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My own reflection is blurry

I hit the ground running, I must say but recently I’ve stumbled. Emotionally I’m tapped. With no one to blame but myself I can see my life racing back to a place that I’ve worked so hard to escape from. 26 more words

Dear Brokenhearted,

This is not the end.

Life has not been kind. People, circumstances, and situations have shattered your heart. And now you have been left to pick up all the broken pieces off the floor. 98 more words



“Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.”

― Aman Jassal

I was foolish to fall in love.

Regret. I regret opening my heart to someone.

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Hurt people, hurt people: wisdom for the men out there.

This is a phrase my wise cousin (known for now as Jimmy Johnson) and I often come to as a result of discussing the reason behind why some people are the way they are. 497 more words

Hurting? You need this!

Did it cut you to your core? Shatter your trust?

It’s bad enough that you were hurt—deeply—but what’s worse is that it lingers.

Perhaps you’ve found it harder to get up in the morning. 670 more words


Learning To Self-Guide

And as she sat in silence.. it became real.

He was gone, the man to protect her until he agreed on the right person to give her away to. 131 more words

My Book; Abdicated My Self-worth