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Quarantine is a term used for anything, from animals and plants, to inanimate objects, and it is used to prevent the spread of illnesses or disease within an environment or a collection.

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Poll - Was Your First Tarantula a "Beginner Species"?

If I could get just a moment of your time …

This is going to be a short and sweet blog post. Although I’m working on an article that the results of this poll would be really useful for, this question comes more from curiosity. 163 more words


The Importance of Respect and Open-mindedness In the Tarantula Hobby

Or, Why we need to eliminate the “My Way or the Highway” Attitude in Tarantula Keeping

No matter the hobby or interest, there are always going to be debates and arguments between those with different views. 3,248 more words


The Best Tarantula Species For Beginners Revisited (Video Version)

“What is the best tarantulas species for a beginner?”

I’ve spent a lot of time answering this question over the years, and for those just dipping their toe into this amazing hobby, it’s an excellent and important question to ask. 1,142 more words


Reducing livestock depredation, a lesson from large carnivore studies

In December, 17 an interesting paper by Miller et al. was published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin about how effective different techniques (lethal and non-lethal) are to reduce livestock depredation by large carnivores. 108 more words

HUSBANDRY - Fera (Aqualamb Records)

A lot of music has come through my inbox over the years.  From starting The Path Less Traveled Records to the beginning stages of a music blog, the sheer amount of music out there is both encouraging and frustrating.   332 more words

Tarantula bits #4

Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason to a tarantula sling dying. I lost my Tapinauchenius violaceus the other day. It was eating well, kept in a good enclosure and seemed to be thriving. 529 more words

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