.  It was a bunny, naked and blind, three inches long.  It was a tiny scrap of life, not an hour old, but already ruined and by the nervous cleaning of its own mother.  2,561 more words

Mediterranean Vs Paleo: Which one is best?

As my 6 weeks of quitting sugar came to a close I decided to research into some new ways of eating, to help educate me more on the benefits of different diets, and if any particular diets were in line with the ‘I Quit Sugar’ values. 952 more words

Eat And Nourish

Should I let My Baby Play With a Machete?

When people first become acquainted with the Continuum Concept and natural, hunter gatherer style parenting, one question they all seem to become fixated with is the idea of babies playing with sharp knives, fire and even machetes. 675 more words

Natural Parenting

Notes Toward a Marxist Theory of Gender [III]

It is a generally accepted notion that prehistoric man hunted, whilst prehistoric woman collected berries. This denotes – at least what is conceived as – 1 of the 1st social divisions of labour. 661 more words


Ankhe the Batwa Elder

Old Ankhe is another character I’ve planned for my story Luyinda and the Steeltooth, though he doesn’t appear until the second act (that is, the one after the excerpt I’ve shared online). 191 more words