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The Chicken Hussies, I’ve been calling them. They are saucy and misbehaved. They are rarely home, running around the neighborhood bringing dishonor upon this house. They don’t come when I call them and I dont know where they are half the time. 764 more words


Kitty Jane, Victoria Puppy, Susan Ayn, Kate Gold – “The Bald and The Beautifuls” … 3 Damsels, 2 Hussies and 1 Dirtbag (2015/Goldenshowerpower.com/SinDrive.com/UltraHD) http://bit.ly/1GpCwe9

Women Can't Stop Harassing Joe

On February 18, the United States welcomed new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. While it is sure that Carter will make a wonderful addition to the cabinet, readme was unable to pay attention to the inauguration speech due to the unseemly behavior of one Mrs. 348 more words

Issue 18000050

Day 175 - Night on the Town

The bestie and I dressed up all pretty like and hit the town. Wooooo, Thursday! I’M IN A DRESS AND EVERYTHING!


An Eastover Wife Is Piiiiiisssseeeed at Dent May

Today an angry housewife from Eastover went H.A.M. on Dent May.

This particular aggrieved woman has taken issue with May’s track “Eastover Wives,” in which the lyrics describe the evening proclivities of female spouses from a certain geographical region. 111 more words

Dent May

Madame de Pompadour's Tips on How to Keep your Man

A birthday, absurd levels of drinking, and my pathetic attempts to buy a larger house to keep my books in have lain me low this month with a bout of blogger’s block. 1,003 more words


Pauline Bonaparte: Keeping it in the Family

What do you do if you’re young, attractive, witty, fabulously wealthy and your brother is Emperor of Europe? I would probably buy a less damp house where my shoes don’t go mouldy… 1,324 more words