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Survivor's guilt - office style

I applied for an internal role and got it. – Yay for me!

This is a great opportunity to work in a more challenging, exciting and financially rewarding role. 576 more words

Personal Thoughts

I feel like

how a bathtub must feel when you pull the plug and let the dirty water flow out. Big space with no body to hold, and losing purpose as the last of the water flurries down the drain. 21 more words


Forget Mediation

What these guys need is some meditation. Or maybe some heavy medication.

Don’t worry. These GDL train drivers will be back for strike number ten… 64 more words


Rambling About Offending

No one likes to be offended. Unintentionally it happens because we are all human. Nice people make mistakes and we feel it when people have been hurt. 54 more words


The healing power of forgiveness

There is a great peace that comes over us when God forgives our sins, a release from the load of guilt that we have been carrying and a soothing of the pangs of conscience. 509 more words

Faith And Life

Not Today Satan

I’ve really been just growing in the word of God and seeking his anointing. I remember a time if someone was gossiping about me, being really mean spirited towards me or didn’t invite me to something and everyone else got invited. 338 more words