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Things that go bump in the night

It gets dark quickly in Africa. The sun sets about 5:40pm, the sky glows yellow, then orange and finally red, with smudges of smoky clouds over the horizon by 6pm. 645 more words


Neighborly Visits - We got 'high.in.a' Garage

Fisi, the hyena, hermaphroditic self-eating devourer of the dead, trailer of calving cows, ham-stringer, potential biter-off of your face at night while you slept, sad yowler, camp-follower, stinking, foul, with jaws that crack the bones the lion leaves, belly dragging, loping away on the brown plain …… Green Hills of Africa, Ernest Hemingway… 954 more words

Hi, intelligent hyena

A spotted hyena at the Mara after the rains. This rainbow appeared almost magically, as they always do. Little did this hyena know how pretty the scene was, as it peered curiously into the vehicle. 179 more words


Ngorogoro - nature's finest

The Ngorogoro Crater, a conservation area and UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania, which keeps safari animals captive in a huge natural conservation zone. 95 more words


Fossil dog represents a new species

A doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania has identified a new species of fossil dog. The specimen, found in Maryland, would have roamed the coast of eastern North America approximately 12 million years ago, at a time when massive sharks like megalodon swam in the oceans. 552 more words



The cleanup-crew was busy in front of my home (Thanda House) when I left in the early morning hours (6:06am). These three Spotted Hyena were cleaning up a nearby Lion kill. 19 more words


How large is the clean-up crew!

Picture Collage: Niki Merrilees (Animal Scientist – Thanda Safari) and Kevin Wade Emslie (Ecologist – WRA) installing one of the camera traps, and a portrait of a Spotted Hyena. 419 more words