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The Everglott Insight

George and I are perfect, we have our routines and we have our habits. Mrs Applebee says that these are essential for a healthy marriage. 3,578 more words

Fans of the Game

So, the other night, during the seventh game of the Blues and Blackhawks series, my husband laughed and said, “Look at those fans.”

I looked up from the essay I was grading to where my husband sat hunched on a tiny, yellow, plastic child’s chair positioned three feet from the television screen, yelling at professional athletes — who were actually located in Saint Louis and not the tiny box in our living room — and explaining how one actually plays hockey, real in-depth commentary like “shoot the puck.” 23 more words

The most important marriage advice I've gotten...

My husband and I will celebrate five years married this Saturday. With the date in mind we whipped out our wedding video not too long ago. 1,663 more words

A Eulogy for Bill

….A life gone too early….

Sometimes we take for granted the people we have in our lives. We think that they will always be there, in contact with us, talking when we need it, holding our hand when we are scared, or just being there when we need them. 1,162 more words

Why I suck at hiding my tears..

I admit, I suck at hiding my tears when things get rough. Field ops, training, and deployments all make it worse. I don’t want to lose time with my husband, but living the Military lifestyle, I have to deal with constant time apart. 248 more words

Should I tell wife of cheater he had an affair???

My wife had an affair with another married man. He has two children. I believe his wife has a right to know the truth about her husband but I’m unsure if that truth should come from me???

Should I tell???


My Mourning Dove

With my favorite black round bottom mug in hand I walked through the French doors of my second-floor apartment onto my patio this morning. The cool cement under my feet brought my lips to sip my fresh black coffee. 489 more words