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Marriage Monday #60

Don’t allow anything to become more important than your marriage. If your hobby, job, or friendships become more important than your relationship, find ways to include your spouse in them.

Have a fabulous week!



(I recently attended a wedding and wrote this for the bride and groom on their big day)

A monumental sized church
For a monumental affair… 32 more words


The Pleather Labyrinth

This past Shabbat, a friend at church looked at my purse sitting on the table and said, “You’re quite an organized person, aren’t you?”

I pulled my beloved purse toward me, smiled proudly, and said, “Yes, yes I am.” 1,108 more words

Lightning Juice

Adulting for Stepmoms

As much as I could write about being a stepmom of adults, this is actually about us stepmoms behaving like adults.  Hear me out: a stepmom friend recently messaged me, “Why do… 674 more words


Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a little known type of abuse that narcissists often use on their victims.  It is a very effective way to keep someone under control, after all. 753 more words

Abuse And The Healing Journey

Redefining My Day To Give 100 Percent To Things That Matter Most

I feel like I’ve been giving 20 percent energy to every aspect of my life. I’m a distracted father, a sheepish entrepreneur, I’ve been reading the same book for six months now, and when I write, I let my fingers do the thinking. 424 more words

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