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This isn't your Flintstone's Stone Age

Here is the first of 15 short parts of an exceptional documentary on the Stone Age. Behind the Read More tag you’ll find the other 14 for your convenience as well. 40 more words


The happy hormones we get from dirt

When I come upon a tree or a vine with actual fruit on it in the city I get excited. Naturally, I just want to eat the delicious, fresh, found fruit and enjoy the rare delight of being able to pick it myself. 419 more words


Terrific Paleolithic

I am a couple of weeks into eating Paleo and I am feeling Fab.U.Lous. My body feels cleansed and light, I have more energy, and my skin looks brighter too. 1,054 more words


On the razor's edge

As much back in time we go as much better we were in Mind, Body and Spirit. The illusion that we are better today because of our advanced technolgy is just this, an illusion. 499 more words

Modern World

Into the wild

Once upon a time, long before the evolution of the monetary system and corporations, it wasn’t unusual to see our ancestor’s literally defining the meaning of fast food as they chased after an antelope and dragged it home to utilise every element of the creature for food and well-being. 702 more words


Traditional Ancestral Diets | Steve Gagné

Two Ancestral Lines

When considering traditional ancestral diets as a model from which we can draw to improve our own food choices for better health, we must understand that these diets vary considerably according to a host of factors, including soil conditions, cultural habits, changing weather, availability of resources, and more. 15,190 more words

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When humans were prey for hyenas

500,000 years ago human ancestors were well on their way to becoming the dominant species on the planet. Human ancestors had rudimentary control of fire some 1.5 – 2 million years ago, and that was the single event that led to the inevitable journey to becoming the dominant species. 310 more words