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This War On Journalism Must Stop

Here in Germany, I mean. It is outrageous, unacceptable behavior and is damaging press freedom in Germany and abroad.

Like I said, outrageous. So where’s the outrage, folks? 41 more words


Germans Think Renewed Storming Of Reichstag A Bad Idea

Disturbed about Moscow’s plans to have hordes of young Russians storm the German Reichstag, concerned politicians in Berlin wish to stress that this could led to a dangerous militarization of Russia’s youth. 135 more words


The Man In The White Castle

Frightened by unsubstantiated fake news reports that US-Amerika‘s president has turned the place into an alternative history (alternative fact history?) horror-land run in part by their creepy grandparents, German vacationers are staying away in droves. 76 more words


German Of The Day: Du Darfst

That means you may, or you are allowed to.

You know, as in New Zealand allowing Kim Dotcom to be extradited to US-Amerika itself for racketeering charges? 94 more words


Making Female Friends...not so easy

The only way to have a friend, is to be a friend. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t know why, but for me…it’s never been easy to make female friends.

659 more words

The Minefield

A lot has been made in recent times over insensitivity, hurt feelings and words that are seemingly offensive. There are many sociological factors in play – I’m going to refrain from debating them. 769 more words



That rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

GM gets rescued by the American government (government is a code word for taxpayer, by the way), Opel gets rescued by the German government and Peugeot gets rescued by the French government. 113 more words