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Agriculture and Diseases of Civilization

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It is assumed that since the advent of agriculture that we’ve been better nourished than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This assumption stems from the past 130 years since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the increase in the quality of life of those who had the benefit of the Revolution. 2,314 more words

Race Realism

Greetings from Egypt

These Egyptian explorers, who have docked somewhere along the southernmost coast of Africa, are offering a friendly greeting to the local San population. The San, for better or worse, don’t know what to make of these strangers from the opposite end of the continent. 109 more words


What We're MEANT To Eat

“Fad diets” rose in popularity in the nineteenth century in industrialized nations, and have certainly stuck around. Some of the more popular fad diets of the past year include the Military Diet and the HMR diet, both of which promise weight loss. 1,709 more words


Three new reviews from Don Shanahan on Every Movie Has a Lesson


Mesmerizing describes the film as a whole and its incomparable lead performance from Academy Award winner Natalie Portman playing First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the immediate hours and days following her husband’s 1963 assassination.   230 more words


The Coming of Cthulhu

Two hundred thousand years ago, when the Great Old Ones came down to Earth and tried to subjugate the ascending species of Homo sapiens, they may not have necessarily been greeted with open arms. 64 more words


Depression in Men

Depression and Men

For a long time, Depression has been labelled a ‘Woman’s disease’. Nevertheless, 6 million men will develop depression this year in the US. 1,369 more words

Men's Health

Roast Tomato & Aubergine Salad

A friend of mine grows all kind of fruit and veg and always surprises us with his amazing produce. This time we got a variety of tomatoes and aubergine, I wish flavour-gram was invented already because the flavour of the tomatoes was so luscious. 378 more words