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Woman aren't always RIGHT!!

In general wives seem to think that their husband are clueless idiots when dealing with relationships. They get their feelings hurt and walk around giving their husbands the silent treatment like it is their right.. 289 more words


I Married a Cat... She Married a Dog

The old adage, “opposites attract” often holds true when it comes to husbands and wives. I have also heard that the things that attract us are what we argue and fuss about as time goes on. 168 more words


The Cost

We sometimes want God for his benefits, but we do not always want to be obedient or give sacrifice to him. Though Jesus paid the price (living sacrifice) and there is no more need for the physical shedding of Blood for atonement we should be giving to God in different ways. 531 more words


1 Peter 3:1–6 ‘Husbands Should Be Heads, Not Idols’ [[Video Bible Study]]

Submission is a controversial and sensitive subject in our society. As we define what it is, it is just as important for us to clarify what it is not. 132 more words

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