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First Look: HYENA

Michael (Peter Ferdinando) is a ruthless undercover coptargeting London’s most violent drug traffickers. He and his team aren’t above taking their cut from the criminals they’re charged with taking on —but when he’s threatened with exposure, he’s forced to rapidly shift his loyalties and sell out his allies in order to stay alive. 35 more words

First Looks

The Top 10... So Far

So we about a 1/3 of the way through the year, and so I have decided to rip off every other film blogger in existence and list my own top 10 films of the year so far. 647 more words


HYENA - " Mental Home "


Hyena’s debut single “Mental Home” is teeming with visceral energy. It’s the ultimate high for the band from 2014, a year that has seen the return of rock.   270 more words


Turbowolf, Dolomite Minor, Hyena, Live At The Bullingdon, Oxford


Black Bullet Live played host to the first night of the Turbowolf UK Tour which kicked off in Oxford. With more energy than a teenager on their second can of Red Bull, there were thrills and spills as drinks went flying on stage and someone’s crunchie bar failed to survive the raging mosh pit. 776 more words


On epistolary wisdom

Today, we take a trip down the rabbit hole, into some of the darker recesses of my mind. Not the very darkest, I hasten to add. 754 more words

A To Z Blogging

Fish & shoes

I remember the time I went to visit my slightly racist uncle in Arkansas (he only hates Jamaicans) and we went fishing. So there we were, with a bucket of worms and a lovely mixture of saltwater and fish gut juice(?) in our shoes, when a fish that reminded me of my ex broke the water’s meniscus and flew straight into uncle Rob’s face. 11 more words

Two-word Stories

Chewed-Up Bone

By Ralph Martins

Once thought to be the earliest musical instruments, bone artifacts called “Neanderthal flutes” were actually the work of scavenging hyenas, a new study says. 386 more words