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Honduran indigenous group protests for land rights and recognition

Gualcarque Hydroelectic Dam:

1In 2010, Honduras’s post-coup government granted a illegitimate concession. This concession has been the subject of an intense amount of controversy, and has affected numerous communities within Honduras, and it is time that this is discussed critically. 1,262 more words

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Brazil Dries Up and Blacks Out

Mac Margolis – Bloomberg View, 2/4/2015

Water is to Brazilian politicians what oil is to Latin American petrocrats — just a pipeline away, too abundant to fret over. 94 more words

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But why solar?

The last post I published was written in a rush because I was trying to take advantage of the strong internet connection in Belém before my flight back to Marabá. 1,019 more words

Largest dam removal = Salmon Return

For 102 years, native salmon bumped up against massive concrete hydroelectric dams on Washington state’s Elwha River, stubbornly persisting in their primitive urge to swim upstream and lay their eggs. 572 more words


The World’s 10 Largest Hydroelectric Dams

Hydroelectricity is one of the fore-runners of the renewable energy industry, accounting for over 16% of global electricity production, with a predicted annual increase in production of 3.1%.  109 more words


How Many More Dams in the Amazon?

by Emil Morhardt

There are a great many hydroelectric dams already operating in Brazil, supplying 80% of Brazil’s electricity—most of them in the Amazon Basin. There could be many more. 310 more words

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Sayaka Yamamoto's Top Ten Hydroelectric Dams

Sayaka Yamamoto’s Top Ten Hydroelectric Dams

Sayaka Yamamoto is fast becoming one of the most popular members in the AKB48 family.  In the 2011 AKB48 general election, Yamamoto-san placed 28th, in 2012 she earned 18th, in 2013 she came in at 14th, and in the most recent election last month, she rose to 6th  — with nearly 68,000 votes!   316 more words