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I’m at a loss for words today. More coming soon.


Trying to Heal

I am not healing.

The pain inside me seems to have taken up residancy in my chest in the hole you helped create and it will not leave. 429 more words


Yiss you.

I sit outside the memory of our spot

The drinks and cigarettes, dancing towards a laughter filled evening.

I sit, debating with myself.

Should I break sobriety? 73 more words

Alcohol and Testosterone

Are you drinking habits hurting your testosterone levels, recovery and performance? Dan Garner shares a few studies that provide some valuable feedback for fighters and other combat athletes.

Late at night; sleep tight

This poem is not for you

I speak to your heart

How it withers away by darkness

Not finding its new start

In your chest, poor little bird… 103 more words


Why Do People Bully?

A bully is “a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people.” I am sure you can relate to this definition of a bully as we have met such persons either at home, school or work place. 902 more words


Today Started Shitty

My damn laptop had quit working. After much cussing it starts up again. I tried to be calm,but…NAW. Its battery is dead. I am running it on electricity. 176 more words