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How Tribalism Hurts Companies, and What to Do About It

(Source: hbr.org)

We often find ourselves at cross-purposes with our colleagues. Even though everyone is on the same team, the goals and needs are different. 1,171 more words

Money Matters


Collapsing where only a few stones before

fell in the distance

Does injury objectify us

to rescuers landing

looking for survivors?

Falling, 38 more words


9 zagranicznych albumów, na których premierę warto czekać w 2017 roku

Niektórzy narzekali, że 2016 r. był nudny pod kątem muzycznych premier. W tym roku jest zupełnie inaczej. Wielu artystów powróciło na rynek fonograficzny i wielu też przedstawiło pierwsze muzyczne dziecka. 1,137 more words



Sometimes I am grateful
to be forgetful.
Hurts and tales repeated
no long harm me
as I mostly do not
remember them.


Your Soul Lives On

You live until you die…well duh! Such a simple statement. Just five little words, that we should all take a little more seriously.

As we were singing in church yesterday morning, the words to the old hymn, … 761 more words

Our Christian Walk