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Bye American

And take those dopey google-goggle thingies with you when you go.

And don’t let the virtually real door hit you on your way out.

And… 32 more words


Let The Festival Of Love Begin

And let’s get it over with as soon as possible.

Time to say goodbye already.

While his fifth and final official trip to Europe’s biggest economy is expected to cover global crises, one of the headline goals is to advance negotiations on what could become the world’s biggest free trade agreement.


When You Don't Matter

At some point I guess I have to accept that if I didn’t matter to the person who hurt my feelings, the fact that my feelings are hurt don’t matter, either. 113 more words

UFO Crash Site Secured In Germany

I mean UFO as in Unimpeded Falling Object, by the way.

And first reports indicate that these eerie, extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be American made. I got your Area 51 for you right here, pal. 22 more words


Dark Shadows Comic Strip, part 2: A Forever Death

“Is there nothing that can stop the power of that witch’s flaming hate?”

It’s day two of our special feature on the 1971 Dark Shadows…

2,031 more words

Money Doesn't Stink In Germany

That’s because it gets laundered here so much. Get it?

Over 100 billion euros gets processed here every year. They even call it Geldwäsche (money washing). 86 more words


U.S. First Lady Michelle 'looks down' on Dem Prez candidate Hillary - new book claims

Michelle Obama ‘looks down’ on Hillary Clinton, new book claims

Relations between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are “fraught with hurt feelings and resentment”, with America’s first lady “looking down” on the Democratic presidential frontrunner and her family, according to a newly published book . 686 more words