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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

This week bloggers are challenged to post photos that are abstract. Those familiar with China will know what is shown above, but still it’s an abstraction, not the real thing. 192 more words


Old Writing

Out front of a coffee shop in the hutongs south of Tiananmen Square the wall is covered with ancient writing with smaller symbols of the modern equivalent.

It’s quite cool.


A glimpse of another world

“Driveable” depends on your vehicle of choice. My dad and I were thinking about alleys and parking when we took these pictures. They were all taken along a busy-ish street beside the Forbidden City. 87 more words

Snapshots From A Happy Life

A weekend in Beijing

A weekend goes quickly when you have a lot to see. In just two days we were able to visit the Forbidden City, The Great Wall at Mutianyu, the Summer Palace, the Hutongs and Temple of Heaven. 7 more words


It’s spring… At least officially. Let’s the wandering around resume.

Life In China


One more week before Spring officially begins. It doesn’t mean the temperature will magically rise but it’s all in my mind.

Mind over matter plus I want to go exploring (and not freeze to death while I do!)

Life In China