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Depression Makes You An Asshole (Part 1)

When I decided to take the bold and forward-thinking step of starting a blog in 2015, I figured it’d be best to adhere, for once, to that hoary adage “Write what you know.” Since the number of subjects in which I have even the slightest breadth of knowledge falls somewhere between “jack” and “shit”, this was either going to be a blog about where to find the best version of… 5,231 more words


Heavy Stuff Gets Out of Minneapolis

A weird thing about Minneapolis is how well you already know it, even if you’ve never been. The afternoon I spent wandering around downtown has been a surreal experience of coming home to a place I’ve never been. 284 more words


Ryan Adams burns (joints) in the night

By now, everybody who takes a chance on one of Ryan Adams’ limited-edition seven-inch singles should know that they’re pretty much of a crapshoot. The series has offered up the occasional gem like last fall’s heartbreaking… 560 more words

Gipi--Garage Band (2005) [translation 2007]


Foo Fighters had a really hard time recording this album (it came three years after the previous one).  I understand the band nearly broke up during the recording sessions.  868 more words

Graphic Novel

Cigarettes and the Guitar

Many rock guitarists smoke.  The problem is that playing a guitar requires both hands.   We can’t have musicians running around on stage having nicotine fits.  Different guitarists have come up with different ways to smoke while playing on stage. 305 more words

Bob Mould

Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria & William Pleece--Life Sucks (2008)

SOUNDTRACK: FOO FIGHTERS-The Colour and the Shape (1997).

After the success of the debut album, Dave Grohl gathered a band and recorded the second album, … 1,252 more words



i woke up with the husker du song “don’t want to know if you’re lonely” in my head even though i’m not a big husker du fan and also that particular song is one of my least favorite song in their “canon” but what are you gonna do? 885 more words