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Fall 2017 Recap - Migrators

When I got home from work today I opened a bottle of home-made CrabApple wine and gathered my memories of our Fall Migration hunts. We had a lot of fun as usual with excellent friends new and old. 612 more words

Hunting Stories

Blisters and Duct Tape

You’re out hunting and notice a blister has formed on your foot for some odd reason. You don’t want to end the hunt early, but you fear the wrath you’ll receive from the wife/husband when you return home limping because infection has set in. 129 more words

Dailies 1/16/18

T. R. Hummer – Glass Ceiling

Because she wanted to teach me a lesson
*****about the natural world, my grandmother raised
Her .22 rifle—we were rabbit hunting, so the shotgun… 67 more words

The Life After ~ Pt. 1

A/N: This is something I also wrote a long time ago and I’m editing as I upload.  This is a Dracula fanfic and the first fanfiction that I ever wrote. 1,176 more words
Short Stories

KALAALLIT NUNAAT - Through The Eyes Of A Potato

How long does it take for a potato to freeze?
I wondered as the rotors whirred to life. It was April in the Arctic. We were on the last leg of our journey to spending eight days in a remote village in East Greenland. 910 more words


Sweaters...and World Peace

Welcome to the new year!  So far it has been wonderfully joyful.  Snow or no snow (the shovelling saga continues), my sister and I had booked last Saturday for a trek to the mall and a day of shopping.   904 more words

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