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Tribute to Bill Giles: South Shore Outboard Association Newsletter

The South Shore Outboard Association: in New England, is a classy organization ….

This past fall South Shore lost one of they’re longest standing and most accomplished racers, Bill Giles.   223 more words

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Driving Safety Tips: What to Do When You Hydroplane

Driving in the rain with low visibility is scary enough, but when you skid on the water and feel yourself losing control of your vehicle, it’s even scarier. 205 more words

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Official Entry #5 is a Wild Ride!

Our 5th Video Contest Entry comes to us from Johnny Adams of Adams Racing Team in Washington.

Official Entry #5 is some great on board footage courtesy of  Adams Racing Team.   117 more words

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Now it's a 3 Boat Race: Here is Official Entry #3

Official Entry #3 is the video previously known as “Hype 2”

So I’ve also been in touch with Andrew Fralick and he OK’d the official entry of his incredible telemetry video once he inspected and verified that it was the correct version which gave proper credit to all of his sponsors.   78 more words

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"Hype Video #1" Is now Official Entry #2

The Owner of “Hype #1” Has thrown in his official entry:

I have been contacted by Sterling Martin, who has informed me that the drone / on board / music video from Jesup was created by him and Zach Hallman.   43 more words

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Video Contest Hype #2

Here is another “Hype” video.  This is a pretty incredible on board from Andrew Fralick running 302ssh in Standish, Maine last spring.  Check out the amazing Formula 1 style telemetry. 25 more words

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NJ Driving Test - Speed (mph) limits, facts and violations

NJ Driving Test – Speed (mph) limits, facts and violations

  • Hitting the dashboard or windshield at 30 mph is like falling from the top of a three-story building.
  • 519 more words