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The Cost

We sometimes want God for his benefits, but we do not always want to be obedient or give sacrifice to him. Though Jesus paid the price (living sacrifice) and there is no more need for the physical shedding of Blood for atonement we should be giving to God in different ways. 531 more words


1 Peter 3:1–6 ‘Husbands Should Be Heads, Not Idols’ [[Video Bible Study]]

Submission is a controversial and sensitive subject in our society. As we define what it is, it is just as important for us to clarify what it is not. 132 more words

Confessions Faith

The Husband Factor

Will I have to give up my calling once I get married?

The other night at the SBTS Koinonia Women’s Fellowship I heard that question; it got my mind pondering again. 445 more words


What Kind of Wife are You?

A classification of different kinds of wives, on how they relate to their husbands in marriage, translated…

On a gathering of girlfriends, the subjects of discussion usually revolved around family, after we’d ranted on our husbands, we’d started, telling one another how bad our kids were, in the laughter, the garbage that was inside of us got cleaned out.   557 more words

Properties Of Life

Defining Moments

Every single one of us has defining moments in our lives. Things that happen to us that changes our mindsets. either about the people involved or ourselves. 330 more words


The Impossible Quest to be a Virtuous Wife

The struggle is real

The other day we went out for Chinese buffet. My fortune cookie read some mumbo jumbo about being close to my goal and finished with the wise words for me to “work harder.” As I rolled my eyes, my husband and kids roared with laughter and began to joke about what a slacker I was. 772 more words


Happy Anniversary: Flagpoles and Drawers


JC Schildbach, LMHC

On the night I first met my wife, M, I climbed to the top of the flagpole outside the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. 708 more words

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