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Coming Out

Acceptance is key…

Alrighty then, this is like the “old dog learning new tricks” part, as I post this first article corresponding with how I’m trying to create and go about this blog site all by myself (…not a techie like the wifey). 568 more words


Caribena versicolor (Antilles pinktoe) Breeding Notes ... and Babies!

Spoiler: The Breeding Was a Success!

For those interested in possibly breeding the Caribena versicolor in the future, here is an account of my pairing. All in all, it was a rather simple endeavor from start to finish, and I would encourage others to try it. 1,082 more words


'T' Time Adoption/Rescue Facebook Group- And Interview with Samantha Miller

A brand new group hoping to fill a much needed hole in the hobby. 

Several years back, I got an email from a frantic hobbyist who was preparing to start his freshman year in college. 4,152 more words


Tom's Big Spiders - The Podcast

After much debate, I’ve decided to start a weekly podcast about tarantulas and other arachnids. I had been asked about starting a podcast a few times over the years, and as I really didn’t know too much about them, I scoffed at the idea. 537 more words


Husbandry -from the other horse's mouthes

Things I want to work on, bookmarked for me and you, and Migs!

Body part targeting beyond the nose:


Worming paste:

Love the ‘don’t break your vet’ series, though some of it is more pressure/release than positive reinforcement (just doesn’t work as well with Migs) 6 more words

Coremiocnemis hoggi Husbandry Notes

Coremiocnemis hoggi Husbandry Notes

NOTE: Normally I wait until I’ve kept a species for a while before writing husbandry notes for it. As part of my write-ups, I like to discuss their behaviors as spiderlings, juveniles, and adults, as the fact that I’ve raised one to young adulthood hopefully indicates that my care notes are accurate.

851 more words

Harpactira Genus - Husbandry Notes

Harpactira Husbandry Notes (ft. H. baviana, H. cafreriana, H. hamiltoni, and H. pulchripes)

Gorgeous “baboon tarantulas” from South Africa, Harpactira species have become much more prevalent in the hobby as of late, with many vendors offering a variety of slings for sale. 1,474 more words