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Jolynn Minnaar Unearthed

“I was never certain that I wanted to be a documentary filmmaker,” Jolynn Minaar smiled sheepishly. “‘Unearthed’ itself is a production I never really anticipated.” 887 more words


Alberta woman can't sue province's energy regulator in fracking case: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada says an Alberta woman cannot sue the province’s energy regulator as part of her claim that hydraulic fracturing so badly contaminated her well that the water can be set on fire. 111 more words


The UK government is pro-fracking and the Swiss authorities are against, so why is there very little difference in policy outcomes between the two? ask Paul Cairney (University of Stirling), Karin Ingold (University of Bern) and Manuel Fischer (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology)

At first glance, UK and Swiss fracking policy and policymaking seem very different. The UK government centralises policymaking and can impose policy from the top down, while in Switzerland many veto points  exist in its so-called  ‘consensus’ democracy. 315 more words

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New EPA Report: Fracking "Can Impact Drinking Water Resources"

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NEW YORK (CBSDFW.COM/CBS NEWS) – An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report about fracking is reigniting fears over the extraction of oil and gas from rock below the earth. 271 more words


EPA Finally Comes Clean About Fracking Dangers

After cannot confess that fracking can toxin drinking water, the EPA has actually lastly reversed course and openly confessed that there is no science to support their “fracking is safe” claims, which yes, fracking can and will contaminate… – #ClimateChange, #Environment, #EnvironmentalProtectionAgency, #EPA, #FarronCousins, #Fracking, #GlobalWarming, #HydraulicFracturing, #OilDrilling, #TROFire – #NewsPolitics, #Videos http://htzine.net/videos/epa-finally-comes-clean-about-fracking-dangers/

EPA says 'data gaps' block verdict on connection of fracking, drinking water

The Weatherford Democrat, (Associated Press) 12/13/2016 –

WASHINGTON — Hydraulic fracturing to drill for oil and natural gas poses a risk to drinking water in some circumstances, but a lack of information precludes a definitive statement on how severe the risk is, the Environmental Protection Agency says in a new report that raises more questions than answers. 508 more words

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EPA Releases Final Hydraulic Fracturing Report on Impacts to Drinking Water Resources

EPA has just released its final report entitled, “Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States.” The report concludes that hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources under some circumstances and identifies factors that influence these impacts.   193 more words

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