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Zambia is praying for rains to fix its worsening power shortage problem

Zambia was plunged into darkness as a massive blackout cut power to virtually the entire country earlier this week.

The capital of Lusaka and all the major cities were without power for the second time this month as the copper-producing southern African country grapples with a crippling drought and… 520 more words

Bolivia’s climate pledge triples down on fossil fuels, megadams

Last month, Bolivia submitted its pledge (English|Spanish) on addressing climate change to the UN FCCC, the body charged with overseeing global negotiations to prevent dangerous global warming. 374 more words


Tapajós and other Amazon dams not sustainable development say reports

Research shows that contrary to the current greenwashing trend surrounding hydropower, hydroelectric dams are not the sustainable solution to the world’s energy needs that proponents make them out to be. 2,183 more words

Linda Hogan's Solar Storms

My favorite novel of all time is Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms.  Published in 1997, it is the story of Angel, a girl who was taken from her Native relatives as a tiny child and raised in foster care, after being abused by her mentally ill mother.   290 more words


Amazonian tribes unite against Brazil’s controversial plans for hydroelectric dams

Amazonian tribes are uniting against the Brazilian government’s plans to build hydroelectric dams right on their doorstep. As the projects accelerate, people have not been consulted, nor have proper environmental studies been carried out.

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Honduran indigenous group protests for land rights and recognition

Gualcarque Hydroelectic Dam:

1In 2010, Honduras’s post-coup government granted a illegitimate concession. This concession has been the subject of an intense amount of controversy, and has affected numerous communities within Honduras, and it is time that this is discussed critically. 1,262 more words

Honduran Politics

But why solar?

The last post I published was written in a rush because I was trying to take advantage of the strong internet connection in Belém before my flight back to Marabá. 1,019 more words