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Racism in narratives: Thinking about Hurr and Portrayals of Race

One of the things, that I will touch on more in my next post, that has come out of directing Hurr was the notion of the “crisis of representation”, which is my shorthand really for tying the ever decreasing ┬ánumbers of working class, minority ethnic and women artists who find a place to make their voices herd in art. 705 more words

Aesthetics And Politics

Current Hair Care Routine

Hello guys :)

Lately I have been getting tons of requests to do a hair care routine on instagram, twitter and youtube. I had already done a video about my hair care which now has changed but I thought that instead of doing a video this time, I’d do a blogpost! 414 more words



A most amazing thing has happened. I managed to insert that last 3 seconds or so at the end of the ad! But it only took me about 4 hours! 147 more words

Short film: "You can touch my hair"

Hair, hair, hair. It seems to be talked about a lot in the Black community and to some, it is a tired subject. Personally, I was not feeling inclined in posting a piece related to the topic since the Black blogosphere is full of information, opinions, images and tutorials about Black hair. 682 more words

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Everyone's a little bit racist

… And what better way to christen a new blog than with a juicy, colourful post about racism?

Now before people start complaining about my racism and sending me hate mail, let me explain that I mean that lightheartedly and I mean absolutely no offence. 124 more words