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Hyouka --- Character Development For Its Own Sake Doesn't Work

It’s retro-review time again, and today I’m going to be talking about an anime I was afraid to go back to because I was sure it wasn’t going to hold up over time. 1,565 more words


Reviewing: Hyouka

Hyouka to me is another anime that I feel didn’t get the popularity it deserved, not that I am saying hyouka is unknown I’m sure many who are heavily involved with the anime community have heard of the title. 824 more words


30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE! (DAY 14): Anime That Never Gets Old

DAY 14: Anime That Never Gets Old

In other words, what anime do you enjoy even after multiple viewings.

Many things can attribute as to why one enjoys watching an anime despite having seen the show in question more than once.   513 more words


30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE! (DAY 13): Anime Character You're Most Similar To

DAY 13:  Anime Character You’re Most Similar To

To be honest, I’m more of a mix-match of characters from many different anime.  As far as I know, because I am such a unique human being, there isn’t ONE anime character that best defines me. 686 more words


My Top 5 Valentine's Day Anime Episodes

Happy Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day, my readers! <3 Froggy

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a heartwarming and romantic day, but anyone with exposure to reality knows that’s not how it works for most people on most years, even when you are in a relationship. 1,283 more words


Hyouka (2012): Anime Review


If everybody thinks high school is a colorful phase of a student’s life, it’s different with Oreki Houtarou. Oreki is a high school boy who always acts very passively with his life. 1,269 more words


After reading: You can't escape / The niece of time

I had planned on finishing that entire book in one sitting. Things didnt go as planned and now here I am. I finished it at last however and lets talk about it! 960 more words