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Bethel Music Live In Manila

I have attended several worship concerts for the past years and the worship night made by #BethelMusic was totally different. It was a different atmosphere. The presence of the Lord was so strong that truly He inhabited again the praises of His people. 169 more words


PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

These people should be shot like rabid dogs. They are mentally unbalanced, a danger to all in society and cannot be rehabilitated like any animal that has rabies. 89 more words


Non-Fiction Review: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream by Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson is hired to cover an off-road, motor race in the Las Vegas desert. The problem is that there isn’t much to write home about except for the dust. 447 more words

Res Ipsa Loquitur

It’s a damn shame that he’s no longer around. I think the Trumpf Presidency needs a Hunter S. Thompson to penetrate through to the squirrely nature of it all. 512 more words


White Horse Tavern

Erstwhile workingman’s bar in the West Village that became a refuge for writers and assorted bohemian types and labor rabble-rousers in the 1950s because the beer was cheap and the location convenient to where most of the clientele lived. 143 more words

Trumps Hells Angels

“Every mans life is a comedy, a tragedy and a drama” – Mark Twain

Having spent the best part of an entire year assuring folks Trump would suffer a McGovern style defeat; I awoke election morning shell-shocked inside a surreal dystopian nightmare; my thoughts flew scatter-shot like a bag of spilled marbles. 2,748 more words


Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman started this interview by singing a song about a sheep he had called Zeno… “I had a sheep called Zeno,” he said, “because she had a square pupil. 1,100 more words