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Why I Hate Rest Days!

I know I’ve had a hardcore workout week, but I still hate having to rest today.  As a bodybuilder, I am used to my routine of waking up, eating breakfast and most days training after college. 174 more words


Annoying People At The Gym

If you go to a gym you’ll definitely relate to this post. let’s start.

1- The New Year Resolutionist-

These people come to the gym once a year for a month (January) and then disappear. 297 more words


Does Your Appearance Affect Your Success?

People are always judging us. They’re judging how they feel about us based on our physical appearance. But we should never base our self-esteem on other people’s judgement, because what’s beautiful to one person is ugly to another. 276 more words


Passion Is Not Enough

“You have to be passionate about it to be successful”. How many times have you heard this? Trust me when I say that’s not how it works. 410 more words


See Browser

See Browser : Web browser

  • The new web browser for all the Android devices.
    now it is launch in Amazon.com you can download it easily.
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The Real #Traphouse Ain't Pink

In the winter of 2003, I went to visit a friend who had moved in with her boyfriend. We worked at the same strip club and had become close over the course of a few months. 1,076 more words

Scriptures For Strippers