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Hunter S. Thompson's Letter

I first came across this letter a few years ago and just recently stumbled upon it again. Hunter Thompson was 22 years old when he was asked by his friend, Hume Logan, for advice on life. 1,525 more words

Where Are Our Courageous Reporters?

The late 1960s were a bad time for the United States. We were in a fiercely unpopular war in Viet Nam. I had gotten radicalized and joined the Resistance, which not only protested the war but attempted to interfere with the draft induction process. 501 more words


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - a perfect review > and epitath for Hunter S Thompson

I love this movie, the Johnny Depp one.  The film is perfect.  I think it captures Hunter and that era of his life perfectly.  Johnny Depp goes so deep into Hunter’s persona it’s a wonder he ever made it out.  626 more words

Gonzo In 2005

When I was younger, pretty much any rebel was my hero. And I can’t honestly say that I’ve changed much. Unfortunately rebels don’t tend to live long, or well as they age. 243 more words


The ninth path

One of my first posts on The Florida Dispatch (A Sharp Shard of Time) pondered on how some moments survive perfectly preserved through time—like ancient insects caught in amber and found intact hundreds of thousands years later, trapped in the hardened resin. 1,701 more words

"Identify your financial goals and build your strategy around [them]"

A fantastic interview. Never heard of Hunter Thompson, the real estate investor, before. This is excellent.  Don’t miss it.  He answered my concerns about gold as an investment. 1,246 more words

Tom Woods

Medo e Delírio em Las Vegas [Livro X Filme]

             Na obra de cunho biográfico, intitulada Medo e Delírio em Las Vegas, Hunter Thompson, considerado o pai do Jornalismo Gonzo, nos apresenta o jornalista Raoul Duke, que junto com seu advogado samoano, atravessam o deserto em um conversível vermelho, com o porta malas cheio de todos os tipos de drogas licitas e ilícitas, para cobrir o evento Mint400 em Las Vegas. 586 more words