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Dropsy (istisqa')


  • an illness of excess which permeated through the limbs; illness of congested matter
  • swelling, edema (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue spaces or a body cavity)
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Update II

Day to day, things have been getting easier. I owe that to my family, friends, and amazing husband who have let me heal from afar. From the bottom of my heart, thank  you for loving and supporting me, even when I couldn’t be around or talk. 411 more words


Classification of Hydrocephalus

The first level of classification of hydrocephalus should be based on the point where flow of CSF is restricted.  These potential sites of restriction would include: 423 more words

Hydrocephalus CT Findings

KEY FINDINGS of HCP on neuroimaging:

  • expansion of the temporal horns
  • convexity of the third ventricular walls
  • rounding of the frontal horns

December 2016 update

My initial stupid diagnosis appeared to be correct.

My severe headaches and general ‘feel like shit’moods have definitely subsided in the last week and a bit, due I believe, to me drinking a lot more water. 247 more words

Colloid Cyst

Raising the sibling of a disabled child

I have read and written several things about raising my disabled son. I don’t ever talk about the challenges I face raising my daughter. The majority of my time goes to my son. 440 more words


Sentinel Headache: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

A 25 year old male college student presents to the ER with complaint of sudden severe headache with an episode of vomiting. On exam he looks uncomfortable but is neurologically normal, that is, he is awake, oriented fully, moving arms and legs without weakness or neglect. 144 more words