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You know Ive been in this bed before, 1000 count and not a single thread of truth 

I went and woke jer up and I told him.
I told him that I couldn’t do this anymore.

I told him that it’s been more than a year since I went to him and laid out all the issues and he made promises to fix things and make efforts… 222 more words


Photos of Scottie's butchering (graphic)

How to butcher a delicious ram of slightly more than one year in age, aka a hoggett ram.

It took about three hours, mostly because it was being done without the benefits of a block and tackle.   74 more words


Scottie's summer slaughter

…was messy but went decently (no contamination of anything we wanted to keep).  66lbs of meat plus offal was the approximate final tally, which means a live weight of about 200lbs.   33 more words


Wisdom in husbandry

So I have thirteen various breeds of heritage hens.  Two flee their protective fenced in area each day as they have special secret places they like to lay their eggs.   774 more words

In Him

Hello, Fellow Gluesniffers!

Welcome to the segregated doubledecker that is the internet. Welcome to my life advice blog.

I’m excited by all of this, but first I need to placate the exposition demons by slitting my biography’s throat in public. 461 more words


Tarantula Care Sheets - An (Un)necessary Evil

We’ve all done it.

While perusing a tarantula site, you come across a new species that totally catches your eye, but whose care and husbandry you are unfamiliar with. 1,220 more words


Quick and Easy DIY Tarantula Enclosure - Arboreal

A simple, attractive, and stackable arboreal enclosure.

Having spent the last year burying and repurposing just about every conceivable container for use as tarantula cages, I’ve finally settled on a few sizes and styles that I plan to use from this point on. 958 more words