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What exactly is Norco again?

Like I stated yesterday, Norco is a pain killer; it’s a combination of acetaminophen (which is an analgesic drug utilized when one has a headache, arthritis pain or the like. 221 more words

Elderly Care

Two cups of coffee after a bird strike.

A bird sure made our plane late

We missed by a hair at the gate

So a bit of caffeine

Kept my wit keen

With a steady patient flow rate. 635 more words


Dental Surgery and Hydrocodone

The combination medication Hydrocodone and acetaminophen works better for dental pain. This medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Basically it is a pain killer from a class of drugs known as opiates. 283 more words


Scientists Have Hacked Yeast to Produce Narcotics

Yeast, that magical microorganism that provideth bread and beer, can now make narcotics, too. In a much-anticipated update, a team of scientists from Stanford University has engineered a strain of common brewer’s yeast to turn simple sugars into opioid drugs.

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Engineered yeast turns sugar into painkiller

Scientists have reprogrammed the genetic machinery of baker’s yeast so that the fast-growing cells can convert sugar into hydrocodone in just three to five days.

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Hydrocodone For Pain Relief

Hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-325 is one of the top most prescribed drugs in the USA. Nearly 20% people use five prescription medications. Research shows that over the past decade usage of prescription drug is steadily increased. 394 more words


The abyss of the mind

How can you be alive and not be living.

I know this well.

I’m deep inside the hell of my mind. Scrambling to escape. Climbing and falling. 579 more words