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Hunter x Hunter Episodes 22 + 23

Review Episode 22:

Gon is still pretty angry this episode which is a nice change of character for him. Admittedly, its a little bit like Jekyl and Hyde with the two aspects of his personality not really connecting well at the moment, but at least its a switch from happy-go-lucky every single episode. 230 more words

Weekly round-up

It’s that time again! You’d best get ready for some exciting stuff from Death Note, Free! and the ani-zombie crew, because we’ve got all that and more to beam your way today. 525 more words


Hunter x Hunter's greatest trick - making you hate the hero

Absolute mountains-worth of material has been written on Hunter x Hunter and its status as the ‘deconstruction’ de jour of the Shonen genre. I’ve seen countless videos on YouTube dissecting various aspects of the series what exactly constitutes that tricky issue of what exactly a ‘deconstruction’ even represents. 610 more words


Hunter × Hunter- 1999 vs 2011: Part 1- The Hunter Exam Pt. 1

Welcome to the first in a series of pieces about the Hunter x Hunter franchise; more specifically, a in-depth analysis between Nippon Animation’s original adaptation of the show, from 1999, and the more recent brilliant 2011 adaptation from Madhouse. 2,583 more words


Toonami Roundup: 3/18/17

This week, in Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 11: The Goku and Beerus fight rages on. As my colleague Michael points out precisely: it’s all padding. 374 more words

HxH 43: Herbert Hoover, the vacuum guy

The Phantom Troupe is on the scene, and they’re really, really powerful. First, they send Feitan and Franklin in, and Franklin promptly pulls out machine guns out of his own arms and kills hundreds of Mafia members at once. 261 more words

OWLS Post: A Home Away from Home - What Sanctuary Meant for a Zoldyck

I can’t believe I’ve been out of action for almost a month now!

Anyway for this month’s OWLS theme:

Sanctuary – a sanctuary is a place of safety and stability.

1,939 more words