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Running in Ethiopia

Earlier this year I won round trip tickets to Ethiopia at a local race. Courtesy of Ethiopian Airlines. I guess they just opened a new direct route HKG <> Addis Ababa (which makes sense given so many Chinese factories open in the past few years in Ethiopia – much cheaper labor than in Mainland – approximately 16 times cheaper). 288 more words


New beginnings - my very first guests!

I’ve made it! I’m very happy to say I’ve survived my first two weeks in my new job and so far, so great! For my first couple of days I was fortunate to find the lodge had no guests – this meant the other guide, Vivian, was able to take me out on some orientation drives and show me some of the ropes. 422 more words


Character Profile - Themba Jua-mata

Themba Jua-mata is one the the three Chakaa (Howler equivalent) hyenas who Prince Noss adopted and raised, the others being Nurka and Madou. Themba is the biggest of this remarkable trio and well-suited to wielding his mighty kristahl hammer, the use of which these past few years has only made Themba grow stronger. 105 more words


Two sides of a fun weekend

Illustration made for the digital book for BLFC. I picked one of the main characters of 2018’s theme, Sahny the hyena, who is a fursuiter and his character is a deer; in two different photos: the one on top he took a selfie with the hotel in the background, while in the one on the bottom someone took a photo of him in the convention area. 69 more words

Digital Illustration