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Escape from the Friend-zone, Not!

He steals a glimpse at her. Her eyes widen and glimmer as she excitedly tells a story. Those eyes. He knew the depth behind that child-like curiosity, the pain that poured out at quiet hours. 439 more words


It's too late...

‘Give him a divorce’ she said coolly ‘You are not happy in this relation, look what he has done to you…don’t you feel suffocated…you are always crying and cribbing…so get a divorce’ 418 more words


Day 86: The Temptation of Comparing Your Child to Others

Fortunately we have been meeting more and more people with little ones near the same age as our little guy.  This led to a few nice meet-ups, and today we had our first big play date.  571 more words


My Husband is a Dork

and I love it.

He can be completely oblivious and ridiculous about things. Like his hatred of cheese and intense dislike of garlic. Strange boy, I don’t know how we get along sometimes. 197 more words


Marriage Chronicles 2

When mothers in-law becomes monsters -in-law

Hi guys thought I was done with this issue then I realized this is just the beginning. Anyways I was with my friend kike the other day, she said she read chronicles of marriage 1 a couple of days ago and thinks I should meet her mother in law, I asked why, she said she would like for me to visit and see for myself what a monster in law she has, so my ever inquisitive me, I obliged and promised to visit the next weekend. 1,064 more words


Thanks Is NOT Enough!

(Author & photographer unknown)
I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it, 258 more words