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Morten Rockford Ravn - Fear and loathing in GTA V

Morten Rockford Ravn attempts to capture the “existential despair” of the modern-day America represented in Grand Theft Auto V in his series titled “Fear and loathing in GTA V”. 43 more words

Fear and Loathing in America: Hunter S Thompson on 9/11

Just hours after the terror attacks that will be remembered throughout history as 9/11, Hunter Thompson wrote an article for ESPN dubbed ‘Fear and Loathing in America,’ in which he made some chillingly accurate predictions. 166 more words

The Colorado Journey: Freak Power in Aspen

It was a rainy Saturday in the Aspen area, so, I decided to visit the newly built Aspen art museum. My son was peacefully napping in the stroller and this seemed like a very good idea. 712 more words