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Previewing the NAC Tournament

Since 2008, the NAC trophy has gone back and forth between Castleton and Bangor like clockwork. Castleton State has won it every even year, and Husson has taken it back in every odd year. 1,277 more words

Division III

Some Brief Life Updates!

Hey there, everybody!

It’s been a little over two months since I got up here to Maine for my new full-time position so I thought since I have a bit of down time after training and opening, I’d share some thoughts and feelings from the experience so far. 458 more words


Day 8 – SEE Reunion and the Korean Drinking Culture

Feeling: Loved <3
Listening to: SHINee-Everybody

Throughout the transitioning period of culture shock, money problems, miscommunications, and class schedule conflicts, I had 18 friends that I would think of and be reminded that things would eventually smooth out in due time.   1,911 more words

What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 08/29/14

Welcome to another episode in my life of geekiness!

I’m still pretty busy this week but this should be the end of it, as the students move in here to Husson University this weekend so next week will be the beginning of classes and some semblance of a more routine flow in my life. 346 more words


Up to Hometown Huwwara :)

Hello everybody.

Had a marvelous day, me and mom headed up North this morning and visited many relatives and as usual ate lots of food ;) 133 more words

Stories from the Frontlines of a Job Search

Greetings friends!

I wanted to consolidate for you all a series of posts I did for The Student Affairs Collective about my job search story. It started all the way back in February with Episode I and wrapped up recently with Episode IV and my acceptance of a job offer a few weeks ago. 49 more words


Mr. Boomsma, Walter, or Professor Boomsma?

Written by Walter Boomsma, instructor. See his blog.

When I sub at school, the kids are required to call me Mr. Boomsma. Most comply, although it’s not at all unusual for the kindergarteners to call me “ 262 more words

Walter Boomsma