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Dianna's Daily Dose Live Tonight At 8PM

Hi Folks,

Dave and I will be at it again tonight, taking on some of the most controversial subjects of our time.  Subjects like “microaggressions, safe spaces and hurt feelings”.   55 more words


A year ago...

A year ago Grayheart moved out. We’d started our separation discussions and plans in September 2014 but he moved out the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2014. … 362 more words


German Of The Day: Getarnt

That means disguised. You know, like the three terrorists from Paris who presumably made their way through Europe disguised as refugees? Now it’s out that at least one of them traveled through Germany. 67 more words


Thought's Blast From The Past #1

Talking about my life always been hard, mostly like my mother’s. I will be honest how I feel in here cus, what the point not doing so, in here.   307 more words


Die Mörder Sind Unter Uns

That’s an old post-World War II German movie called “The Murderers Are Among Us,” starring Hildegard Knef. It’s about Nazis in Germany after the war. 156 more words


On the Ineffable Delicacy of Souls

I had a crazy 5th grade teacher, Ms. Conkle. An older, skeletal woman with platinum hair, Ms. Conkle should have retired a decade before I landed in her classroom. 501 more words

German Of The Day: Verunsichern

That means to unsettle or to unnerve. And that is what German interior minister Thomas de Maizière definitely did NOT want to do by refusing to explain in detail why the soccer match in… 75 more words