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Don't have a cow; science has your back(fat)

If you’re like me, you’ve tried all the diets – from Weight Watchers to Atkins and everything in between. And, like me, you probably rebounded off these fad diets pretty hard. 501 more words

Why Modern Parenting is So Hard

I’m currently reading The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies? by Jared Diamond. It’s a look at modern hunter gatherer and traditional small farming communities and explores how they structure their lives. 1,347 more words


5 New Year Foraging Plants You Need to Know

I grew up in a community were foraging was considered normal. Descended from 1,500 years of a nomadic lifestyle Food for Free was not just some folksy fad, it kept us alive but knowledge is so easily lost. 370 more words


The Most Valuable Treasures

For much of our time on Earth, we humans existed as nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers. We roamed the land, searching for the necessities of life: food, water, raw materials, medicine, and so on. 580 more words


Sister Teaches Brother

15,000 years ago in what will someday become China, this sister is teaching her younger brother how to track hoofed game. Although these prehistoric foragers are meant to represent the ancestors of modern Chinese, it was only a short time ago that their lineage diverged from that of Native Americans in northeastern Asia. 24 more words


Hotwiring the Evolutionary Origins of Discrimination

Why the hell is there so much racism and discrimination in the world?  Why it is such a durable feature of the human experience?  Did we evolve to discriminate?   1,144 more words


Haiku Duology, Prehistoric Art


“Hunter gatherer – landscape artist depicts a – mobile settlement”

“Written history – is the lies we are trying – to recover from”