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(This was written a couple of years ago but I thought it deserved to be re-posted now that I know what I’m doing. ( Sorta) 434 more words


To Pee Or Not To Pee

(In Germany) That is the question. Standing up, I mean.

And the next German court has just made its standpoint clear. They’re still on our side… 81 more words


And You Thought Your Government Wastes Money

And it does. But the German state can burn the stuff up pretty good, too – at any level.

The German Federation of Tax Payers just came out with its latest “ 187 more words


City Of Berlin To Be Torn Down And Moved To A Functioning Airport Somewhere Else

Well, not quite yet. But that would certainly be cheaper in the end.

Here’s the latest on Klaus Wowereit International:

Plagued by a series of construction problems, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport is years behind schedule and billions of euros (dollars) over budget. 48 more words


The Mood Keeps Getting Better

Not. Here’s the latest Germany refugee crisis update:

The European Union has criticized Germany for being much too lax with refugees who are seeking asylum in Germany. 142 more words


You Can Fool All Of The People Some Of The Time

Roughly half of Germans asked are dissatisfied with chancellor Merkel’s refugee policy. This has come out in a survey taken by the INSA Opinion Research Institute in Erfurt. 98 more words



Jackie come sit with me
I have been waiting so long.
Come hold hands with me
Then I’ll know nothing is wrong.
I will try to do better this time. 246 more words