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Foxes, itches, triumph, and hunter: on the cusp of leaving Nome

On the med list I’m pulling a switch
‘Cause my patient came down with an itch
Now they’re getting the sleep
That’s restful and deep…
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Consistency, that is what I am striving for.

With Wednesday’s little health hiccup, I am reminded again that I have Fibromyalgia. Doesn’t matter what I think about this “condition”, there are real symptoms and real consequences to not being consistent in my health practices. 493 more words


Hey You

Yes, I’m talking to you. You, who just swallowed 3 pain pills. You didn’t really need them, did you? ¬†Of course not. You just want to be happy, and feeling good makes that happen. 841 more words


Oxycodone And Oxymorphone Addictions - Stop Them This Month

Although most people have probably heard about addictions that people have with painkillers, they may not realize how detrimental these can be to the human body. 304 more words


It's been ahwile.

That typo is intentional.

I’m not going to lie, I forgot this shit existed until two days ago. That was when the drug haze lifted long enough to permit my brain a few coherent thoughts. 713 more words


New IL House Bill Aims to Reduce Prescription Opioid Abuse

There were 339 prescription opioid deaths in IL in 2012! About 80% of the 120 fatal overdoses per day in America are from opioids. The availability of abusable Rx opioids has sent our country into a tailspin. 39 more words

Life is Different in His World

The purpose of this Blog is to mix in my observations of my life with an addict Brother and also to put out information that may keep addicts alive. 581 more words