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Lord of the Drillings: Fracking Meme

Before such a meme is made anachronistic by the disappearance of deep shale drilling, I thought I should share: 22 more words


The Petroleum Age has Just Begun!

The Age of Petroleum is in its infancy

In 1973, and again in 1979, the world was subject to ‘energy crises’ as they were termed at the time. 3,016 more words


LPG Fracking in New York

LPG Fracking in New York: A Loophole and a Compromise

SUNY Buffalo Law School – Environmental Law

Collin Doane – J.D. Candidate 2017


INTRODUCTION… 3,687 more words

Energy Law

Nigerian saboteurs, Canadian wildfires, and Goldman Sachs are pushing oil prices up toward $50

Oil is in its biggest price surge in six months, sending a potential rescue line to desperate producers who have been shutting down rigs to stave off bankruptcy. 355 more words

The rhetoric is rising almost as fast as production in an oil war between Saudi Arabia and Iran

The world oil war is getting hotter, with Saudi Arabia vowing to produce even more than its record-setting output, and Iran slashing prices to capture market share from its rival. 325 more words

Spike or glut? Two very possible—and radically different—scenarios for the future price of oil

A new debate has opened in oil, a field that leading experts have largely predicted wrongly for the last half-dozen years. It is whether we are moving toward a severe supply crunch, or a much longer period of glut. 420 more words