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Identity and Interdisciplinary Studies: a comparison of archaeological and bioarchaeological perspectives

Identity is a broad and encompassing topic that touches on every aspect of our lives, so it makes sense that anthropological engagement of identity takes many forms. 1,469 more words


Manchester Film Festival 2017: Hunter Gatherer Review

Hunter Gather marks Joshua Locy’s first venture as both a writer and a director after formerly working as an art director. This encouraging debut is an understated and quirky comedy about surviving in a lower-class black neighbourhood whilst finding glimmers of joy in the simpler things. 529 more words


Standard Views

There is a standard view of history and historical progress that remains in many textbooks and popular works. Human culture evolved from primitive hunter gatherers who lived in small groups with an egalitarian culture and little social organization. 619 more words


The joys of foraging and why we shouldn't do it

As clichéd as it seems, I have never felt as connected to nature as when living and working in the middle of the forest of Fontainebleau.  1,085 more words

The Human Story – From Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers

Since the emergence of Homo erectus 2 million years ago, humans remained hunter-gatherers till 10,000 years ago. During this long period of 2 million years, humans learned to tame fire, hunt, make better stone tools, and explore new territories. 83 more words


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