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The days of the black flag are coming

When water becomes ashamed of the one thirst it couldn’t quench
When rain starts to weep remembering the one day it couldn’t cry

When the blowing wind whispers cries of an orphaned daughter… 110 more words


Reasons why... GBBO's Nadiya Hussain is the best thing since sliced bread (or cakes, or biscuits)

Her facial expressions basically made the whole show. Gone are the days where Mary Berry’s sexual innuendoes (bless her heart) made everyone crack up. Nadiya’s face morphed into shapes we didn’t know were possible and she did it just at the right time, without even knowing it. 464 more words

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Hub e Hussain

They say write.

Write the words of hub e Hussain,

yet can I find enough words to describe…

They expect me to write of your elegance, 100 more words


What Hussain means to me.

When they asked, what Hussain meant to me,
I blinked, and closed my eyes a little longer
While getting accustomed to the darkness of the unknown… 344 more words


My feather, why must you leave?

I’ll miss the way you flutter in this breeze.

Tall, you stand,

you are ready, in command,

next to your brother, 22 more words