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False Accusations

Being accused of something is difficult to handle, but when those accusations are false it really hurts.  Each assault can cut really deep.  What makes these accusations even worse is when the truth is staring the accusers in the face, and yet they choose to ignore it. 204 more words


How familiar this is to me. To say, “everybody”, while the ones you don’t address, are in the room as well.

That really hurts.
I just hope, that America will not be so sad today, the world is looking and we won’t break with you. 89 more words


Finding hope

David left Gath and was so alone that he despairs. And now David feels abandoned as moves to a new location that is very foreign to him. 504 more words

Sunday in Haiti

We all crashed after getting to the guest house and eating supper on Saturday night. We crashed hard! Sunday was a day of rest and worship. 700 more words


The water - Hurts

Bài hát ma mị trong khoảng thời gian (mình cho là) đen tối của mình. Lúc đó mình nghe bài này nghe đi nghe lại, cảm giác đau đến không chịu được của mình cứ chìm trong giọng hát ma mị đó. 92 more words


Breaking down the NCAA Football Championship Game

Written by: David Parks – Staff Writing Intern (@_Parskie)

It’s time.

As quick as college football started, it comes to an end tonight with the rematch: Alabama, the unstoppable force, meeting Clemson, the ever-so-slightly movable object. 1,241 more words