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I Cry Out

December 2008. Almost a full decade ago. Sure, let’s go for a whole decade. 2007. From then, till now. The things that have happened, the things that have changed, the things that haven’t. 1,332 more words



Pain is what makes us feel human,
‘Tis what makes one feel alive,
Pain is what life makes true to man,
It allows him to risk that deep dive. 88 more words

Hurting trumps busyness

Writer, speaker and scientist Alister McGrath says that “To love God entails loving what God loves.”

So who does God love?

God loves the emotionally needy. 165 more words

The Up Devo

Effing & blinding...

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I am so grateful for how I grew up.  I lived in a family where the worse thing you could be called is a ‘besom’ – as in ‘ 349 more words

Modern Life

A Daughters Prayer

I love you mom. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. We’ve been walking with you since October and we won’t stop now. “Psalm 146:8 The LORD gives sight to the blind.” Shortly after you gave birth to me, you realized I couldn’t see. 161 more words

When Someone you Love is Hurting

Recently I found out one of the persons who has greatly influenced my life is hurting badly. Unfortunately I did not find out from him. You know how you tell a secret to one of your best friends while his wife is listening… guess what? 640 more words

Cutting Ties

When a limb aches and hurts you, would you amputate it?
Would you rather live life incomplete just because of a temporary pain that you’ve chosen to cut off, simply because it hurt in that moment? 141 more words