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Dial M For Merkel

And something tells me there was a lot of heavy breathing during this telephone conversation, too.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made an uncexpected telephone call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that nobody wants to comment about officially. 82 more words


Plan B For Bankrupt

Tick tock tick tock

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble hinted on Saturday that Berlin was preparing for a possible Greek default, drawing a parallel with the secrecy of German reunification plans in 1989. 73 more words


You Don't Know My Story, so, Keep Your Mouth Shut!

I made it through my second week of just swimming at the gym. I am so proud to have made it this far. first week about killed me, this week I went twice and my legs are made of rubber. 484 more words

Love's Stolen Desires

There’s a place upon the hearth  

never bare of lovers hearts with shattered  

madness .. torn desires … love’s broken hearts 

lover’s sadness

gladness flogged to death with sheer  225 more words


I am blessed - Day 2 and Day 3

Yesterday day was a tough day for me. I battled with my youngest to get him dressed and to school and then I went on a school trip with my eldest which turned out to be a mistake. 278 more words


What Would Gazprom Gerd Do?

Or what will he do, I should ask. Duh. Talk about your no-brainer. You can say what you want about Gerd, but at least… 87 more words


So called 'Friennds"

Okay, so I joined track about over a month ago, well more likely my mom signed me up and told me to go. I had done track for the last two years and didn’t really want to this year (also because I had gained weight over the summer). 275 more words