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Day...... I'm not sure......My birthday.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, I’ve been really busy and then too tired and it’s been too late at night to write anything. 303 more words



What does an ordinary guy do on Sunday?

On an unusual weekend, he’s probably get married.

Dao looked like some football players on TV. He was full of energy during all the ceremony and reception. 199 more words

Hidden Paradise Wedding

The best day of my life.

I remember hearing about a venue, and stopping by just take a look…Then booking our wedding date before we were even engaged because it was perfect. 96 more words


4 things I learned about revelation while desperately seeking it

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve laughed until I’ve cried and cried until I’ve laughed. It’s been wrenchingly emotional and highly stressful.

But as my good husband has recently reminded me, that’s just how I operate. 812 more words

Little outing

My husband and I decided that we would go on a little outing with our favourite boy.

Safely wrapped up in his pram on this wet day we took Timothy to the butterfly house stopping firstly at the café for a cake and hot chocolate! 108 more words

I'm a maid, I'm a cook, I'm a mum, I'm a PA, I'm an outfit planner, I'm a laundrette....oh did I mention maid!

I clean and I clean and I clean! I gave up a long time ago. My husband does nothing around the house. He can’t see what needs done and when u ask him he takes 2 hours to finish it. 386 more words


The Parker J Cole Show -- Relationship Month: Husbands & Wives

People make the world go around. That’s a fact. Without people, we really would be a ‘pale blue ball’ like Sagan once said. How we interact with each other helps to build families, communities, and cultures.  131 more words

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