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Good Morning!

A young Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) pops its head above the parapet. There is no telling the difference between male and female in this species, which is perhaps famous for its ‘hermaphroditism’. 195 more words


H Is For...

It’s Tuesday again, so that means we’re bringing back everyone’s favorite alphabet game since Hangman became politically incorrect.  So here’s edition number eight of The Nest’s Photography A to Z challenge, and this time we really are going to hell with the letter H!  459 more words


Eight Little Girls and Hyena

Eight little girls liked to play in the surrounding fields. One day, while out picking flowers, it started to rain. They sought a shelter, and found a cave. 400 more words

Great Legends & Tales

10. Swords, the Hyena

The life of a Hyena is one of opportunity, not necessarily honor. As a pack they hunt, fight, scavenge, and play together. But it’s always every Hyena for themselves, always about who gets a bite out of what to continue survival. 146 more words


JFTW Sketches - Cyber Yeen

My friend Pyro wanted a free art of their hyena, so I assimilated her =3



Standing never posed a problem until it became the only option for Gilligan. Granted, this is a self-imposed problem; he could sit any time. But then he would lose his discipline and just sit all day every day until he sees no reason to stand anymore. 88 more words


Det är högljutt i Paris

Det gick i matens tecken. I det lätta regnet.

Merci i Marais. Allt som man vill ha men inte behöver. Butiken för den som saknar det lilla extra. 142 more words