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Study: No Evidence Of Natural Gas Fracking Pollution in OH Drinking Water

A study published Friday in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment authored by Geologists with the University of Cincinnati reveals no evidence of natural gas contamination in Ohio drinking water from counties where recent oil and gas drilling took place due to their proximity to the Utica Shale formation. 328 more words


Scotland Bans Fracking Except When They Didn't

The multinational petrochemical company Ineos brought a court action against Scotland recently. It was brought in response to a recent ban enacted by the Scottish parliament on fracking. 249 more words

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What the Frack is Fracking?

Now that the Premier of British Columbia has gone out of his way to accommodate the building of a massive LNG production facility in Kitimat, we have to ask: where will the gas come from? 237 more words


Important Hydraulic Fracturing Facts You Need to Know

If you say hydraulic fracturing, you are referring to a process of removing resources found underground such as geothermal energy, water, oil, and natural gas. Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most beneficial processes being used in the gas and oil industries. 408 more words


Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

Extracting gas and oil from the deep crust of the earth is known as hydraulic fracturing and is widely known as fracking. extraction of oil and gas through this technique is quite beneficial for many reasons. 431 more words


An Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing

Actually, Hydraulic Fracturing commonly referred to as Fracking is a technique used to drill oils and gas wells whereby the ore rock and other rocks are fractured using pressurized liquids. 418 more words


Primary Information about Hydraulic Fracturing

In parts of the world where gases and oils are present, fracking and tricones has emerged to be a point of conversation in boardrooms. Fracking is the other word used to denote… 434 more words