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Happiness is a Penny-Farthing

(Author’s Note: Short length this week. Double length next week for Erik’s birthday.)

Being a normal, well-adjusted person was like riding a bicycle. Not in that you never forgot how (although he had some idea) but in that he fell down a lot and got hurt. 3,516 more words

The Dreaded First Post...

I’ve been putting this off for a long time now as I genuinely didn’t know how I wanted to start this off.

Just thinking about it caused me to have many sleepless nights tossing and turning in my bed, although that could’ve also had something to do with the weather we’re currently experiencing here in London. 1,278 more words


Rereading Fairy Tales

“Hey Rose! What are you reading?” Hyacinth asked as he sat down by her at the picnic table.

“Oh, hi Hyacinth! I’m rereading the fairy tales, again.” 813 more words


Orchis Seven

Orchis Seven is in the Royal Academy Summer show this year!

This print is one of my favourites in the series. It shows a hyacinth, drawn from many angles, in front of three sleeping figures. 165 more words


Dinner with His Family

“So, what you getting all nervous about?” asked the qarin* serving dinner.

“Um, nervous? What makes you think I’m nervous?” replied the young qarin as his siblings glanced at him. 4,488 more words


A Common Theme

Hello everyone!! I’m so glad you could join me today!! Ready for another fact about the universe of forty-two worlds? Well, here it is, one that should in fact be rather well known by now. 210 more words


lyrical situation

the lyrical situation was found by mistake in the municipal park in Bochum, surrounded by little blue birds and violent butterflies.