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Review: Hyouka (anime)

Originally written at 2/7/15

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Hyouka. I finished this before The Garden of Words, but the thought of writing a review for this never occurred to me. 874 more words


Hyouka (2012): Anime Review


If everybody thinks high school is a colorful phase of a student’s life, it’s different with Oreki Houtarou. Oreki is a high school boy who always acts very passively with his life. 1,273 more words


Top 5 Underrated Anime

We all have a show or movie we love that has almost no recognition.  We want others to know how much we love that show, despite it being so unrecognized.   1,626 more words


Hyouka - Overview

Houtarou Oreki is what you can call the typical lazy student. He would always conserve his energy and would not do things that aren’t supposed to be done by him. 168 more words


Recommendations: Slice of Life (6)

: The slice of life genre is typically about exploring the mundane eccentricities of the daily lives of its characters and offering a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. 1,045 more words


A Chinese Hyouka Advertisement

What does Hyouka mean to you?

There are a ton of great essays on Hyouka, and a variety of interpretations. Is it a mystery? 1,124 more words


Today I don’t feel like doing anything (but I have so much to do, so yeah... no Japan-time for me today)

Back at home, I promised myself that I would deal with my jet lag within the first week. So I have two more days, it’s so good to be me! 217 more words