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What I'm listening to this week....

-Rooftops by Jesus Culture, cover by Aldrich & James. These guys are so humble and so gifted. I’ve listened to their version of this song so many times, and the anointing on them gives me goosebumps every single time. 35 more words



Trying new techniques after watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Music of the Month

I just wanted to do a post about the music I’ve been really into this month. I’ve never done this before, but it may become something I do at the end of every month. 1,379 more words


On my heroes

True fact: my son came very close to being named Malcolm instead of Kenneth.  At the moment, we do not plan on reproducing again.  But if we do, and if we were to have another boy, I plan on pushing  769 more words


I Too Subscribe To This Train Of Thought

It’s good to observe, but better to observe from the inside out, you get a greater, truer handle on the story that way.

Love The Fear, The Loathing Too!

Watching one of the greatest films of all time at 7am does not make a man want to go to work. Makes him want to do, well…other things… 9 more words

Suspicious Deaths: French Police-Commissioner Helric Fredou, Filmmaker David Crowley and the Epidemic of Banker Deaths...

There’s still nothing believable about the apparent ‘suicide’ of French regional police commissioner, Helric Fredou, right after the Paris attacks last month. I mentioned his death at the time and noted the complete absence of media coverage of it, expecting that some media coverage would eventually follow. 1,301 more words