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Lambing season is over, Black N Tan gave us boy/girl twins

The girl is dark blackish like Ripley (Grey’s girl) and the boy is paler, almost as light as Badgerface’s Toph.  Black N Tan lambed about 2:30pm, as we were heading out for an errand.   84 more words


Unexpected twins from Badgerface this morning

Two fawn-colored lambs with spotting.  She is our most ornery ewe, and lambed up in the woods like Grey did, but with more success.  She looked like she only had one in there, but she clearly has good conformation for breeding.   35 more words


Live lamb pictures!

Grey did have a living lamb, also black moorit, walking around and hanging out as lambs do.  Best guess is that this lamb is also about 8-9lbs.   72 more words


Aphonopelma chalcodes - The Desert Blonde

An Underrated North American Beauty

When I first began expanding my collection, I was so enamored with the hundreds of exotic species available from far away locales that I all but ignored some of wonderful tarantulas that could be found in my own county. 722 more words


Goldie lambed between 9 and 10am today, with boy/girl moorit twins

We haven’t had a chance to weigh them, but they are on the smaller side.  She went over on her side with the girl after delivering the boy easily, but rallied and now both are walking and nursing properly. 32 more words


6 Things to Consider When Raising Healthy Chicks

We recently received our mail order chicks.

When I say that statement out loud I shake my head a little. “Chicks in the mail?” Really Emily? 715 more words

Farm Fresh

Love is good husbandry

Recently I attended a men’s conference. The focus was on being a better man, mate, husband and father. There was quality input by many speakers. My ‘show bags’ were full of reminders and some new things to implement. 497 more words