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Hunter x Hunter Manga 366 Scans | Hunter x Hunter Chapter 366

Hunter x hunter 366 Scans will be available on next Thursday with the hunter x hunter 366 English Chapter. If you like hunter x hunter 366 English scans online. 160 more words

Hunter X Hunter 366

Hunter x Hunter 366 Raw | Hunter x Hunter Chapter 366 Spoiler

Click hunter x hunter 366 scans below to read the complete hunter x hunter 366 English chapter scans. hunter x hunter 366 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read hunter x hunter 366 for free online soon. 98 more words

Hunter X Hunter 366

VIZ Media's Announcements at Comic-Con International 2017

VIZ Media made some announcements during their panel at Comic-Con International 2017.

The company announced that it has licensed the Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge… 147 more words


Hunter X Hunter episode 1 review

The original Hunter X Hunter series is actually quite different from the newer version in ways that I’d not really thought about, or couldn’t have thought about if I hadn’t watched episode one. 390 more words


HxH 58: The hostage exchange

Hunter x Hunter episode 58 review

So the big hostage exchange happened in this episode. Gon and Killua are given up for Chrollo. In addition, Kurapika makes it so that Chrollo can no longer use his Nen and that Pakunoda is not allowed to tell anyone what she knows. 89 more words

Just started Hunter X Hunter, and I have a problem

A few days back I decided I will finally start this and took the advice of many and started the more recent adaptation.  Now 22 episodes in and I already have a rather glaring issue. 237 more words


Meowth900's Monday Manga Report

Hello people it’s meowth900 here coming at you with another Monday manga report. It’s a special day for weekly shonen jump, because it is the 20th anniversary of the One Piece manga. 2,206 more words