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Dear Furiends,

Did you know that hurricanes not only come with various speeds of winds but also in different sizes? Until Irma, which was miles away, I confess that I never put a great deal of thought into those storms. 135 more words


How Hurricane Irma Completely Changed My Perspective On Time

I find myself clutching my phone with a death grip, willing it to vibrate. The recipient of my frustration, a gorgeous guy with an easy smile and words inked all over his skin, is taking too damned long to text me back and I grow angrier at him. 991 more words


Although I live in New Jersey, I have ties to Texas and Florida so Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma affected me on a personal level.  I’ve never been to Texas myself but my brother lives in Houston.   1,337 more words

Enough is Enough! Stop hyping Harvey and Irma! — Watts Up With That?

Dr. Neil Frank, former Director National Hurricane Center Over the past several weeks numerous articles suggest Harvey and Irma were the result of global warming. The concept is a warmer earth will generate stronger and wetter hurricanes.

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Climate Matters

Bringing Water

At the homeless camp on Saturday morning, I met a Puerto Rican woman who testified that she was processing the Hurricane Maria tragedy as “God’s will.” 196 more words


What You Need to Know and are Not Told About Hurricanes

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website

Summary: Millions of words were expended reporting about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but too little about the science connecting them to climate change. 3,752 more words

CAGW Alarmism

Univision and Telemundo to give support to victims of the recent natural disasters

Univision and Telemundo have announced that they will support the victims of the recent natural disasters in Latin America (Puerto Rico and Mexico) and the United States (Texas and Florida) with charity programs over the weekend: 300 more words