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Dragons: Physical or Spiritual?

Lately I’ve been pondering this question. Are the dragons of legend and folklore beings of this Earth or beings of the spirit? Of course, there are so many legends that it’s hard to make general statements. 297 more words


Slaying the Bureaucratic Hydra

President Donald Trump is moving swiftly to keep his campaign promise of regulatory relief for American business despite the efforts of the entrenched bureaucracy, and his latest Executive Order to place regulatory reform task forces inside every federal agency is an inspired move to embed the reformers as moles inside the entrenched bureaucracy. 2,081 more words


Easy Pattern Making: Easy Dress 2

The easy pattern making of a lady’s dress, presented in Easy Pattern Making: Easy Dress is followed by another easy dress design. Like the first design, the arm holes are sinking with 2-3 cm by the shoulders and the shoulder traps are drawn with width of 4-5 cm. 137 more words

Interview: Lisa Rieger of Hydra

Written by Rainer Kerber

The band Hydra, founded by Lisa Rieger and Chris Diefenbach in Regensburg, released their second album, Solar Empire, on the penultimate day of last year. 1,403 more words

Metal At The Gates

Dictionary Attacks on SSH and Web APIs

In running a mock pen-test I ran into an interesting wall with one of my tools, Burp Suite Free Edition. I also discovered some limitations in… 558 more words


Review: Hydra - Solar Empire

Written by Rainer Kerber

Hydra was founded by singer Lisa Rieger and guitar player Chris Diefenbach in October 2013. The band name was chosen because the sound of the band from the Bavarian town of Regensburg should sound as versatile as the heads of the serpent-like monster of Greek mythology. 327 more words

Metal At The Gates