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Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Hurt Feelings

No one likes to talk about hurt feelings. I would be willing to bet that we sweep hurt feelings under our proverbial carpets than any other feelings. 1,060 more words

Guard without Hardening

I heard this quote recently, “Don’t mistake guarding your heart with hardening your heart.” As I pondered those words, I thought about how much truth they contain. 228 more words

Spiritual Moments

Bayern Munich Wins DFB Cup For The 2,397th Time

What a surprise or something. And right here in Berlin, too. And that after another fascinating goalless finish in normal time. I got lucky, though. 99 more words


Monsanto Not Nearly As Evil As It Was Just A Few Hours Ago

That’s because a German company is now trying to buy it (although they do appear to be choking on it at the moment). Germans are like Green with a capital G or something, you see. 101 more words


Step Lightly

Step lightly, be careful not to break the shell

I wouldn’t want to crush your feelings

All is not well that doesn’t end well

Emotions are often sent reeling… 61 more words

Night Owl Poetry

What Part Of Last Place Don't You Understand?

I think I’m beginning to detect a pattern here. Didn’t Germany get last place at the Eurovision freak show last year, too?

And it’s not like the voting is ever… 77 more words


States Getting Safer All The Time

At least as far as Germany is concerned. Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia just got a whole lot safer than they were yesterday, for example.

How did this happen, you ask? 116 more words