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Swan - from penstivity #writephoto

Intriguing photograph this week Sue. One close to my heart as there are many swans in the vicinity of the marina.

Check out Sue’s post this week… 55 more words


Its 2017 & You're STILL Buying Laundry Soap?!

So, this is really nothing new. DIY laundry soap. We’ve been doing it for years! I’ve said it more than once. Hunting is an expensive lifestyle, and this is one small way we help our budget so we can afford to do what we love. 272 more words

Supernatural Renewed for a 13th Season

So by now everyone has heard the news. One of CW’s most loved TV shows which at this point is no longer just a TV show, its a lifestyle, has been renewed for a 13th season! 248 more words


The Life Benefits of Being a Horse Person

Being around horses teach us so much, outside of the actual riding and horsemanship part. It also gives us added bonuses in other parts of life, which is great because you’re broke and you can’t afford a life coach, another hobby or fancy laundry additives. 359 more words


Venison Meatloaf

We just kicked off our Wednesday night bible study with a group of friends last night. I really think food and fellowship pair so perfectly with studying the word of God. 419 more words

Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer je opisan kao “grub ali dobrodušan” čovek radničke klase koji lovi natprirodna bića, je vremenom evoluirao u očinsku figuru za Sam-a i Dean-a Winchestera.   47 more words


Sam Winchester

Sem i Dean su proveli detinjstvo putujući od grada do grada na svakih nekoliko nedelja, dok je njihov otac lovio natprirodna bica i nepoznatog ubicu njihove majke. 110 more words