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Counting the Retrieves

   The topic of counting your dog’s retrieves is something I don’t see too many people talking about… so I will get this conversation rolling. 

    People hunt for different reasons. 492 more words

Hunting Stories

So You Think You Want a Coonhound?

If anyone reading this has had a hound I think it’s fair to say you understand the love-hate relationship.  They can be fantastic!  Loving, gentle, phenomenal hunting dogs and a go-go-go temperament when you want them to be, but turn a switch and they can play dead for 23 hours beside you on the couch.  741 more words


The Greatest Chase

I’d been standing next to a cattail patch 30 yards long and ten yards wide for more than 10 minutes when I thought I might have seen a glimpse of the duck Lola was after. 293 more words


Lola and the Bald Eagle

Bald eagles are opportunists, often feeding on carrion. They are also known to steal kills from other predators. Taking fish from ospreys is a common practice. 222 more words


Pheasant Memories

The best Christmas gifts aren’t under the tree.

My youngest son Griffin spent the past week with Danielle and I. With little happening in the duck hunting realm, I booked us a field at Quail Point in Zamora, California for a pheasant outing. 794 more words

Neil Beltran


A lovely bunch of hunters. Although dogs are not necessarily my favourite subject, this happy bunch of hunters really excited me. I loved using only 3 colours and still get such variety. 16 more words

Marianne Libregts