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My Birthing Story

It feels about time that I write out my story of how my daughter came into the world. Already, just from typing that first sentence, my eyes are welling up with tears. 4,300 more words

Why I Can't Wait to See Joe be a Dad

For me being a mom has always been very high on my priority list. That has always been my ultimate dream. While I played with my dolls and made my younger brother play house with me I always knew I wanted to be a mommy. 495 more words


Why Are Weddings So Important?

Today I’ve just picked this topic out of my list of blog ideas, because I really do think this is an interesting one, unlike some of my other more eccentric ideas like ‘Why I Want To Get A Ferret’. 659 more words

Mind Games

Question of the day…

How far would I have gone?

Back story:  Years ago my extremely Type A husband placed a board in the garage so that when I felt the tires hit, it was my clue to stop.   345 more words

My Typical Day

Learning to Live Together

Ok – before I get into today’s post, let me give you an update on this loving/encouraging wife challenge. I’ll admit, the first few days I TOTALLY forgot that I was supposed to be loving. 555 more words

Last week

So. I survived.

There were sad days. There were tears. But I battled on, like always. And I was reminded of a few things too. 1,074 more words

Travel on the mind

I won a $100 gift card from TravelZoo on a twitter party! I’m so excited that my husband and I can take a much needed trip before the new baby arrives. 10 more words