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Hugo, 1989

After coastal waters stretched into our homes, our lives, our histories, days stretched into weeks. Mourning washed over us in hot waves of stillness, silence, and salt. 24 more words


Indelible Ink

It is mid-September of 1989.

It is our second trip to St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. Craig is taking a nap in the air conditioned room. 195 more words

The Island Beachcomber Hotel

You Talk Too Much...

Some people just don’t know when to shut the hell up. It amazes me how some individuals, namely my brother, can talk ad nauseam about ANYTHING–regardless of their listeners’ interest level–I’m guessing because he likes to hear the sound of his own voice. 794 more words


Make Your Pain Your Power- Overcoming total loss in a hurricane

Think of a time in your life when you experienced an emotional pain. Was it a financial loss? Was it a death? Was it a betrayal? 855 more words

A rock ’n’ roll pilgrimage to Montserrat

The author of this article, Gloria Galloway starts by writing about how she trespassed Sir George Martin’s famous recording facility in Montserrat, “now an abandoned ruin that was once a magnet for A-list rockers,” and about how her pilgrimage to AIR Studios—a temple of rock music where the legendary Beatles’ producer enticed deities of the genre to record some of the world’s best-selling albums—was the highlight of her Caribbean trip. 640 more words


Indentured Elves

Yesterday, Hugo started telling me about the letter to Santa he wrote in school. I was folding clothes, only half listening to him ramble on about video games, when he said something about asking to borrow an elf so he could have new toys year round. 293 more words


Steve Jobs: The Next Generation

My son Hugo is a handful. Within the first month of his life, I started referring to him as Hurricane Hugo because of the swirl of strawberry blonde hair on top of his head: it looked like the eye of a storm on Doppler. 728 more words