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German Of The Day: Notlandung

That means emergency or forced landing.

I guess size matters after all.

The future of Airbus’s A380 super jumbo looks even more bleak after the pan-European aircraft company said it was cutting production of the double-decker airliner. 84 more words



As in Very Wicked?

What’s with German automobile companies these days? As if their latest foray into organized crime wasn’t enough, now it’s reported that VW was active in helping Brazil’s military dictatorship persecute opponents back in the day. 140 more words


Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler...

There seems to be a connection here somewhere but I just can’t find it.

Oh, yeah. Now I know: Diesel.

A German media research consortium reported Wednesday that German automaker Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars, had for almost 10 years… 53 more words


Leftest SPD Mayor Also Shocked That Leftest Crazies Got So Leftest Crazy In Hamburg

But Hamburg mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) won’t resign or anything. Not after having promised a safe G20 summit in Hamburg and having failed to deliver miserably. 115 more words


Saudi Arabia's Number Two Export Popular In Germany, Too

It’s called extremism.

It has long been known that Saudi Arabia has been exporting Wahhabist ideology – largely similar to the ideology of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS). 45 more words


Part 787 - Raven Tells Robin A Bedtime (??) Story

Isellta returned to Jay’s room. He climbed into bed, grabbed a pillow, and curled up with it tight in his embrace.

I don’t understand.

What did I do? 719 more words

German Of The Day: Partypolizei

That means party police. And who else could that refer to but the police in Berlin?

Headline: “Party police” sent back to Berlin from their… 99 more words