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4. An Arrival

“Polish that shield! Pikes up straight! Stop looking about, guardsman!” the military snap of Sir Ren’s voice cracked out over the outer courtyard and echoed off the stone walls of the keep. 2,659 more words


3. Changes

As Ella left the training paddocks to return to the castle she could not help but grin to herself. She was exhausted from the training. His tall, muscular stature and commandeering style of attack was perfect opposition to push her techniques to the limit. 2,026 more words


2. Meeting

Light hit the walls of the castle first, then ran down to bless the inner and outer courtyards, the houses and the market. The high walls that surrounded the castle and its town also enclosed the soldiers’ barracks, several paddocks and a sea of thatch that had risen up as the war spread across the borderlands. 1,599 more words


Fan Fiction- The Huntsman Winter's War and Rapunzel

“Don’t forget I made you who you are.”

Freya remembered her sister saying this before and still hadn’t understood what she meant. As she held out her right hand little snowflakes cooly danced around her palm while she stood puzzled on Revena’s words. 1,457 more words


1. The Ball

She smiled with delight at Alex’s words. He knew how to tell a story well. For the past half hour she had sat captivated by his description of his journey to reach her, through marshland, fighting off bandits, commandeering a boat at the pirate’s port. 2,064 more words


The Huntsman Winter’s War (2016)

The Huntsman Winter’s War (2016)

One night queen Ravenna kill the king by use her magic, after that she gets his throne. At his funeral, Ravenna found that her sister, Freya fell in love with someone. 696 more words



There is huntsman in the house and this time this small one was hiding in the kitchen. On other day we met also scorpion and blue tongue lizard. 9 more words