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Straight down the line? A queer consideration of hunter-gatherer studies in Northwest Europe

Cobb, H., 2005. Straight down the line? A queer consideration of hunter-gatherer studies in north-west Europe. World Archaeology, 37(4), pp.630-636.

I came across this article while organizing all of the articles that I have collected on my computer over the years. 428 more words

Interpreting Scholarly Articles

Improving Sustainability of Animal Products

While animal products can be very important to developing countries with certain nutrient deficiencies, some of the developed world has surpassed the point of meat consumption that is considered healthy.  655 more words


Let the chips fall where they may

Good news for me today! I got word that my physical therapy for my left leg, gait and balance is approved. I’ll call the physio place that I am approved for tomorrow and set up the next appointment. 711 more words

Why the Kalahari 'Bushmen' are Earth's most successful civilisation

The Ju/’hoansi people of the Kalahari have always been fiercely egalitarian. They hate inequality or showing off, and shun formal leadership institutions. It’s what made them part of the most successful, sustainable civilisation in human history… 1,705 more words


Good Taste?

As I wrote yesterday, I am losing hair in unusual amounts. After some research for the other problems, which were sleepiness and depression, I learned that my dilemma was probably not enough protein and saturated fats on my Nutritional Ketosis diet. 1,162 more words

A Huntress and Her House

A jungle huntress stands in front of her house, a temporary shelter made from dead leaves over a framework of branches. Many rainforest-dwelling hunter-gatherer peoples in our own world, such as the Central African Pygmies and the Negritos of Southeast Asia, construct similar shelters for their camps.


Suburban Hunter-Gatherer

Where I live right now, while I’m not in the woods, is a paved place in general. There’s a lot of asphalt. McKnight road, one of the major high-speed and high noise conduits of Pittsburgh’s North Hills passes within sight, it’s roar permeating all till long after dark. 769 more words

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