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Anal sex.

Anal sex is surrounded by lots of different misconceptions and emotions in todays society. There’s still a stigma against women that enjoy it, that they’re sluts or just doing it for male pleasure. 795 more words


today i learned - fri 26th may 2017

alright? good days had by all? 😬 regardless, at least it’s bank holiday friday 🙌🏻. right, pleasantries exchanged, lets get down to business.

as usual, i’m going to be totally honest with you … i found this fact out totally by accident 🙃 the plan was to write about the history of people writing on bombs but when i googled “when did people…” this fact popped up as a suggestion and i couldn’t ignore it! 435 more words

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#970: "Dance class and stranger-sweat" or "How to tell someone they are stinky: A review."

Hi Captain,

So, I’ve been attending a salsa dance class the last few months. The class is structured so that you are welcome to come as a single person, and the participants shuffle through partners throughout the class. 3,202 more words

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The Cost and Recovery Time for Dental Implants

If missing teeth have you feeling shy and insecure, dental implants are the perfect option for restoring a beautiful and natural looking smile that lights up every room. 309 more words

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Personal Hygiene Affects Us All

Wash your hands and body regularly to help prevent illness and promote good health.  Here’s a great video a from the Bangkok Patana School in Thailand about how you can maintain great personal hygiene.

1st Grade

4.B.6. Roman Public Toilets

Let’s go outside and walk the Lechaion Road. We will come across monuments, markets, forums, and a Roman public toilet.

In Roman civilization, public toilets were elevated to raise them above open sewers using flowing water that were linked to drains. 19 more words

5 Tips for Creating Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

Lead by Example

Kids look to their parents to set standards in all things, including oral hygiene. How you behave is how they will act. Since the best way to teach children is by example, it is important that your child sees you brushing twice a day and flossing. 338 more words

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