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HxH 66: The stupidest moment in Hunter x Hunter history

Hunter x Hunter episode 66 review

Hunter x Hunter is lucky the Packers played miserable tonight. Because my anger is now somewhat pointed toward them rather than this episode. 485 more words

Sweet Killua Zoldyck

Say hi to one of my childhood crushes, the adorable Killua Zoldyck! When I watched Hunter x Hunter (2011), I found the scenes where he was eating a bunny-shaped lollipop to be cute. 97 more words


HxH 65: It's coming, next week!

Hunter x Hunter episode 65 review

Let’s forget for a moment that the Bomber killed off a ton of people, that the one guy barely escaped being killed along with them, that the Phantom Troupe got kicked out and a yacht blown up for no reason, and that rock-paper-scissors is playing a giant role in the series as I’ve promised you it would. 228 more words

Killua Zoldyck II

I just love both of his moods. ♥ Especially the murderous one.


Episode XIX: Hunter X Hunter

Survival & being the best is the name of the game. Be a hunter, not the hunted.

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Togashi Yoshihiro is well known for his work on Yu Yu Hakusho, an anime that became a direct-rival in terms of its story in the mid-90s. 863 more words


Meowth900's Monday Manga Report

Hello people it’s meowth900 here coming at you with another Monday manga report. Happy Labor Day my fellow Americans. Hope you enjoy your day off from work, it’s a perfect day to read some manga. 1,855 more words