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Meet The New Crisis

Same as the old crisis. So like what, me worry?

“I think there is no need to talk about a euro crisis,” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said after Italian voters defeated the referendum on constitutional amendments. 73 more words


Is It Time For More Outrage Yet?

About the evil NSA spying on poor, defnseless Germany again?

“What’s new is that German intelligence not only used the NSA spy tools, but has also been involved in its programming for years.” … 61 more words


If It Works For You

Just let me get this straight. This married father of four German spy guy of Spanish descent is a onetime gay porn actor turned secret Islamist extremist mole? 117 more words


When You Feel Helpless


Have you ever been in a place where you just felt helpless? That moment when you felt like there was just nothing that you could do or say in your natural power to change things? 625 more words

Inside Out With Courtnaye

Rent A Sozi?

As in rent a social democrat? Sure, OK. But who would want to do that?

I always thought that “social” was code for “here’s something for free.” 58 more words


Why Do People Talk Bad About Others

Questions – WHY do people choose to talk negatively, or badly about another person, especially someone whom they don’t know well? WHAT is it that they desire to see happen? 652 more words

SPD To Announce Candidate Later

Now that Angela Merkel has opened the campaign for next year’s parliamentary elections in Germany by announcing her intention to run for a fourth term, the folks over at the SPD have made it clear that they intend to wait until they are good and ready before announcing their candidate, probably sometime in 2018. 46 more words