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I am a thistle shifter....

And that’s about as far as I got with that particular tongue twister !!

But it did remind me of last Saturday in the sauna. Well less of a posh spa day and more like an episode of attack the weeds in the polytunnel. 167 more words


Respecting the Old Rhythms, Traditions, and Mores

“The Southern Agrarians’ greatest fear was that progressives’ advocacy of farm industrialization would demand ever larger, more expansive changes to society, without stopping to consider the unintended consequences. 132 more words


Let there be light!!

Four week in and we have now done a detailed survey of the site and its buildings and identified what we need.

As in the best of traditions the problem is the solution and we need above all heat and electricity for the structures (I’m already tired of typing greenhouse and polytunnel!!) and electricity in general. 184 more words


Overrun by Eggs

It is September on the farm and we are being overrun by eggs- they are our zucchini of the Fall. Our thirty plus hens are ALL laying. 297 more words

Whale Ranch

Agriculture experts have teamed up with scientists and engineers to develop the first ‘whale farm’, an enterprise that seeks to increase the population of whales with breeding programs, protected migration, controlled slaughter and even milking. 312 more words

Chester Press

Tarantula Sling Husbandry - A Comprehensive Guide

I can remember getting my first two slings, a L. parahybana and a C. cyaneopubescens, several years ago. Although I had kept adult tarantulas before, these tiny little gals just seemed so tiny and fragile. 10,447 more words


Communal Project Part 4: Sling Buffets and Spider Piles

The Communal Project series will document my setup of a Moncentropus balfouri communal, starting with the planning and acquisition of both the enclosure and tarantulas and continuing through as they mature. 1,094 more words