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One Christmas a long time ago I was with my partners family. There was not a whole lot to do, so my mother-in-law grabbed a macro lens and her camera and took me out to the garden to take photos. 53 more words


When shall he surrender

And his two hands,

When shall they pelt pebbles

At himself, at his shadow

Desperation rattles the autumn leaves

Hot pursuit unleashes desire… 143 more words



Look to the left, right, behind; be very aware of the environment… this was me, totally paranoid, after a guy admitted to stalking me.I met him at one of the company I used to work at. 542 more words

Emotional Supermarket

Smelling Like Marilyn....

Ah, the problem of what to wear. I had been invited to London, which is pretty much a foreign country as I go there so rarely. 1,155 more words


Huntsman and Snow White Character Designs

Welcome to my first post about the Masked Kingdoms! To kick things off, here are two character designs I made. That’s right, one aspect of Echo Fortuna that still stuck around is the whole “retelling fairy tales with a twist” thing. I like fairy tales!!


The Universe

I am the universe in my own right.

I am multitudes, the waters of the flood.

I am restless, a huntsman’s bow.

I fear to die and not to know this all.

Snow White and Seven Men - Chapter Six

Snow White had agreed to go back inside the cess pit that the men called a home, but under the strict condition that they scrubbed that place from top to bottom, washed the dishes, wiped the sides, scrubbed the floors, burned any skid mark-containing underpants and washed the rest, removed all cobwebs and bleached the chamber pot like it had never been bleached before (It turned out it had never been bleached before). 598 more words