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Survivors Corner: The Pro Hyena

He is the averagely tall animal with well placed dark spots and handsome to a good level with the kind of charms that make females around her feel some heat burning between their.. 449 more words

The hyena's laughter

Years ago, I saw an interesting incident on Discovery Channel. A group of leopards, going hungry for several days finally hunted a bison and were all ready for the feast. 906 more words


Hyena (2015)

If you’re a cop, and you’re corrupt, chances are, it’s not going to work out for you.

London cop Michael (Peter Ferdinando) seems to be living the high life. 1,080 more words


Issue #216 (Colonialism, Race): "His Hyena Fetish"

“His Hyena Fetish”   

   THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT THE WAY THE DARKNESS ENVELOPED THE ORANGE OF THE HEAVY SUN THAT MADE HIM TINGLE. The sweat on his forehead in the tent glistened against the fire of the lamp and he wished he was as black as the pins that sunk through canvas to soil.  344 more words


10.0 A Hyena Among the Giraffes

He was sitting at the card table with Laurence, playing Kings in a Corner, which Laurence had forced him to learn so that Laurence would not be forced to play with the elaborately perfumed African supervisor. 685 more words

Rare hyena sighted in Adilabad tiger reserve

The presence of the hyena, which usually trails the big cat in search of the remnants of the kill made by the later, is considered precursor to the arrival of the tiger, says official…

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