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I can’t even think of a title for this post…. does anyone out there in blog world know someone affected by Hydrocephalus? I want to do at least one post each week (and hopefully more when I get a bit more comfortable in WordPress world) about Hydrocephalus. 23 more words

Looking Good

Little Miss Minion had a follow up MRI this morning to make sure that the old shunt is working, the ETV is working, the new shunt is working, and that there aren’t any pockets that aren’t being drained by the aforementioned methods. 293 more words

Hydrocephalus: Being strong and independent can be your own worst enemy. No one will give half as much as you do and why should they? #SoWhyShouldYou?

I’ve been guilty of being too strong and independent for my own good. Because of this, the people (closest to me) in my life don’t give me a chance to ever be weak or needy. 999 more words


HYDROCEPHALUS : Quality of life...how do you define that?

A few months ago, during a consultation with a Neurosurgeon, I was asked if my Hydrocephalus was affecting my quality of life.  I got the impression that if my answer to this question was “ 768 more words



So, in my last post I talked about Little Miss Minion’s recent shunt surgery. It was at the hospital we hate (see other shunt revision posts for more details), and this trip was no different than the others. 659 more words

5 tips for running through the winter

hoto: freeimages.com/agnekveselyte

Brrrr. The dark nights are drawing in but now is not the time to slack on your training for those big 2016 events! 408 more words


Shunt Revision #4

Little Miss Minion is currently sleeping off the sedative from shunt surgery #4.

Her last surgery was mostly successful. The goal is to drain extra fluid from inside the ventricles in her brain. 231 more words