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THEY - Nü Religion: HYENA (Album)

Sorry for the wait, but have you guys checked out THEY? Signed by ZHU, these guys got swag for days. And while the debut album is mostly made up of singles from the last couple years, this stuff is just eclectic and cool. 33 more words


Bones and Stones: Totemic Layouts

Before I get too far into this hideously verbose post, I want to discuss my use of the term “grid” in this context. This one is based not on circles or radial symmetry, but on the shape of the central symbol or totem and the energy flow around it.  2,052 more words


Nu Religion: Hyena

What a cute little duo yawl. Not to mention one of them looks like Big Sean cute self. But they are definitely their own artistic individuals. 425 more words


2017 “Chillin’ with Animals” Calendar – March Story

Ah, Kanzi. Perhaps no animal at the Zoo loves me more than this sweet girl. Nearly a year after our first chance meeting she still looks up sharply when she hears my voice or catches my scent, and comes directly over to see me at whatever empty window I make my way to. 1,913 more words


THEY. - 'Nu Religion: Hyena' (Review)

THEY., as a duo, jut out sonically and sartorially from our ’17 On The Frontline Series’. The former, with their audacious blend of punky flecks and R&B textures – and the latter with their stonewashed denim jackets and head-wrapped bandannas. 437 more words


Hyena: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

I don’t like hyenas… I didn’t know much about them before this project and they’ve not really grown on me…  But not everyone agrees:

“with her iron jaw and massive clitoris… 747 more words