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Hunter Gatherers at Heart

We have a tiny lemon tree in our garden – so tiny that it fits in a pot. Twelve lemons have been slowly growing on it for a very long time, turning a slightly yellower shade of green each day, and today I harvested the first one. 186 more words

The inestimable gravity of small things

WHAT DOES IT mean to be human in this relentlessly throw away world in which we live? This is the kind of question which comes under the loupe of Kai Lossgott in his quietly dramatic exhibition… 555 more words

Robyn Sassen

A Different Perspective of ADHD.

ADHD is often seen as a mental illness or a disability and because of that, many people with ADHD believe that there is something wrong with them. 249 more words


The Redundant Male

I have just recently been made redundant. An awful time not of my choosing but here I am out of work. The caveman within is devastated! 357 more words


What is the Paleo Diet & How Does it Work?

If you know a thing or two about what the cavemen of prehistoric times would have eaten, then you’re more clued up on the paleo diet than you realize. 278 more words

Health & Fitness

Identity and Interdisciplinary Studies: a comparison of archaeological and bioarchaeological perspectives

Identity is a broad and encompassing topic that touches on every aspect of our lives, so it makes sense that anthropological engagement of identity takes many forms. 1,469 more words


Manchester Film Festival 2017: Hunter Gatherer Review

Hunter Gather marks Joshua Locy’s first venture as both a writer and a director after formerly working as an art director. This encouraging debut is an understated and quirky comedy about surviving in a lower-class black neighbourhood whilst finding glimmers of joy in the simpler things. 529 more words