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I love him

I love him…

He’s my constant; my confidant.

He was put on this earth for me.

He was meant to be sitting in my Global class back in high school. 303 more words


A Letter To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband
I know that you are out there somewhere being prepared by God for our life together,but here are a few things I want you to know. 185 more words


Is Husband's Surprise A Good Thing?

To be surprised? Or not surprised?

That is the marital question I need your help with this week, Dear Reader.

I’ve shared in previous columns my husband’s rather quirky, geeky hobby. 512 more words


Growing And Changing

I have contemplated along the way the various ways in which I have changed and been affected by this devastating thing which has happened to me – losing Paul. 411 more words


Building a Godly Relationship with your Husband: Activities to do Together

This week we’re talking about activities that you and your husband can do together to build your relationship with each other and with God. Remember, our goal as a wife is to lead our husband to God. 594 more words

End Of The Line

With my anger already on high alert, it hit a new high last night.

My sister was visiting and happened to mention a video that was going viral. 195 more words

Weekend Cinema

We caught Avengers: Age of Ultron on its first day last Wednesday at TriNoma. My husband and I were able to drag Alex along for the screening, enticing him with the promise of barbecue popcorn and Brothers burgers. 622 more words

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