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HYDRA - Cracks password through brute force

I have heard of brute force , but being very new to the security field where this is used , has always amazed me. Really it was intresting and amazing to know that the password can be hacked through hydra.Its amazing right, please if don’t use your hacking knowledge to harm any kind of people . 146 more words

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The Hydra is one of the most iconic Greek myths.It is usually depicted as a lizard with either seven or nine heads ,each able to spit acid or fire .It shows up in one of Heracles tasks.Heracles had to kill the hydra in order for him to show his worth and take his place in Olympus.This was quite difficult because once you chopped off one head two more heads grew back.To thwart it, Heracles nephew set fire to each head after Heracles had decapitated so that the head could not return.He was supposed to do it alone so this task did not count. 11 more words

Cr7z & Absztrakkt - Waage & Fische (Snippet)

Heute wurde das Snippet von dem Kollaboalbum “Waage & Fische” veröffentlicht. Cr7z und Absztrakkt haben das Album nach ihren Sternzeichen benannt. “Waage & Fische” wird am 03. 214 more words

Pulp Corner: Captain America, The Steranko Run

Legendary artist Jim Steranko did 3 issues of Captain America in 1969 directly coming off his groundbreaking run on Nick Fury. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this, it may only be 3 issues but there’s criminally little comic book output from Steranko and it’s worth pouring over. 704 more words


P–21 days: Navigating Pluto

Continuing the countdown, focusing on optical navigation using images of Pluto and the satellites.

As of midnight this morning of June 23rd, Eastern time, we’re 25.4 million kilometers from Pluto and moving 1.2 million kilometers closer every day. 670 more words



Pronounced “ydra” in Greek, this island is by far the most beautiful & unique that I have gotten the chance to visit (to me it was even better than Santorini)! 329 more words