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Why is “STOP” with people different than “STOP” with technology

I get these pesky texts and emails from time to time that are just a pile of junk.  Somehow or another they got wind of my phone number or my email address and start sending me things that are unwarranted and trying to convince me of whatever their purpose is.  1,252 more words


An open letter to a nurse...

Dear Nurse,

Thank you. For you are the one that calmed me down when things felt overwhelming. Thank you. For you are the one that explained procedures when there was little understanding. 124 more words


In the Beginning 

From the very first chapter and verse of the Bible’s Old Testament, to the very end of the New Testament, God is acknowledged as the One Creator, the One Who made it all. 329 more words

Bible Thoughts

What Not to Say to Someone Who is Hurting?

What Not to Say to Someone Who is Hurting?

  1. It will be okay.
  2. At least you don’t have cancer.
  3. I went through worse.
  4. Well you got your health.
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Encouragement For The Journey

Failing the Hurting

The link below is to an article that looks at two ways to be a miserable comforter and fail the hurting.

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Teal Blue Towel

Crying on the bathroom floor. Here I am with a towel underneath me and a God above me. Crying. I feel alone, not because I actually am alone but because of the absence of the love that used to dwell here. 175 more words

12 Bible Declarations for the Hurting Christians

When life has not beaten Christians up with death, sicknesses and diseases, it comes disguised in hurt, most especially from loved ones. Then we become both culprits and victims of both sides of the coin. 593 more words