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Healing hurts

‘What hurts us can also heal us’

We can spend our life avoiding pain yet without the pain in life some things we may never learn.

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I have questions . . .

Why is it that someone who was in my life for less than three months could have such a crazy effect on me? When he left, I literally felt like a piece of me left with him. 1,382 more words

Breaking Up

Other side of pain

Have you ever thought ‘if they only understood me they’d know where I am coming from’ especially when we are wrongly branded or unjustly punished for something we did or said that was from a seemingly good place? 154 more words

No Man's Land

A vision

When in doubt or when confronted with our own desires as opposed to God’s direction, a vision becomes a clear presentation of what needs to be done.   356 more words

My heart should be used to this...

I find myself laying on only the right side of the bed as if you’re returning to your side soon. You aren’t, though. You’re gone. I finally pushed you far enough away for you to come to your senses and stop coming back. 109 more words

Keep Walking - Keep Growing

I know there are days when you just want to completely breakdown. Days where you wonder if you can even find the strength to keep fighting because you’re exhausted. 379 more words



I don’t mean to hurt you dear

It’s just-

you never should have come so near.