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I feel nothing but devastated
my cheeks are burning up
yes it still hurts
I feel so helpless
you could have come and rescued me… 65 more words


Let go?

Sometimes you are to sit through it all.

Sometimes there is no way out,

Because you don’t want a way out.

Sometimes you are to be strong, 128 more words

Risks. Decision.

This world is full of people who had no idea what they want to do. They’re chasing something that isn’t their “passion.” It can money fame, relationship, whatever. 1,343 more words


Afraid To Be Happy??

Is that a thing? Like a real fear? Turns out yes. It even has a name: Cherophobia

It’s a real fear, people.

If you’re a Christian, you’re more than likely aware that joy is a fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23. 735 more words


What is Shadow Work?

And why should I do it?

It’s an age old truth that when you meet someone that instantly annoys you its because you re seeing yourself in them. 575 more words



(Circa 5/5/18)

being here obliterates me.

being here in this place.

where i thought about you.

but could never have you.

annihilates me.


Have Courage and Be Kind

Siang tadi sedikit dikejutkan dengan sebuah pesan singkat melalui whatsapp dari seorang teman lama yang kira-kira bunyinya begini:

nge, besok aku jemput ya. nanti aku ajak suami sama kakak iparku juga. 506 more words