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Just wasn't my day

It just wasn’t my day at all. I was upset and angery and mad and upset. Because no one really knows until you been there. If you hadn’t been able to get a job in a long time then you understand me. 431 more words

My Ramblings

When People Let You Down....

Has someone ever let you down? I mean you thought highly of this person and then something happens and your left feeling the blow?

The truth is everyone eventually lets you down, given enough time. 532 more words

Bible Study


¬†One of the great things about being a cartoonist is you get to make up a lot of cool onomatopoeias. Like SPORF, MGNGHFORP and FWIB. And, of course, ROLPHORK: the sound your stomach makes when it’s craving a FWIB of ReadyWhip straight in the mouth.


It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms.



I won’t hurt you the way you hurt me.

Even if i had a chance to do that.

Because love gives one power to forgive not to revenge.

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You Decide

Want it, don’t need it
Need it, don’t want it
One hurts now, feels good later
One feels good now, hurts later
Which one are you going to choose?

Bears Rebellion 19/04/15

Cuts & Hurts

Through the years, I learned that those with the most beautiful souls forgive. It’s not about how many battles one has won, it’s about getting on with your life even when everyone thought you walked away defeated. 540 more words