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German Of The Day: Schlecht

That means bad. Or böse. That means worse. You know, like in “bad, very bad.”

President Donald Trump has reportedly reignited tensions with his EU counterparts after calling the Germans “very bad” for their trade surplus with the U.S. 74 more words


Gucci Mane "Hurt Feelings" {Studio 2 Strip Club Video Alert}

Gucci Mane is putting in that work with the flow “Hurt Feelings”. The homey takes us from the Studio with Goons to Magic City with the Tricks.  Wat A Day..


It's Not Just About The Two Percent We Promised To Spend On Defense As A NATO Country

And still aren’t spending (1.3 percent the last time I checked), Angela Merkel explained to Donald Trump.

It’s also about “what a country makes available to NATO and what capabilities we have,” whatever that means. 124 more words


German Of The Day: Vortex

That means vortex. And Germans are terrified by vortexes, you know.

But they shouldn’t be terrified by that one. According to this article, few Germans even expect President Trump to finish his four-year term in the White House anyway. 78 more words


German Of The Day: Handkreissäge

That means skill saw or portable circular saw.

And you really need to have a lot of skill when you operate one of those things. Or you ought to. 83 more words


Parshas Behar

לא תונו איש את עמיתו

“Do not cause sorrow, a man to his fellow”.

This refers to אונאת דברים. The admonishment mentions the relationship between man and his fellow to teach us that the closer the fellowship, the more severe the punishment. 108 more words


Wind Energy Still Safer Than Nuclear Energy

Unless you’re a bird, of course. Or you’re a truck driver transporting turbine blades on a German autobahn.

The giant turbine blade fell when the transporter which was transporting it was involved in an accident on the A33 autobahn near Bielefeld. 67 more words