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It’s always fascinated me, weather. I love watching a storm, darkening clouds, oddly colored sky, brilliant flashes and rumbles far away. For a while I used to think I could predict weather from clouds. 709 more words


When I went to bed last night the various experts seemed certain Hurricane Matthew would head out to sea south of New England late next week, which is just fine with me. 1,145 more words

New England Weather

Will Matthew become first Cat 6 Hurricane and impact U.S. Election 2016?

This special posting will be added to, edited, and updated as events unfold.

Beginning with 30 September 2016 News and Weather Reports…



Hurricane Matthew now powerful Category 3 as storm heads towards Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Hurricane Matthew grew into a powerful Category 3 storm on Friday as it crossed the Caribbean Sea on a course that could have it pounding Jamaica within days. 218 more words


Hurricane Matthew threatens Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba

This article is from earlier today, when Hurricane Matthew was still a tropical storm. It has gained momentum on its way across the Eastern Caribbean, posing danger to Jamaica, the Bahamas, parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as eastern Cuba. 316 more words


Keeping Track of Hurricanes: Gilbert vs #Matthew

That weekend in September 1988, I knew that there was a hurricane in the Caribbean; it was on the news, but I wasn’t paying close attention. 337 more words


Weather report: Matthew could be a hurricane threat to Caribbean

So, I don’t feel like reading about Alicia Machado (Hillary Clinton’s favorite Miss Universe) yet again today. In fact, I don’t feel like reading any news, period. 135 more words