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An Interlude: Going Home

So I’m taking a quick break from my project 14 for a while to write of other ramblings and thoughts. I’m going back to University today at an obscene hour of the morning, and the last glimpse I have of the ‘burb of which I grew up in is the sunrise and the cow fields. 1,087 more words


D’awww. *blush* I’ve been nominated for membership in the National Geographic Society — erm, the Liebster Award! Thanks, Maggie Murphy! I feel ashamed to have let this blog sit so long … perhaps you are trying to goad me back into writing, eh? 900 more words

Google Glass, Auxilliary Brain for the Dreadfully Inept

auxiliary brain.

photo from Drudge Report

I suspect this is an adjunct to the body part removal movement, the joyful replacement of outdated flesh, bone, blood, and organs with superior manmade attachments. 82 more words

C is for Critters

If child 3 was looking over my shoulder right now, I just know she’d be crooning over these “cute little critters.” But then she is only seven. 279 more words


Poetry Wednesday: Good Snark Hunting

If—and the thing is wildly possible—the charge of writing nonsense were ever brought against the author of this brief but instructive poem, it would be based, I feel convinced, on the line (in p.4) 824 more words


Meaning from the Snark

Lewis Carroll is certainly one of the most famous authors of the 19th century, but he is also one of the most confusing authors, although it may be remarked that he is particularly confusing to those who seek more than what his works mean, and see less than what his works say. 1,679 more words

Literary Rants