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Regency Pot Plants, or Learning to Love a Hyacinth

On her first morning at Northanger Abbey, Catherine Morland came down to breakfast, Henry Tilney was already there, in order to prevent him teasing her about her fears of the night before she changes the subject by looking at some flowers. 588 more words


Through the black Hyacinth

Through the black Hyacinth, ©Laurent Monserrat, Paris, 2017.


Hello Flower

Early in the morning, I walk into the kitchen to find my winter hyacinth flopped over…It has tumbled into the sink from its perch on the window shelf above the sink–again.   519 more words

Flower of the Day: 09.01.2017 Hyacinth

Spring is slowly but surely arriving in the flower store at the local supermarket. At last something fresh and new to see. Of course a little early for hyacinths, but I remember growing them on a special glassfilled with water.

Flower of the Day: 09.01.2017 Hyacinth

Flower Of The Day

In a Vase on Monday: Blue-Ming

The little dish is not actually ‘Ming’ of course but some cheap Chinese import from a car boot sale – but the hyacinths are blue and blooming and the focus of today’s vase. 424 more words