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When somewhat lazy, yet incredibly observant Hotaro Oreki joins the Classics Club at the behest of his older sister, he believes he’ll simply be able to relax. 129 more words

Animelog: Hyouka

Usually, I watch every KyAni series simply because I know that they always make anime deserving at least something like “7 out of 10”. However, there were several shows I dropped really quickly, for instance, Tamako Market, mostly because of the parrot (the movie was good, though) or Kyoukai no Kanata – just didn’t find anything interesting about it. 325 more words


Hyouka, Eupho, and Giving a Damn: Part 2

When I was little, I hated playing soccer with the other kids. I was terrible, my team would always lose, and I hated it. But then I realized if I played without worrying about the score, I wouldn’t feel as bad if we lost. 2,085 more words


Muôn mặt review và hành trình lý giải anime

Mình thật sự rất thích đọc review anime. Nếu bảo rằng mình khởi sự xem anime chỉ vì thích đọc blog bình luận, cảm nhận của người khác về phim thì cũng không phải là nói quá. 5,387 more words


Hyouka, Eupho, and Giving a Damn: Part 1


I originally liked Hyouka and Hibike! Euphonium (Eupho) for completely unrelated reasons. Eupho matched a web of relatable group and personal conflicts with a gorgeous audio-visual presentation. 1,868 more words


Colorful Hair Anime Challenge! - Day Two "Black Hair"

Welcome to my second day of the “Colorful Anime Challenge” hair version! Feel free to try the challenge yourself! Don’t forget to tell me in the comments or tag me, I would love to see your personal opinion with this challenge.  266 more words