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Dog-ear grin.

Dogs need a job. So what does an award-winning agility dog do once he can’t storm around the course any longer? Some turn to tutoring the next generation. 306 more words


Discovering the gleam beneath the tarnish

Home decorating has never been one of my fortes, most of our furniture until now has been pre-loved by family or friends, or bought cheap, then broken with a few years of use. 254 more words


Following Lola

After much thought, research and many vet visits we have convinced Lola to have one more litter … let’s say we will try.

This took lots of persuading as she would much rather hunt, fetch and chase the cat than have a bunch of ankle biters to look after.So here we are this week and she is at day 12 of her heat cycle … which every breeder knows THIS IS THE WEEK.   46 more words

Family Dogs

Lola's Limp

For several years, Lola has occasionally limped. Off and on, usually more in cold weather, but the limp has always dissipated and eventually gone away. 394 more words

Hunting Dogs

New Season - New Adventures

With the arrival of the first of March came an instant drop in temperature, and an instant rise in excitement. Exactly a year ago today I was feeling very sorry for myself in a bright green cast from my wrist to my shoulder, and as a consequence I missed out on the roar. 451 more words


Kermit Passes First Leg For MH!!!

News just in from Alan. Today he and Kermit passed the first leg towards their Master Hunter Title. Alan has been working very hard with Kermit, whether it’s for hunting, hunt tests, pheasant shoots and hopefully cocker field trials down the road. 52 more words

Craney Hill Kennel

Bear Dog

(note – I wrote this post months ago, but simply forgot to post it until now)

Late in the afternoon on a very hot, humid and thunderstorming day, I let my dog out of the front door to do his business.   963 more words