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August 31, 2015: Do some therapeutic writing 

I feel like I should amend my last post. I don’t hate IKEA. IKEA is fine, I have plenty of it in my house. Who’s house doesn’t have an IKEA bookshelf?! 383 more words

Racism Not Eastern German Problem

Hell no. It’s all over the place here. Although actually, what we’ve really got here is another good old case of classical German schizophrenia in action again. 168 more words


The Perils of Dating a Middle School Boy

Courtesy David Go from Flickr Creative Commons

And so it begins.

School has officially begun, and with it the whirlwind of boy-girl relationships. These perilous things take on a very different perspective when viewed through the middle grade boy’s eyes as opposed to the middle grade girl’s eyes…after only a couple of days my seventh grader Lawman has already provided me vast entertainment and some “oh-no-you-di-int” moments. 311 more words


When your Heart is Filled with Anger

The other day I had someone unfairly question my work ethic and integrity.

Normally, things don’t phase me very much; The odd time I get sad or angry enough to cry or rant, I am able to sleep off most of the raw feelings and wake up having forgiven and forgotten. 469 more words

Acting out when we first feel something is perilous - even if it's the goal of most advertising.

Babies cry and feel… a lot

We feel something.

Maybe someone says something to us… or about us… behind our backs… in front of our peers. 403 more words


This Is The End

The end of German society as we know it, I mean. The latest survey says it’s all over but the Heulen (crying).

A shocking 71 per cent of Germans, it turns out, would risk crossing the street even when the pedestrian signal is red. 68 more words


German Sommerloch Update: Truck Spills Lots Of Carrots

And “the cleanup work took a pretty long time.”

Die Aufräumarbeiten dauerten ziemlich lange.