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#WAAC ing the Hunters

Over on miniature musings of a Bear he is running a very exciting raffle to raise money for MacMillan nurses.

So please pop over to his blog, and dig deep for a few tickets for an absolutely awesome prize.

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Fitzgerald Biosphere

This week’s post is more akin to a photo essay than a general trip blog as we’ve recently completed a few days within a very special Australian National Park – the Fitzgerald River National Park. 3,524 more words


The Hunter.

Saya punya 3 ekor anak kucing yang sekarang sudah mulai besar. Lahir dari seekor kucing liar betina yang diberi makan sejak kecil oleh anak saya. Lama kelamaan kucing betina yang diberi nama Cudly itu betah di rumah dan beranak. 726 more words

Veterinary, Pets & Animals

Punish Man Charged with Shooting Family Dog

A hunter was charged with killing a family dog next to the owners’ property. Support this petition to ensure he is punished to the fullest extent of the law. 8 more words


Face Off Season 10 Episode 4: Secret Agent Time!

After Yvonne’s confidence boosting win, and Walter champing at the bit for his own win, the gang headed back to the lab where it was transformed into Command Central.  819 more words

T.V A.k.a My Stories

The 2016 Tübingen Prize for Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology goes to Antonio Rodríguez-Hidalgo of the IPHES

In his PhD thesis, he used ancient animal bone finds to reconstruct human strategies for getting food more than 400,000 years ago

He has demonstrated that early humans were capable of abstract planning, using technology and social skills to get food… 321 more words