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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #304

By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project

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Sea Level Hockey Stick? Judith Curry continues her excellent analysis of sea level rise and the need to assure against false conclusions. 2,672 more words

Foreign Policy

How the mainstream media got played by Trump

The media spent a ton of time in 2017 puzzling over whether President Trump thinks climate change is real. That was a ton of time wasted. 874 more words

A new paper about hurricanes shatters the narrative

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website.

Summary: A new paper provides new information about hurricanes, one of the top natural disaster threats. It shatters the media’s narrative and illustrates how science works in the real world. 1,427 more words


Episode 38: September 27, 2017: The White Supremeth

Episode 38: September 27, 2017:  The White Supremeth


The Geopolitical Realignment

GOP, Moore

Taxes…quick thing

Russian Collusion Investigation

Trump Freaking Out


NK Thing.

Russian Connections

Covering hurricanes and extreme weather: An interview with Stewart Pittman

I’ve never covered extreme weather events. But if you are based in the USA then the chances are that you’ll have to film hurricanes and tornados and all sorts of crazy things. 80 more words


Choosing to stay in Puerto Rico, seeking economic and political renaissance

Luisita López Torregrosa tracks some of the people who chose to stay in Puerto Rico through thick and thin, following Hurricane María and the general economic crisis on the island. 738 more words


Men From Boys

The day is February 17th, 2018.  The Hurricanes find themselves, following a devastating 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Islanders last night, one point out of the second wild card spot (held by those Islanders) with a game in hand going into the weekend.   290 more words