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I am in a (somewhat) loveless marriage.

I didn’t know when I met him what I would take that leap down the isle. That wondorous, glamourous, over-rated leap of love.

From the day I met him he was always an asshole. 410 more words

Can My Husband Stop Being Such A Dick

Giving in and showing us all up.

I gave in. I threw in the towel. I called it quits. I…can’t think of another way to put it. My brain demons kind of got the best of me and I willingly resigned my efforts to the oh-so-controversial (at least unto myself) anxiety medication. 364 more words

The Road goes on Forever...meet the crew

Sept 2
Today I head into the local workforce center for some sort of orientation. It is mandatory because we have had to apply for federal assistance. 1,304 more words

Mourning On The First Day of School

My husband cries and I sob every year when the first day of school rolls around, but it isn’t what you think.  I get that huge pit in my tummy. 1,289 more words



What is L.O.V.E ?

Well to me.. It changes. Over the years the meaning of this word has come around full circle.

When I was.. A Baby. 384 more words


Thanks For Having Me

Here it is, the first post.  I’m guessing everyone reading this has also had 1st post anxiety.  I’ve deleted that line more times than I can remember, so now I’ll just keep it.   229 more words


Everyday brings me one step closer 

to leaving you. You show no love towards me. Every day we drift further and further apart. The split is eminent I’m just waiting to see when. 40 more words