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Date 1...(Online Dating)

Ok! So.. here we go, I just downloaded a few dating apps this week “OkCupid” and “Tinder”.  I have my first coffee date with a cute guy named Nasir tonight, he is studying to be a doctor and seems to be really sweet, from the few texts we exchanged. 156 more words


The 6 Christmas Gifts We All Crave and My Wife Is Getting

The Twelve Days of Christmas are upon us… or, at least, there just 12 sleeps left until the big morning. I won’t be getting DW a partridge in a pear tree. 508 more words

3 Year Anniversary

His face contorted a bit, his dark eyes widened; he was clearly not trying to hide his surprise. It seemed that I had just told this friendly Italian barista that I was getting a tattoo on my forehead. 638 more words


Day 11: Sick Days

Day 11: Today I’m thankful for sick days.

I’m basically sniffly all through every winter I’ve been in Cincinnati because my body and cold don’t mix. 411 more words

Daily Bread

A Wish

My husband. My best friend. The person I literally prayed and wished for. Growing up I always knew I wanted to get married and have children. 264 more words


Her Husband's Betrayal

I started a few different Lifetime movies that had the storyline of awful husbands, but ultimately landed on “Her Husband’s Betrayal” because the actress looks like an off-brand Megan Fox and the description told me someone gets murdered, so I was freaking ready. 2,354 more words


Predictable or...?

I have had the worst couple days and my therapist is out of town this week, so yeah.

‘Hey Joe. HCWAAC.’ -me

‘No.’ – Joe… 53 more words