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Get to Know Me: Day 4! Hydrocephalus: what it is and what it means to me, PART 2

Hi everyone!! Long time no post! ;)

Today, just as promised, I am delivering PART 2 of my hydrocephalus story! (I know, the time is actually 12:40 AM on Sunday… but it technically counts if it’s not after 1 AM, right? 1,961 more words


Hydrocephalus Awareness 

I first became aware of hydrocephalus in July of last year. Little Miss Minion was still in the NICU and I had gone back to work to allow for time off once she came home. 428 more words

Get to Know Me - Day 3!: Hydrocephalus: What it is and what it means for me, PART 1

Hi, everybody! Sorry for this very late post!!! I had family visiting this past weekend, so I was spending time with them, and then the rest of the days just slipped past me with crazy college stuff and other things happening. 1,243 more words



I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging for months because of unexpected changes. Trust me, all of them are valid. I think?

  1. June 23 – we rushed Aeva to the hospital because she had seizures.
  2. 241 more words

This is my reality.

U give me flak for something. I tried to explain. U don’t understand.

U also think it’s unfair for me to expect u to understand when u do not know. 103 more words


Liam's Story

Story submitted by Liam’s mother, Yvett:)

So where to start….

We did not know about Liam’s Hydrocephalus until week 32 because nothing was showing on ultrasound until that point.When it was discovered, we had to see some more doctors and plan how to go from there. 1,078 more words


Just a Reminder

I have had this since I was 3 weeks old. I am blessed  to know I am not the only one who shares the struggles of this very challenging condition. 233 more words