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La Jicarita Publishes First e-book

Back in August of 2015 we announced that after nearly twenty years of reporting on environmental politics in New Mexico we were winding down our day-to-day reportage and analysis due to lack of funding and general burn out. 229 more words

New Mexico

A fracking conundrum... Energy security or eco responsibility?

Here’s a challenge for you.  Look around the room you’re sitting in right now and count the number of items that you think are produced as a direct or indirect consequence of the oil industry versus the number that aren’t. 599 more words


Two years later: are we fit to frack?

Two years after the publication of the Fit to Frack report, this blog, produced by RSPB on behalf of the Fit to Frack group, takes a look at progress against our original recommendations. 2,115 more words

National Trust

The natural gas revolution (ABO.net)

By Katherine A. Rasmussen.
ABO discussed price trends, shale gas and the role of renewables with Adam Sieminski, Administrator of the US Energy Information Administration, at the 2016 EIA Energy Conference. 535 more words

UK "Fracking" to begin... on the fly.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and it seems that the UK government has heeded that fable very subtly. 420 more words