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You Think You’re Loving

I’ve asked you to be up-front with me

Don’t confuse me

Don’t keep me in a box where others can’t can’t touch me

While you’re free… 54 more words


I still loved you

Rules are meant to break
Aren’t they?
At least that is what you did.
I guess I let you
Never would I have known
The damage you would do… 125 more words

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you got me singing oh

oh my god

play me like a chris Stapleton song

Fuck me so good it

Can’t feel like it’s wrong, oh… 68 more words

Over the last few months, our church family has experienced an incredible amount of tragedy and difficulty. From a very unexpected death, traumatic life-changing surgeries, and the grim news of returning cancer – we’ve collectively seen som:e hard stuff. 1,098 more words

It was over long before I ended it

It was mutual and we were cool, so I thought-

If not friends;

Amicable at the least.

And yet your unwillingness to meet,

Catch up on months we’ve been moving on… 48 more words

I was Wrong this was just another Heart Break Poem

All we do is fuss and fight,

I spent so much of my time trying to make things right,

and still you left.


But now that I know the truth, 118 more words


Robots Don't Cry

The stories might vary, the who’s, where’s, and why’s

But one truth rings strong: robots don’t cry.

They don’t show emotions, and they don’t show their fear, 86 more words