Porsche unveils hybrid Panamera Turbo S

Hybrid technology, for the most part, tends to be associated with more sensible, environmentally friendly vehicles like the best-selling Toyota Prius, which focuses on better fuel consumption and cleaner driving. 266 more words


Week 1: What is an app?

What is an app?

An app, abbreviated for “application” has three main identities in the mobile spectrum:

  1. Web App HTML: Responsive, delivered via a browser interface.
  2. 647 more words

Enschway & sumthin sumthin - I'll Wait

This joint hit me right in the feels. Emotional + beautiful collaboration.


Hybrid: The Modern ERP [Webinar]

Gartner Says, “By 2020, a Corporate ‘No-Cloud’ Policy Will Be as Rare as a ‘No-Internet’ Policy Is Today.” For many organizations, the question is not, “will you have cloud,” but when, what, and how much? 113 more words


We're Hiring!

Hiring an Angular / Hybrid Consultant on a contract basis in Toronto! Join a Fortune 100 “Best Company to Work For” and enjoy an on-site gym, cafeteria and a state-of-the-art workspace. 124 more words


Primary Storage Refresh is More than Flash

Primary storage refresh projects usually start from some combination of need for more performance, more capacity or because the storage system is coming off of maintenance. 414 more words


Road Tax is changing.

In the last Budget, the Chancellor outlined an overhaul of the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), more commonly known as Road Tax.

Since March 2001, the amount of road tax you had to pay was banded and linked to the CO2 emissions of your vehicle – cars with emissions of less than 100 grams of carbon per kilometre were liable for no road tax. 447 more words