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Hydra: a pilgrimage to Leonard Cohen’s Greek island retreat

The tiny Greek island that so enchanted Leonard Cohen in the 1960s still captivates today. Yiannis Baboulias tours some of the haunts that inspired the great musician


Word of the day

Hydra – a minute freshwater coelenterate with a stalk-like tubular body and a ring of tentacles around the mouth; persistent or multifaceted problem that presents a new obstacle when a part of it is solved; containing many problems, difficulties, or obstacles.


Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1998)

Nick Fury (David Hasselhoff ) is retired, but he is needed back on duty to take down agents of the terrorist organization HYDRA, led by Andrea von Strucker aka Viper (Sandra Hess) and Werner von Strucker (Scott Heindl) – the children of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (Campbell Lane), his old enemy. 25 more words


What have I become?

You know you’re in for a crappy day when your greatest accomplishment is that you didn’t kill anyone out of frustration. Yet, it left me chirpy and elated as I emerged alive out of my first meet of the morning. 317 more words



Scientific classification

Kingdom – Animalia

Subkingdom – Eumetazoa

Phylum – Cnidaria

Subphylum – Medusozoa

Class – Hydrozoa

Subclass – Leptolinae

Order – Anthomedusae

Suborder – Capitata… 689 more words


Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Whoa Momma! Mother Hydra, the origins of her name is part one, part two is ‘weird shadows over innsmouth’ published by Fedogan & Bremer, and edited by Stephen Jones. 90 more words


Up on the roof......

For Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge, I knew that I had a lot of photos of roofs, taken on our travels around the Greek islands.  A lot of roofs are very old and almost derelict, and they make excellent photos!     117 more words