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Watching The Sky and Astrological Events

Monday, as pretty much everyone knows, was a solar eclipse. In our house, astrological events are fairly important and this one was no exception. Andy rigged a great viewing apparatus based on recommendations from the Nasa website. 847 more words


Authentic Pit BBQ

It’s been a long time since I’ve had authentic pit BBQ. I drove past a bustling restaurant called Piggyback Barbecue for days amazed at how many people were feasting at this casual joint. 367 more words


Recipe: Hushpuppies by House Autry!

Afternoon!  I’m back with another recipe…well, this isn’t really a recipe, but it’s more so showing you a quick way to whip up some hushpuppies! 407 more words

Richie Madison Interiors

Beer Battered Cod with Hushpuppies

This pub style fish fry had both of us in the kitchen mixing and whipping up crunchy delights last night. We usually head over to Stoney’s British Pub in Wilmington whenever the fish & chips craving hits us, but since I’ve never made a beer batter before I wanted to try this recipe out instead. 369 more words

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Southern Style Hushpuppies

Everyone I know has their own recipe for hushpuppies, but for me this one works.  Hushpuppies are essentially savory fried dough, they are simple and easy to make.  125 more words


Wanda and the Catfish

Wanda is a dumb blond, to put it kindly. She is not the sort of person I would normally choose as a friend, but we came to know each other through a mutual acquaintance. 626 more words


Fries - Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Update 6/2/2017: I moved my rating from an 8 to a 9. I love these fries. I’ll explain a bit more at the bottom of the post. 369 more words