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Hyouka 1.01

1 – Lettera da Benares

Caro Houtarou,

attualmente mi trovo a Benares. Anche se in Giappone questo posto è maggiormente conosciuto come Benares, probabilmente sarebbe più accurato chiamarlo Varanasi. 259 more words


Notes I wrote about Hyouka, while watching it

Exactly what the title says. I started watching Hyouka back in late December, and while I approach it with a slightly different attitude from how I did all that time ago (three to four months… Hey, I know that doesn’t seem like much, but that’s a long time for me, especially as a teenager.), I think that some of my older thoughts are still relevant to me. 746 more words


Anime Review: Hyōka

I’ve always been a fan of the mystery genre, solving problems and finding solutions has always been one of my interests. But I haven’t really been able to experience this in anime, until Hyōka. 1,180 more words



This is one series that I had the wrong expectations until well into half of the series.

I was looking for an anime that screams romance like Kaichou wa Maid-sama and I remembered Hyouka, obviously for the wrong reason because it isn’t in the Romance genre. 317 more words


Hyouka episode 21-22 KyoAni comments

This is the final week of Gifu Broadcasting’s re-airing of KyoAni’s Spring 2012 series, Hyouka. For the past ten weeks, I’ve been translating the staff comments with each week’s episodes. 933 more words


Hyouka episode 19-20 KyoAni comments

The KyoAni show Hyouka is currently being broadcast again in Gifu by Gifu Broadcasting this season. In order to celebrate the re-airing, I’m translating the staff comments for each week. 1,185 more words


Hyouka episode 17-18 KyoAni comments

As mentioned before, currently Hyouka is being re-broadcast this season by Gifu Broadcasting. This gives me the opportunity to look back and translate the staff comments for the two episodes broadcast each week. 1,072 more words