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Hyacinth birthday cake (Rousse)

I was allergic to hyacinths so why would anyone think that I would like a hyacinth cake to celebrate my birthday?

By the time I had extracted the plant from the plate, all that remained were a few dry crumbs and some unappetising chocolate shavings.

Royal Family of Marliacea City

Here are the Royal Family members in Marliacea City. The Royal Guard will be a separate post.

Princess Peridot, nickname Posy: She is delicate and listless, appears to have no personality or will of her own. 280 more words


Fixing the Red Toaster (27)

Milo checked outside of his door for porridge. Yesterday, there had been porridge. The previous day, as soon as he’d set foot in the kitchen, Hyacinth had put a bowl in his hands and sent him away. 5,995 more words

A Phone Call Away

Rose let out a breath as she reached for the phone. Having that chat with Aurora really helped. Maybe she could patch things up with Nars, again. 2,325 more words


"Please Forgive Me" The Purple Hyacinth by Rachael Austin-Ferguson

Not quite known for it’s beauty, the Hyacinth is a flower which, when purple, demands forgiveness. Sorrow. To many, flowers are significant of happiness and love and congratulations, but the Hyacinth defies expectations, standing for more solemn, somber meanings. 196 more words