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Our First Foray into Beijing

The next morning it was still raining but we continued with our planned itinerary starting with the Metro about 200m from our hotel. Easy peasy! The automatic ticket machine had an English button which magically turned everything into English but we still couldn’t work out the system so reverted to the ticket office.  1,047 more words

Port Posts

A day out in Beijing

On our last day Team Maggie’s had organised our own tour, with a lovely guide called Demi.

She arrived at 8am, a tiny pocket rocket and shepherded us into the bus. 1,142 more words


Doing Beijing like a Boss!

Beijing and I fought for boss status. Not sure who won. Let’s call it a draw Beijing! This post shares our trip and independent traveller learnings with you. 2,603 more words


Stories: Chasing the Past

Beijing, China

Up ahead my dad’s pace picks up, matching his excitement. I catch up to him, weaving past the tourists and arrive in front of a closed down hotel. 329 more words


Day 10: Last Day in Beijing

We spent four days in Beijing, gaining a better insight on China’s capital. The changes taking place in China are perfectly illustrated on this shopping street near our hotel as Western brands blend with traditional shops and restaurants. 71 more words


4 docs & a fiction

“4 docs & a fiction” was the name of the screenings that I organised to raise money for the bakery that featured in my documentary. This was also a new venture for me and I was a nervous wreck at every stage of the process, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten over that habit as yet. 147 more words