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There was a broken glass ever since it was bought but it was repaired and got glued but a mark of cracks can still be seen if you closely look at the glass. 115 more words


Losing a child

There is nothing more sad and devastating to a parent than losing a child. Whether it be to illness or kidnapping the feeling is the same. 669 more words

It can get real messy real quick 

So here you are walking through life and then bam it gets really messy and confusing and hard.

After a break up there will be alot of moment where you think you have got your shit together finally and then something comes along and turns you back in to a mess. 218 more words


To The Kid Afraid To Come To School

Hey, you. I know we never talked, but I really wish we did. 415 more words


Prayer for the Hurting


I don’t know who they are, but I know where they are.  Everywhere.  Hurting people are everywhere.  They are around the globe, across the country, at my church, in my neighborhood, and even in my own house. 448 more words


Saved by Grace

For many people, the thought of being saved because of God’s love just isn’t enough. We feel the need to do something to redeem ourselves. How could a man who has everything – eternal life, riches beyond measure, countless angels and beings to worship Him and adore Him, give it all up just for me? 431 more words

Bible Thoughts

Flooded With Silence

I’m walking away from vulnerability and closing my heart off, I’m better off using my heart less.
I was close to the cliff like Clair Huxtable but a part of me felt like jumping off. 210 more words