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Why wandering the Hutongs is the best

In Chinese, Hutong (胡同) means alley ways, and wanderings the Hutongs in China can lead you to find the best people and a very authentic side of China. 250 more words


What does this mean?

As a virtual illiterate, I always need to figure out my environment by guessing. I wonder what this Beijing sign means. Does it mean that if you have a tablet of some sort, you’ll have a happier family? 11 more words


Walking around The Beijing Hutong

The Beijing Hutong is a little area west of The Forbidden City and gives people a little insight into what Beijing used to look like many, many years ago. 225 more words


6 Awesome, Secret Beijing Attractions

Nothing compares to traveling with a local perspective. Seeing hidden gems that aren’t as well-known and also managing to escape steep prices are some of the many perks of avoiding the most popular tourist routes in any destination. 709 more words


Top 10 Things to do in Beijing

When visiting Beijing, China you will undoubtedly have a list of mandatory sights that you will want to see.  This bustling city offers a mix of old and new and the longer you stay here the more you will want to discover. 930 more words


Paper Cut

Here’s a modern papercut of this little goat, called Pleasant Goat, that’s a long time hit here in China. You’ll see Pleasant Goat, which I think looks like a lamb, but what to do I know, all over the place.


Beijing, China

With Beijing being my first stop in China, I wasn’t really sure of what to expect. How can you really prepare for a city that has more than 21 million people? 1,017 more words