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Second post, whoo! 

So over the next year I plan on painting a lot, drawing a lot and generally getting my work out there for people to see. Because of this I’ve decided to make it a challenge, one painting a week and one digital drawing a week both to be posted at the end 0f the weekend (Sunday). 178 more words


Beho Beho Bushblog - Godlisten - 18th August

It’s getting better and better as the grass is getting drier and drier everyday here in Selous, we are seeing a kill every day. Lion kill, Hyena kill, even a Monitor Lizard busy digging out Crocodile eggs around Lake Tagalala. 180 more words


Hyena with pillowLatest Shots From My Travels

This hyena had been dining on a warthog and decided to use the rib cage as a pillow

from Flickr http://flic.kr/p/Kgw4Ke

Beho Beho Bushblog - Roel - 9th August

    The ways we use to find the animals we are looking for are quite varied. In its simplest form, we get “lucky” and just bump into the animal(s) on or along the route we are driving or walking. 441 more words


The Hyena laughs at its victims

(Editor’s Note: the first section of this article is written by Levi Kabwato)

AROUND THE WORLD, Empathy is in short supply. Our ability to move past tragedy and forget them is quite alarming. 809 more words


A Court in Malawi on Friday denied bail to an HIV-positive man who is facing charges of having sex with more than 100 adolescent girls as part of initiation rites into womanhood. 236 more words


Spotted Hyena

The Spotted Hyena makes a loud cackling call when it is excited or afraid, giving it the common nickname the “laughing hyena”. Hyenas’ front legs are long than their hind legs, which is what gives them their distinctive sloped back.