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Why Are Corporations Hoarding all that Cash?

One of the ongoing puzzles of this joyless recovery (to give it the benefit of the doubt) has been the huge accumulation of cash by corporations. 1,534 more words

Austrian Business-Cycle Theory

Why don't most mainstream experts recognise the relevance of monetary reform?


Professor Joseph Huber writes:

In preparation for the 10th Annual Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago next week, organised by the American Monetary Institute, I have extensively revised the paper… 671 more words

Banking And Finance

Krugman on Minsky, IS-LM and Temporary Equilibrium

Catching up on my blog reading, I found this one from Paul Krugman from almost two weeks ago defending the IS-LM model against Hyman Minsky’s criticism (channeled by his student Lars Syll) that IS-LM misrepresented the message of Keynes’s… 1,109 more words


Ilargi on Hyman Minsky

From  Raúl Ilargi Meijer at The Automatic Earth:

The Fed itself has stated many times over the past years that it intends to keep interest rates low.

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Money Lenders

The Minsky Moment

This post talks about someone who has influenced modern investing and banking to a great deal – Hyman Minsky.

Hyman Minsky was a Jew born in 1919 at Chicago to immigrants from Belarus. 549 more words

China's Playing With Fire, Part II

Via Bloomberg.

(China’s Playing With Fire, Part I is here)

The specter of default in China’s trust loans market is deepening the distress of property developers that also borrowed in dollars. 338 more words