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The Cure for a Broken Heart Finally Answered

It’s late and I don’t have time to write a lenghty post, but I have something even better.

A while ago I called in to ask the question. 33 more words


No human will show up for you!

Truth of the matter, I have a problem; and every time I vow not to fall victim; but I keep failing!

Here’s something I have learnt, only God, and I mean only Him can show up for you anytime. 215 more words


Today's Agenda (Part 3)

Part Three of Today’s Agenda. Below are the other parts to the story, I hope you are all enjoying it!! 

Part One

Part Two

The thing made a few jerky movements and screeched one last screech before it flopped down on top of Paris. 321 more words

Short Story

the hospital room

I went so long without seeing him. Forever really. Long enough, I speculated, for us to become two entirely different people, and unrecognizable.

But there he is, when I enter, sitting up in bed with his reading glasses on, hospital gown backwards, chest exposed, and looking just as erudite and handsome and savage as I remembered him. 849 more words


Who am I?

Sometimes in our lives, we feel a little lost. Wandering in the darkness, bearing the pain,tumbling and falling, we try to look for an escape, but is there any? 433 more words


I stand there patiently waiting for a worker to come around. It was almost midnight. Most of the workers had gone home so it was hard to find one that was around. 148 more words

My Heart


What you all know about me from reading this blog would shock most everyone who thinks they know me. I’ve been a totally different me with him. 255 more words

My Life