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A Removable Feast

(Courtesy Bob Dawe, Royal Alberta Museum)Removal of plaster-covered roasting pit, Head-Smashed-In, Canada

Source: A Removable Feast

Royal Alberta Museum archaeologist Bob Dawe recently returned to the scene of an unusual discovery he made in 1990. 218 more words

The Hunter

The grass tasted terrible.

My first thought of the day. Every time I wake up it takes a while for my brain to start thinking, and it only did so only after I automatically nibbled the grass. 1,016 more words


Colorado Pickin - Join Dave and Josh as they scour an abandoned warehouse for treasure!

Enjoy this great clip from American in the Outback studios that features Josh and Dave boldly exploring a long abandoned building. Dave received a call letting us know we could go through and pick whatever we wanted from the place, it was originally a recording studio and since has been home to many business’s before falling into ruin. 35 more words



Spino may be the largest land based predator lived on the planet earth so far. It was very different from other dinosaurs from many features. … 296 more words

Biggest Meat Eater

B Talks Shadow Hunters & IT

Brian talks show he knows he shouldn’t enjoy, but actually does Shadow Hunters, & then talks about going to see IT at the movies this past weekend.


How 'The Human Beings' Became Pets On Neptune


In the era following the great nuclear wars there were small groups of mutated humans and animals scattered around the planet.

Climate change caused hundreds of islands to sink into the sea. 769 more words

The Legend of the Last Tiger

Harry and Greda were lost in the vast woods of Wildermare and their oxygen tanks were getting dangerously low.

They’d been on Hunter’s World for over 23 hours, and only had enough air left for less than an hour. 316 more words