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Hydrocephalus Market Analysis 2018-2022: Key Findings, Regional Analysis, Macroeconomic Indicators and Future Prospects

The cavities (ventricles) get expanded as excess fluid gets accumulated and therefore increases the size of the brain. In normal conditions, the cerebrospinal fluid usually flows through the cavities and bathes the brain and spinal column, but in hydrocephalus condition, the accumulation can cause damage to the brain tissues and also result in large spectrum of other impairments of the brain. 605 more words

Advocacy Day

As I mentioned before, our Minion family was invited to join other families in a trek to the state capital for the March of Dimes Advocacy Day. 524 more words

I Isabel Bishop...Letters to Dead Artists, A-Z Challenge.

Welcome to the Letter I! As you may be aware, my theme for the 2018 Blogging A-Z Challenge is Writing Letters to Dead Artists.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with an artist starting with “I”. 1,962 more words


Hydrocephalus: A Teacherly Insight

Laurence Perks | Monday 9th April 2018

Working, living – heck – merely existing with a hidden disability and/or chronic illness can be hard sometimes. 2,015 more words


Scars and Stories

Alright, major truth is about to be dropped here. With hydrocephalus I’ve had lots of surgeries; it’s around 20-something, I’ve honestly lost count. With all these surgeries I’ve collected a rather impressive (in terms of contest fuel) collection of scars. 680 more words



It’s been a while since I’ve updated, mostly because there isn’t much new information. The doctors have learned all that they can for right now and we won’t know much more until after Aria is born. 375 more words

Congenital Hydrocephalus

Letters to Dead Artists Weekly Round-Up... A-Z Challenge.

Phew! I somehow made it through the first week of the A-Z Challenge. As you may be aware, my theme for 2018 is: Letters to Dead Artists. 998 more words