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Put a Ring On It 💍... But I'm Keeping My Last Name

What it is, 😜 Wassup lol ( I pray to God yall can see that emoji haha) Yall know what time it is lol, BLOGGING TIMEEEEEE!! 507 more words

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Sexiest Thing I've Ever Done... Grocery Shopping?!

The day started out normal enough.  It was stormy last night so none of us slept well.  The kids were in our room by 3am asking to crawl into bed with Mom and Dad.   1,185 more words


Day 52: Managing our Baby Clothes Inventory and "The Future"

One thing we are doing in our travels between Sweden and Hong Kong is bringing back-and-forth baby clothes.  For example, the things the little guy has grown out of are coming back to go into storage for a potential future “# 2″, and the things that were gifted to us or we purchased that were too big to bring with are now waiting to go back to Hong Kong. 532 more words


Photos: Crazy Mum threathens to stamp baby's head during vicious row with husband

Police are investigating footage of a mum appearing to stamp on a baby’s head during a vicious row with her husband. 112 more words


The one that doesn't cry, my rock!

A client recently contacted me about an issue in the product I built for her. I know exactly what needs to be done to rectify it. 452 more words


Holding Pattern...

It sometimes seems I will never finish any of my knitting or my designs.   Those projects have been placed on hold… again, not just to make way for work, but also for a good cause and as a favor for a friend.  319 more words


Nine Months of Marriage

In a little less than two weeks, we will have been married for nine months. To say that is mind-blowing is an understatement. 3/4 of a year?! 1,328 more words