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MATT CANHAM and THOMAS BURR: Romney, Huntsman; ‘They’re Trying to Be King of the Mormons’

Politico — Inside the epic presidential rivalry that tore the Romney and Huntsman clans apart.

It was his first chance to sell himself as a presidential candidate, and Mitt Romney was determined to make it memorable. 82 more words


Meet the new kids on the block

Just a quick post to introduce you all to my latest additions to the creepy crawly family.

Top left: Fire-back Huntsman (Beregama cordata)
Top right: Cigar Stick insect nymph (Cigarrophasma tessellatum) 39 more words


The Huntsman

The huntsman skulked through the encroaching darkness with a purposeful stride, lurched forward, senses far reaching. In his right hand he clutched his stone dagger in a tremendous grip, aching fingers coiled around the leather bound handle, as if trying to absorb the weapon in his flesh. 2,879 more words

Dark Fantasy

«Английский» и «итальянский» силуэты: не всё так просто

Когда речь заходит о силуэте костюма, чаще всего звучат слова «английский» и «итальянский». Я в текстах тоже порой свожу всё многообразие стилей к этим двум определениям, но сегодня предлагаю погрузиться в тему различий силуэтов чуть глубже.


Snow White, the Fairest One of All

“Bring me her heart…”

Imagine you are Snow White. Sweet, kind, good to anyone and tender towards every creature. Even with my imagination, I can’t seem to imagine myself as Snow White. 213 more words


Zone of the Mark

In the shadows cast by the light of Wysteria’s slim crescent, a death-eyed young man drew forth a sword.

Under the silver-blue moonlight, the keen blade seemed to hum. 902 more words


Spells Broken Under the Moon

The Winter King was a mass of shadows in the sky, descending sharply downwards once he reached a series of small hills, circling wide over the area as his senses invaded every feature to be known below, slowly moving his attention across the terrain as the Cwn belled from the far corners of the land, racing to converge on the place where the blood would be spilled. 533 more words