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Phormictopus Species Husbandry

Awesome intermediate species tarantulas with plenty of character.

Anyone that follows me on Tom’s Big Spiders, Tumblr, or YouTube has probably picked up on my… 1,727 more words


Built a shelter for the rams that made it through the recent windstorm

Here is the nice shelter.  The rams like it.  It currently (for a few hours at least) has some hay in the feeder.  It keeps the hay dry well and we’re already seeing a lot less waste. 29 more words



The thing that most annoys me in dealing with PTSD is the nightmares. It just doesnt seem fair to have you worst life experiences triggered while sleeping, all helpless and unsuspecting like. 192 more words


On Love and Life

Another sleepless night as I sit here poking through the ashes of thoughts in my skull, wanting it to go out, but finding these ambers that kindle the thoughts burning again and again.This whole weekend was like that. 1,343 more words


Perfection without comparison

We lay there for awhile, in silence. Her head rested on my chest. I could feel a small bead of sweat from her forehead drop onto me and roll off. 239 more words


Sexing Tarantulas Using Molts

For most tarantula keepers, females are where it’s at.

It’s not that we don’t have love for their male counterparts. In fact, some male species like… 2,362 more words


Tank topper mods

I’ve now been keeping gerbils for a whole 3 weeks. However the three weeks prior to their arrival were also very full of gerbilly things as most of my spare time was spent making their set-up. 1,118 more words