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Paint A Pretty Picture

Ever thought about going to a wine and design class? Most people believe painting is a difficult task and that’s what I thought until I went to a wine and design class. 173 more words



My husband says I generally have an unusual perspective and should share by writing out my thoughts. I lack the confidence, but thought that I might as well practice through the medium of a blog. 22 more words



I was exhausted.

And I was emotional.

I mean, I sniffled tears while folding towels and bawled over discarded individual-sized chocolate milk containers.


Because I am not ready to quit taking care of my baby. 229 more words

Things Wives Don't Understand About Disrespect Towards Their Husbands

I’ve read The Peaceful Wife Blog on and off for a year or two now and I have to say there is some useful information over there concerning wives. 300 more words

Being Myself And Opinions

Trading Places . . . not nearly as cool as the movie.

In life, there are good days and bad days. There are even streaks of exceptionally good and exceptionally bad luck. And then, there are those times when you start to feel a bit victimized by life. 1,697 more words

Chronic Illness

Falling for Men in Uniform

Women that are attracted to men in uniform really seem to exist. Just the other day a colleague told me her mom – when she was single – wanted a man not just in uniform, but also driving a red Volkswagen Golf. 96 more words

Geen Categorie

Most unromantic woman in the world.

Another box of chocolates/bouquet of flowers.

That’s what goes through my head when my husband brings home a “gift”.

I don’t think I’m hard to please. 128 more words