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10 Fan Questions, About the All Black First Five Position, Heading into the Rugby World Cup

With news breaking early this week, that Aaron Cruden has ruptured his ACL, in last Friday nights clash against the Crusaders.
Small alarm bells started to sound across the New Zealand rugby community. 1,982 more words

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What's in a Name? Hurricane Isis Gets a Name Change

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – So, what’s in a name? Apparently a lot. That’s why the name “Isis” has been officially retired as a naming option by the United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization. 108 more words


Experts: Hurricane Activity at 45 Year Low, USA Major Hurricane Drought Almost a Decade

By Anthony Watts – Re-Bloged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

While climate campaigners hope for a big El Nino this year, and wish for more hurricanes to use for ridiculous “poisoned weather” headlines, the reality is that we are in a hurricane drought, not just in the USA, but globally as well. 159 more words

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Will Florida's coastal economy adapt to rising sea levels?

Florida is a coastal state. Nearly 80% of its 20 million residents live near the coast on land just a few feet above sea level, and over a hundred million tourists visit the beaches and stay in beach-front hotels every year. 1,098 more words

So I'm Full Of Hot Air Huh?

So you all think the wind just blows, huh? Yet, every time I see a weather forecast with me (the wind) in it, all you guys can do is apologize to the viewing public for my being an old windbag. 466 more words