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It's harder to save than I thought!

So we’ve just been through month 2 of intentional saving and using 5 different pots for our money. The major issue is that you have to maintain your finances everyday – you have to know what is being spent so you keep to some kind of budget. 189 more words


Dear husband

Dear husband,

It’s been 7 years since our first date. Looking back I think I got really lucky meeting you (although you may have got luckier! 144 more words

Family Dynamics

I have come to the realisation that not only am I not going to be able to get along with everyone I meet some of these people I will not get along with will be my family. 317 more words


Shifting Tide Lines

It has been a day of developments all over the place. From the supposed (and perhaps momentary) halt on the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the shock resignation of NZ’s Prime Minister, many of my left-wing friends have been memeing for joy all day. 503 more words


New tricks

So this cycle marks 1 year of trying to conceive, and I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit with this cycle, in the hope that trying something different may be the key to our success. 212 more words

Anna + Brandon

Oh, young love! Anna and Brandon were married October 2nd, 2015 at The Darby House. They are high school sweethearts and they love each other through and through. 49 more words

How to motivate husband/Gaining faith for provision/Helping husband with anxiety (podcast)

Bible-based answers to listener questions, such as…How to motivate a husband who is in a rut…How to gain greater faith so that you experience God’s financial provision…How to help a husband who struggles with anxiety… 50 more words