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A New Home

The carriage rolled up to the gloomy castle as wave after wave crashed upon the distant shore. The boy curled up inside felt that that the waves matched his emotions that dreary morning, angry and destructive. 2,797 more words



This hyacinth flower stands brilliantly out against the background.

Our Song Has No Title

She was barefoot and clad in a white chemise that the rain had done its level best to make transparent. Her developing figure was, while not impressive, certainly enough to look indecent. 5,842 more words

The Visibles

There was a girl in the kitchen. She was dressed all in white. Her hair was white. Her skin was white. Her eyes were white. She had a great big white bow in her hair, and white boots with heels and buttons. 4,821 more words

Purple and the Language of Flowers

What’s just as heartwarming as “found” hearts?  Purple blossoms in the mail, of course! My postcard pal, Jacki W., makes sure that I find purple flowers in my mailbox regularly.   559 more words


Whaddya Get When You Cross Bowie, Brahe and Mercury?

Erik and Magnificent were in the kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not so much to eat them as to engage in the process and design. 5,437 more words

Planting in Autumn. Time for Tulips!

Yes, Fall is for planting and its right around the corner so its time to start planning.  Fall is the time for planting tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, alliums, and many, many more beautiful spring-flowering bulbs. 836 more words