Tags » Hurting

I miss you

Your thoughts are far

Not with me at this moment

You have lately grown cold

Cold heart, thoughts, words

I changed, have changed and will change… 329 more words


Broken Dreams

The jagged pieces of broken dreams cut you anyway so the pain is there when you pick it up. The scars are worth the pain for the greater things That will come later… 24 more words

Aspiring Writer


The cries of an aching world

Whimpering shrills

Flow through the portal of my broken heart

I yearn to answer each one

Embracing outstretched arms… 60 more words


Arthritis in the Knee

Yes it is acting up really bad this morning locking in the knee and burning and hurting. I been had this for a long time and want to go a see an Arthritic doctor but they cost so much money. 364 more words

My Ramblings


My head hurts i just don’t understand how i keep ending up in the same situation giving a man my heart my mind myself MY MONEY and most of all MY LOVE am i that stupid that keep believing love exist in this greedy world. 148 more words


You cant….

You cant love me because i don’t like to club

You cant get involved with me because i don’t like to get drunk… 238 more words

What Are You Saying?

To be honest, one thing about me is that when something happens in my life, something major, I instantly go into panic, worry, freak-out mode. I begin to think negative thoughts and even sometimes speak negatively. 432 more words