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Anime Monthly: February 2015

Hey everyone, Stuart here, and welcome to my new post series which, as you can already see, is called Anime Monthly! Here on Anime Monthly I briefly talk about anime I finished in my backlog over the course of the previous month. 2,041 more words


Manga tips #1 : Gon's eye

I’ll be featuring Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter as an example.

Here’s a close up on his eye. He has a big round brown eyes. 102 more words


Hunter x Hunter (2011) Review (2011-14) (SPOILERS)

“It takes only one person, one person in the entire world who will trust you, to save you”

Hunter x Hunter is a story about many things, but fundamentally Hunter x Hunter is a story about detours.

2,908 more words

Gon dan Athrun

Banyak orang pada awalnya berpikir saya pribadi yang pendiam, pemalu, kalem, serius, melankolis, sombong, feminin, dan lain sebagainya. Pendapat itu akan bertolak belakang dengan mereka yang mengenal saya dengan baik. 378 more words

My Story

‘Hunter x Hunter (2011)’ - Initial Thoughts [First Arc, Around 20 Episodes]

I just finished the first arc of HxH and felt the need to say a few things…

THIS is what I’ve been looking for, and thought I’d never find, in a shounen. 85 more words


About to watch 'Hunter x Hunter (2011)' - said to be one of the BEST shounen series ever. (Shout-out to akakuwings!)

This is to let you guys know that, today, I’m starting ‘Hunter x Hunter (2011)’. I’ve heard a LOT about this anime. My good friend  72 more words

[ASS] #10 – Guten Morgen!

WordPress notified me that I’ve already reached the 100-post milestone! Yay! Thank you to the people I met here that I have remained long enough to reach that number. 226 more words