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Pain Diagnosis in the None Verbal Animal (Horse)

The other day, I came across the below paper which is a very good summary of what we know about back pain in horses and the potential causes and symptoms (physical, emotional and behavioural). 370 more words

" The Husbandman "

It is said farmers are America’s bread and butter and this is true, for without one who cultivates the land to bring forth food we would be at such a loss. 595 more words


Homesteading (or Becoming Self-Sufficient

This will be just a short article on what homesteading means and why some people are doing it.

What is it and why do you want to do it? 272 more words


Avicularia juruensis "Yellow Banded Pinktoe" Husbandry Notes

While looking for a unique arboreal species, I noticed that Tanya at Fear Not Tarantulas had some Avicularia juruensis slings for sale.  Although I already had a couple of avics, including an… 1,230 more words


A Nasty Email (and Temperatures and Humidity Revisited)

Well, it was bound to happen.

After several years of writing for Tom’s Big Spiders, I finally received my first piece of nasty correspondence. Honestly, the streak had to end eventually, as to date, 100% of my interactions with other keepers has been completely positive. 3,346 more words


I am a thistle shifter....

And that’s about as far as I got with that particular tongue twister !!

But it did remind me of last Saturday in the sauna. Well less of a posh spa day and more like an episode of attack the weeds in the polytunnel. 167 more words