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No Residue ~ All Purpose Cleanser

1 tbsp Castile Soap

6 oz  Witch Hazel

6 oz  White Vinegar

22 oz Hot Water

30 drops Mint Essential Oil

15 drops Rosemary Essential Oil… 80 more words


Monday Bird of the Week No.30 - Greenfinch

Today we look at a bird that is both beneficiary and unintended victim of our growing love for feeding birds in our gardens. The bulky and severe Greenfinch. 227 more words


Natural Dishwasher Soap Cubes

I love the fact that there are so many more healthy cleaning products out on the market.  What I could do without is the price tag associated with these products.  158 more words


Health: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Because your body is the most important tool you have for exploring the world and living life.  Take care of it, and it has a much higher chance of serving you well. 275 more words


Hygiene during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is very essential to take proper care of your health as it not only helps you to stay fit but also keeps your baby healthy. 480 more words


Tip #20

The best face wash is plain old cold water. 

Tip #20 Exposed:

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have tried tens of different types of face washes.   137 more words


Squat Relief

Okay so I really can’t resist this one!  Having travelled and lived in India for many years I confess to preferring their ‘squat’ loos.  The actual squatting position is a healthy exercise and allows one to relieve themselves without any body parts touching contaminated seats! 43 more words