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HxH 92: God Save the Queen

Hunter x Hunter episode 92 review

I don’t believe in numerology, but here’s a creepy one for you: this episode all centered around the Queen is episode #92. 149 more words

HxH 91: Who's the king?

Hunter x Hunter episode 91 review

Apparently Cell of Dragon Ball fame is the king. That’s exactly what this “king” looks, talks, and acts like. He kills off Peggy, the narrator penguin, and also kills off a couple of human parents and their child. 144 more words

Errors (and inconsistencies) in Anime 4

Sudden color swapping? Illegal academic accelerations? Over-speeding tanks?? Nothing can escape from these watchful eyes of mine from all the anime industry’s shenanigans and bloopers as we expose them again yet again in my 4th installment of Errors (and inconsistencies) in Anime! 524 more words


Tuesday's Top 5: Antagonists With Inhuman Characteristics

Antagonists and villains are visually quite fun characters because they usually end up as fashion disasters or twisted into weird caricatures. Today I want to look at five villains and antagonists that have inhuman characteristics that I think are still pretty cool looking (or at the very least they are memorable). 554 more words

Meet the Geek: Yoshihiro Togashi Returns (Hunter X Hunter)

The Earth revolves around the sun. The sky is blue. Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus. I sat down with Togashi once again to talk just how long we’ll be waiting and how guilty he feels about it. 215 more words


HxH 90: Bankrupt wedge

Hunter x Hunter episode 90 review

Let’s just be blunt here… this episode was a joke. Knuckle took virtually a day to explain how his attack worked and how Gon’s energy level works. 126 more words