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Captain America #9

Ed Brubaker // Alan Davis
May 2012

Agent 13 negotiates with Machinesmith, a devious AI w/ intel on her BF’s power loss, & she proves how badass she is. 61 more words

Captain America

Hydra can modify its genetic program

Champion of regeneration, Hydra is capable of reforming a complete individual from any fragment of its body. It is even able to remain alive when all its neurons have disappeared. 30 more words


Captain America #8

Ed Brubaker // Alan Davis
April 2012

Cap’s super-physique keeps reverting to 98-lb. weakling. Behind the change is a murderer’s row of enemies: a HYDRA Queen of Dreams & her WW2 supersoldier flame (Bru’s recent creations), archenemy Baron Zemo, … 38 more words

Captain America

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

First Appearance: Avengers#4 (1964)
Team: Masters of Evil, Hydra
Real Name: Baron Heinrich Zemo

Level: 11
Favorite Enemy: Captain America, Nick Fury, Wonderman, Bucky Barnes… 721 more words

Bad Guys

Agents of SHIELD - "Many Heads, One Tale" Review

Fitz and Simmons are still on the hunt for Will. However, Simmons is pulling away a bit. Not because she wants to, but because the symbol that Fitz found is not leading to anything good. 613 more words


Captain America #6

Ed Brubaker // Alan Davis
late February 2012

Editorial trades up on artists, ditching McNiven for master Davis. His cartoon-like variation on Neal Adams fits the mag’s mission, which is to take a neo-classical (hackneyed?) approach. 49 more words

Captain America

Release Day Review! The Beast of Barcroft by Bill Schweigart

What’s it about?

Goodreads Synopsis: “Ben McKelvie believes he’s moving up in the world when he and his fiancée buy a house in the cushy Washington, D.C., suburb of Barcroft. 423 more words