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Tarantula bits #4

Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason to a tarantula sling dying. I lost my Tapinauchenius violaceus the other day. It was eating well, kept in a good enclosure and seemed to be thriving. 529 more words

Arachnid Corner

Psalmopoeus cambridgei "The Trinidad Chevron" Husbandry Notes

When I first got heavy into the hobby, I was immediately attracted to tarantulas from the genus Poecilotheria. As a result, I skipped some of the “stepping stone” arboreal species that keepers usually start out with to prepare for these advanced Old World spiders. 851 more words


Family portrait

Leonora’s greatest treasure
is between her thighs.
No, not that — you filthy sod!
I mean the Tillage Prize.

A three-foot marble statue
of the God of Husbandry. 55 more words


Chief—let’s call him Chief for brevity’s sake—was so popular because his daughters were fantastic milk producers. He had great genes for milk. But, geneticists now know, he also had a single copy of a deadly mutation that spread undetected through the Holstein cow population.

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the czech republic part two: the countryside

Skyler and I have been on a straight path to “being one with the earth” for some time now, and we got two weeks of finding out just exactly what that meant. 1,463 more words

Pain Diagnosis in the None Verbal Animal (Horse)

The other day, I came across the below paper which is a very good summary of what we know about back pain in horses and the potential causes and symptoms (physical, emotional and behavioural). 370 more words