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Jane Henry & Maisy Archer-Hustler

Jane and Maisy are still working on giving Manhattan the same kind of treatment they gave Boston with the Boston Doms. To that end, we have the second book of the Masters of Manhattan book, … 559 more words


Porn Again

Probably we’ll be revisiting a few Milos Forman films, in the wake of his passing, but the one I dropped in the player was THE PEOPLE VERSUS LARRY FLYNT, mainly because we hadn’t seen it since it came out. 837 more words


Tonight It's Me - A tale of Juxtaposition

I first saw this short film way back in 2015. My honest opinion about it then was lukewarm to negative. I did not think too highly of it. 482 more words

Woman; A fault.

Who’s a girl? Who’s she? Let me tell you, what a girl is nowadays in your opinion.
She is a “SLUT” for her right to say yes. 396 more words


should ➸ h o w

For me it took watching a few episodes of “this next guest needs no introduction” to get inspired. I was going through a low period and felt like I had no purpose and that my life way going to amount to nothing. 758 more words


AHC Manhunt Kill or capture american gangster Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas who was the subject of the film”American Gangster” whom Denzel washington  Portrayed and Russell Crowe was the DA who took him down, though Lucas talked about his operation and the dirty cops and other folks in the game… 39 more words

Hope and dreams

I was completely smitten about PC (Prince Charming ) read my previous posts to find out about him. I am almost sure I was infatuated but it felt really great to freely give myself to someone without being a calculating opportunist. 103 more words