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Just an infomercial about how much I like my chickens.  Feeding western barbarians like me since 500 B.C.

Chickens clean up your yard, patrol garden areas and give us great eggs for virtually nothing per month.  23 more words


The Goat Pen

This project was one helluva job. The greatest part was working with folks who know what they are doing. Even though it isn’t perfect, we got there. 206 more words


Sokka got flystrike

No pictures, went ahead and called the vet.  Husband and I had to shear/trim the infected areas where, well, flies had gotten in.  DO NOT IMAGE SEARCH FOR FLY STRIKE OR FLYSTRIKE.   24 more words


Power Feeding Tarantulas

Power feeding: The act of accelerating a tarantula’s growth by increasing temperatures and the amount and/or frequency it is fed.

If you’ve been in the hobby for any amount of time, you’ve likely been privy to a debate between hobbyists about the virtues or dangers of power feeding tarantulas. 1,935 more words


The Adventures of Sokka, the latest flock fence fool

Sokka, in the eternal quest for that leaf on the other side of the fence, got his horns stuck overnight and couldn’t move for hours.  Ironically, if he’d had scurs, there is a good chance they would have just snapped off.   267 more words


A closed and open door

If I’m candid, one woman stands out as having influenced more of my life than any other—a woman I don’t even know. My birth mother. 701 more words

Tarantula Keeper’s Journal Entry 6 - Construction foul up!

I shouldn’t laugh, as I’ve buggered things up this badly as well, but I did.

Short little video of one of my slings impersonating a government contractor. 19 more words

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