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A blast from the past: A look at the hunter-gatherer lifestyle

No matter our age, we’ve certainly heard from people older than ourselves how much better everything was in the past. I will tell my children how great the 90s were while my parents roll their eyes. 1,020 more words



The Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) today announces Opening and Closing Night selections, as well as the full slate of films included in the Festival’s… 3,162 more words

Entry 3 - Materialism.

I read somewhere yesterday that human materialism stems from our hunter-gatherer tendency to hoard whatever we can so that later we can survive when resources are scarce. 291 more words

Journey to unknown

Every once in a while, I just feel like packing my bags, and hitting the road, not knowing where I will go or end up. It’s not wanting to be in a environment that is unhealthy for my mind but also my body. 222 more words


This isn't your Flintstone's Stone Age

Here is the first of 15 short parts of an exceptional documentary on the Stone Age. Behind the Read More tag you’ll find the other 14 for your convenience as well. 40 more words


The happy hormones we get from dirt

When I come upon a tree or a vine with actual fruit on it in the city I get excited. Naturally, I just want to eat the delicious, fresh, found fruit and enjoy the rare delight of being able to pick it myself. 419 more words


Terrific Paleolithic

I am a couple of weeks into eating Paleo and I am feeling Fab.U.Lous. My body feels cleansed and light, I have more energy, and my skin looks brighter too. 1,054 more words