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Make Your Home Cleaner with HVAC Cleaning

Did you know that on average 25 to 40 percent of energy used for heating and cooling is wasted? The cause of this waste is built up from dust and contaminants that cause heating and cooling systems to work harder – often shortening the lifespan of the system. 207 more words

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HVAC Cleaning Will Reduce Allergies In Your Home This Spring

Everyone is excited about the warm weather! Everyone except the people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and non-stop sneezing can be such a downer on a sunny day.   198 more words

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Why Your Home Needs HVAC Cleaning

Even with high-quality HVAC systems, it is important that they are regularly maintained. The two main benefits of HVAC cleaning are that it improves your home’s indoor air quality and results in energy savings. 180 more words

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Does Your AC Have a Musty Smell?

This can be a sign of dangerous mildew affecting your home and the air you’re breathing. There are several things to check for, but calling R&R Refrigeration today at 602-942-8996 and scheduling an appointment with our award winning HVAC maintenance service will help you breathe easier. https://goo.gl/NCXDBA


Why Is Your Central Air Smelling Musty?

Has your AC developed a smell? Your best bet is to learn more about the problem. If your central air smelling musty, you could have a number of different issues on your hands. 29 more words


5 Facts About Air Vent Cleaning You Really Need To Know

Almost every home owner understands the importance of regular maintenance on their hvac unit and appliances. However, many overlook the necessity of regularly cleaning the air vents and ducts as part of the regular maintenance for their air conditioning or heating unit. 410 more words

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