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Row Row Row Your Boat (I Promise This Is Relevant)

This week is gymnastics week at the barn, JUST LIKE THIS!!!

JK, but seriously, is that chick doing a standing bow pulling pose on top of a girl’s back on top of a horse’s back? 465 more words


Shippin' Up to Boston

The hardest part of coming back from studying abroad is realizing that you can’t just pick up and travel somewhere new every weekend. I told myself that, even though I can’t hop on a plane to a new country every Friday, I was going to travel more, even if it meant going on little day trips.  996 more words


Hunters Get Their Slap Daddy Gloves On

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 06, 2015 ) Morriston, Fl — RGK Productions launched The Slap Daddy gloves in 2015. In that time the gloves have been widely accepted by outdoor enthusiasts, especially hunters. 24 more words

Stone Age Boy with Charlotte, Ryan and Kieran

A scary thing once happened to me. I was putting some suits into bags when I noticed a massive, golden switch on the ceiling. I got a huge ladder and I climbed up it. 145 more words


Come check out my web comic!

A in progress webmanga! Vampires, Nagas, and Jorogumo oh my! Join hunters Adam and Baxter as they try and work out what to do when one of them get’s turned into a vampire! 33 more words


Heraldic Invitation

Many months ago, I blogged a bit about an event I ran with my guild by the name of Herald of the Titans.  Once again my guild is running groups through for the achievement, and I wanted to open up the invitation to all my readers! 343 more words

World Of Warcraft


The two cloaked strangers walked into town, and the wind that went before them was cold and smelled of death.

The good people of Keldo fled before their coming, and regrouped several yards away in the surge of their wake. 536 more words