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Ol Pejeta

Sometimes there is no alternative; you just have to buy a pig in a poke. We had arrived in Nanyuki for the Memorial Day weekend and booked into the African-style Town and Country Hotel. 1,228 more words


Waggy canid tail template

August free template! Waggy tail compatible for wuffs, huskies, some foxes, some other dogs and even other species too, like hyenas! This one can be easily adapted to a lot of animals! 63 more words


For My Next Trick, I'll Need a Volunteer

things that happened in the fire
that never really happened anyway

alone with myself and the other voices
pretending to be me behind the insanity… 155 more words

Fallen giraffe

Seeing vultures or other birds of prey perching during overcast conditions are not uncommon. However, when you find around 40 jostling frantically for their position in the tree tops there’s bound to be something happening below. 247 more words

Funny Animal Daily (2018, #57)

This is my nephew’s dog. His name is Paco. He is funny looking and cute and…


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Let’s get this party started

The perilous exercise of writing the introductory post for a new blog comes with its own series of clichés to avoid like the plague (like, for instance, using the phrase “to avoid like the plague), such as the self-interview format, the overabundance of links, the desperate call to a publisher and unrelated pictures of baby hyenas. 678 more words


The Hyena Queen

She was a pretty hipster, hair mohawked
like a black mane of jagged crests,
and her laughter was shrill as she walked
into the club, leading her pack with her breasts… 294 more words