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Liebster Award - Diversify Yo Bonds

So for anyone who got the title reference; we’re already friends. I’d like to thank Kelladon for the nomination. I think it’s funny that we nominated each other for our Neat Award posts within hours of each other, so I decided to do the other nomination for the Liebster Award. 979 more words



You’ll love them because they’re all quotes from Oreki. And it’s just impossible to not at least like his character (in my very, very biased opinion). 118 more words


Hyouka: A Magical Mystery Adventure

Hyouka is, without a doubt, an experience. From its expressive color palette to its wonderfully seductive soundtrack and the writing that makes it both a great slice of life show and a great mystery show, Hyouka has so much to offer. 620 more words

Jack Scheibelein

Opening of the Week: Yasashisa no Riyuu by Choucho(Hyouka OP 1)

Hyouka entering my life has honestly been one of the best things to happen to me. I’m currently seventeen episodes in, and honestly, I am not sure what to do after its over. 289 more words

Jack Scheibelein

"Fake friends"

Do you really know who your friends are?

Photo taken from:  Hyouka

Rewatching 'Hyouka'.

My relationship with the anime ‘Hyouka’ is an interesting one.

I first watched the series several years ago and found it lackluster. The mysteries were mundane and uninteresting, and I found Oreki – the main character – to be a forcibly stoic and cliche character who I couldn’t get behind. 141 more words


Review: Hyouka - Part 1

Right from the get go, and under the glittering façade of Kyoto Animation’s visuals, we’re introduced to jaded highschooler Hotaro Oreki, who sees himself in shades of grey. 557 more words