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Trumps Hells Angels

“Every mans life is a comedy, a tragedy and a drama” – Mark Twain

Having spent the best part of an entire year assuring folks Trump would suffer a McGovern style defeat; I awoke election morning shell-shocked inside a surreal dystopian nightmare; my thoughts flew scatter-shot like a bag of spilled marbles. 2,748 more words


Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman started this interview by singing a song about a sheep he had called Zeno… “I had a sheep called Zeno,” he said, “because she had a square pupil. 1,100 more words


On Extending Our Reach.

I’ve brought this up previously and gotten no response, neither pro nor con, from anyone but Curtis. I’m willing to work on our look, but so far I have to assume that you all think it just fine. 1,231 more words

Book Promotion

Poison Apples

“Democracy doesn’t work in a large and diverse country when all we do is demonize each other.”  

– Barack Obama

By the way, you can tell if someone is a demon because they smell like sulfur… or so I’ve heard.

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