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We now have comprehensive data on how much water is required to frack wells. It's probably more than we have

There were 263,859 oil and gas wells drilled in the United States between 2000 and 2014. Until now we have not had comprehensive data on how much fresh water has been required to drill them. 1,052 more words

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Frac Sand : Pasir Silika Yang Bisa Meningkatkan Produksi Oil & Gas

Pada artikel sebelumnya lebih banyak membahas Ilmu Geologi Fisik yang dasar, kali ini membahas bahasan yang agak sedikit advance, yaitu tentang Frac Sand.

Frac Sand merupakan pasir kuarsa murni yang kuat dengan bentuk yang bundar. 463 more words

Frac Sand

Greenpeace threatens war in British fracking controversy

Greenpeace has made statements that are tantamount to threatening to go to war against Great Britain’s recent policy to fast track allowing for fracking to take place around the island country. 376 more words

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NY fracking ban is bankrupting state rural towns

Environmentalists laud New York’s fracking ban but but for those living in the state’s rural areas it is ruining opportunities for them to benefit. The Daily Caller… 434 more words


Scotland's last coal-fired power station to close in March

It’s only a matter of time before increasing dependency on renewables proves to be a mistake. Details from the BBC: RIP Longannet power station. 147 more words


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A very big mistake and soon to be followed here as we close down coal and drive thereby down its worth so George Soros can buy it all up and sell it to China.

Delaware RiverKeeper Publishes New Fracking Impact Study

A brand new Fracking Impact Study (August 2015) should be required reading for all of the residents who live  in and around the Delaware River in the shadow of the shale gas  boom.  333 more words

Delaware River

Solar activity is declining—what to expect?

Some solar theories will be put to the test in the next few decades by the Sun’s ongoing behaviour patterns.

Is Earth slowly heading for a new ice age? 677 more words

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This pattern matches the model I developed in 2007 almost exactly.