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Beho Beho Bushblog - Heribert - 30th September

We all know, wherever we are, all corners of the planet that the weather has shown a big change over the last couple of seasons. It is no wonder then that we have rain in Selous. 496 more words



Another work-in-progress of my Hyena villain. I’m just learning to use Fibermesh in ZBrush, but I think looks pretty cool!


Robert Devriendt

From The Jerusalem Church Crime, 2009-2010, number 4 in a sequence of five paintings

Artist’s website: http://www.robertdevriendt.be/


Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite

As hard as this may be to believe, there are people who will actually pay real cash money for something with one of my remedial art class doodles on it!  278 more words


Hyena from the Lion King: Retrospection of implementation of a...

Hyena from the Lion King:
Retrospection of implementation of a mask of Hyena from the scenic spectacle The Lion King for Iberostar spectacles. The rest scene can be viewed on… 30 more words

Clear Lake

TRAVEL-Tanzania-Serengeti Part 2

AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA Timmmmm! Oh my word did you hear that!?!!

I switched on my head torch and started unzipping the tent, Tim grabbed my hand before I could transpose through the thin veneer of protection (a false sense of safety if ever there was!) that separated us from the wild animal lurking outside… “I saw a Hyena run behind the back of the tent as you were getting in, so I would not go outside if I was you” Are you freaking kidding me! 897 more words


#SaveTaiz - The Yemen zoo animals

Pls click each link to tweet and share the page! <3 If anyone gets any replies from the tweet targets PLEASE contact me personally on twitter or FB. 1,946 more words

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