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Losing a loved one to social media, and how we can win back the other person's attention.

What I notice…
Navigating a relationship is one of the most emotionally challenging, physically draining, and spiritually depleting dynamics we as humans face in life. As if relationships were not challenging on their own, now we must compete with ‘another’ constantly in the room. 928 more words

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Tarantula Sling Care Guide - The Video Version

A picture is worth a thousand words…

When I first became hooked by the hobby, I literally had to be convinced by a vendor to pick up my first spiderlings. 586 more words


Fathering is singlehandedly the hardest facet of my life - but also the most rewarding.

What I notice…

“Parenting is not easy.” 

Everyone says it, but what does it mean and why has this become a mantra of the American household? 913 more words

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Have You Ever Been Bit By a Tarantula? A Survey

If you’re a hobbyist, please take a few seconds to participate!

Okay, I’m hoping to get as much participation as possible on this, so my sincere thanks to anyone who takes  a moment to answer or share these two polls. 240 more words


Guest Blog post: Neoholothele incei (gold) Communal by Casey J. Peter


As tarantulas are recognized as solitary creatures (mostly due to the fact that they view other spiders as lunch on eight legs) many find the idea of several tarantulas cohabitating peacefully to be a bit of a mind-blower.

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The Country Master of Shakepeare's England

Whenever I browse the antiquarian titles in the NSLM’s F. Ambrose Clark Rare Book Room, the name “Markham” comes up again and again. It’s not a surprise. 598 more words