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How Does Vertical Farming Stack Up?

Food deserts, as defined by the USDA, are parts of the country void of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods. These are usually low income communities in and around large metropolitan areas where access to fresh food is scarce. 670 more words

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I Almost Killed My Tower Garden!

I went outside to pick some collard greens off one of my Tower Gardens. To my shock and horror all the plants where drooping and wilted.   399 more words

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Hydroponics, Soilless and Vertical Farming

With population increasing exponentially, the agricultural land is being converted into jungles of concrete and urbanization.  The land available for crop and food production is, thus, declining miserably. 2,201 more words


Build Your Own Hydroponic Wheel

Hydroponics is an effective way of growing plants indoors through the use of water medium and artificial lighting. It often involves having a system to raise and lower the water level around the plants to let the roots breathe, however this can require some non-trivial plumbing. 201 more words

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To Pop It or Not to Pop It - That is the Question

From the time we start experiencing breakouts, normally in our teenage years, it seems like we’ve always been told the same thing: Never ever pop your pimples! 487 more words


ÄKTA® Anti-Aging Skin Care

In Sweden, the word ÄKTA means to be genuine, pure and undiluted.  That word best describes our anti-aging skin care line that was named after the Swedish term. 270 more words


Ten Amazing Ways to use our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. It's Not Just for Acne!

Our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is highly known for treating all types of acne cases from hormonal to cystic. What many people may not know is that our proprietary micronized rhassoul clay has a variety of beneficial uses for multiple skin conditions. 276 more words