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23/365 The Mask


Chained to the manacles and fetters of what everyone expects of me

I have to stay

On the outside I have a smile on my face… 71 more words

Storyteller Project

Hurts While It Heals

Alone. The empty sorrow of yesterdays that I had left behind are creeping up my spine like a bad nightmare crawling into bed and stroking my pale, cold cheek while I slumber. 240 more words

Willow Howl

21/365 Release Me

You chase after houses, when all you want is a home

You chase after the affection of many, when all you want is a family… 567 more words

Storyteller Project


written out and off
hurting, fearing each moment
hope has turned its back

©Jane Paterson Basil


Standing in Faith and Knowing God's Plan

Hi, welcome to Truth Spoken Today! Hope your week has been going well and this post will help you to pursue God and overflow into your life as wisdom. 622 more words



Ok, I had a trigger to another posters post…..My ex gf will never forgive me. No matter how humble I have become. How hard I try to say in my mind she is ok……I can t get her out. 72 more words

Masks I

For the majority of my life I wore a mask, in fact I learnt to wear one constantly as a child though till 2002. Intimidation and cultural stigmas allowed the mask to remain, but as I reached the freedom of university, it allowed me the ability to start to off load, not everything but bit by bit the freedom to think on my own, for myself, with no fear of repercussion and more so unveil the truth. 773 more words