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melting into your bed drowned by tinnitus and
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark dripping down your spine
apollo slaughtering the ceiling tainted love
wilted like hyacinth petals curling flames… 514 more words


Spring Smiles

The Earth renews by
daffodils blossoming for joy,
fragrant hyacinths lingering scent.

The storms will come
then pass, so take a walk
and be warmed by the sun. 46 more words

Snow and Vase on Monday

I could only light the candle once inside, the wind is fierce today.

Happy Sixth Blogging Anniversary Cathy!!

This is where the hellebores came from this morning… 62 more words


So Ready!

Hubby spent the day yesterday getting our front flower beds cleaned up and mulched. It looks so clean and fresh, just waiting for all the flowers to really pop up and be the highlight. 23 more words


Rose & Hyacinth (56)

She could never recall if he knocked on the door. If, by then, he had reached the point where he would knock on an object to draw attention to himself. 6,122 more words

We're Done Now, Right?

Yes, I know. It is still technically winter, but… the flowers! They are starting to pop up. We can be done with all the freezing, now, right? 22 more words