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Hello, Fellow Gluesniffers!

Welcome to the segregated doubledecker that is the internet. Welcome to my life advice blog.

I’m excited by all of this, but first I need to placate the exposition demons by slitting my biography’s throat in public. 461 more words


Tarantula Care Sheets - An (Un)necessary Evil

We’ve all done it.

While perusing a tarantula site, you come across a new species that totally catches your eye, but whose care and husbandry you are unfamiliar with. 1,220 more words


Quick and Easy DIY Tarantula Enclosure - Arboreal

A simple, attractive, and stackable arboreal enclosure.

Having spent the last year burying and repurposing just about every conceivable container for use as tarantula cages, I’ve finally settled on a few sizes and styles that I plan to use from this point on. 958 more words


Open letter from my husband 

If you know my wife you know that she is very caring. The kind of friend a friend would want to have. She does everything she can for the people she loves even when she is struggling and thats one of the many reasons I married her. 473 more words


We have chickens

A friendly acquaintance needed to find their chickens a more rustic home, so we offered to take them since we were wanting to try chickens over ducks this year.   97 more words



The very first passive husband in the history of the universe, Adam, set a mold that many of us are guilty of following. I’d probably be at the top of that list. 614 more words


Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Jasmine, a bearded dragon, taking a bath to remove shedding skin.

The inland bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is probably the most popular pet lizard, right next to the leopard gecko and the green iguana. 1,190 more words

Care Guide