Adhesive that pulls a train!

Now, I’m absolutely aware that there is probably not one single realistic situation in which you would need to pull a train using a rig which is held together by adhesive. 102 more words

SlideShare: You Bought All-Flash, Now What?

Have you made the jump to all-flash storage? Are you planning to? If so this webinar is for you. We will look at what’s next after (or before) the jump to all-flash. 133 more words


High Performance Golf GTI Hybrid

Just days before it’s unveiling at Wörthesee, Volkswagen has given the world a glimpse at a new high performance hot hatch. The 400bhp Prius destroying beast has earned the right to wear the GTI badge were previous contenders like the GTE couldn’t quite manage to meet this legendary status. 334 more words


E Nail Dab Kit W/ Hybrid Gr2 Titanium / Quartz Nail

E Nail Dab Kit W/ Hybrid Gr2 Titanium / Quartz Nail
1x PID Temperature Control Box 1x Coil Heater( Kavelar Coil 16mm Or 20mm) 1x Power Cable 1x High-grade Zipper Case 1x Domeless Titanium G2 Nail 1x Titanium Carb Cap 2x Silicon Jars Available In Wood Or Camo!! 17 more words