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De hype van deze zomer: blauwe wijn

Je kan er haast niet meer omheen, iedereen heeft het erover. Nog nooit kreeg ik in de winkel zoveel vraag naar een bepaalde wijn: blauwe wijn. 401 more words



Over-rated and over-hyped.

Despite having a huge following, and despite dominating the UK charts, I am not sold. His music, specifically his latest album Views, sounds so crazily repetitive and so cliche. 315 more words


Tai Cheong Bakery

Read about it but never bothered further about it.
A younger me would have joined in the queue, just to find out what the fuss is about. 165 more words


Rhymster Gets Hype With No Concern

Rhymster is no doubt an unstoppable machine when it comes to producing catchy beats and rhymes. Releasing 2 more tracks within a month with a lot of potential to catch the vibes in a crowd. 66 more words

Free Music

How a Book Gets My Attention

Photo by Nicola Alter (CC BY SA 4.0)

I’ve always been fascinated by how books are discovered – by how a person ends up finding and deciding to read a particular novel amidst the ever-growing sea of books swirling around them. 2,311 more words


July, Hayven: Epilogue

Sunday morning was what Splosions Day was supposed to be like from all the stories she’d heard. The Double Tap steps were filled with boisterous, extremely drunk patrons celebrating getting to the end of another trade meet mostly alive. 279 more words

Dystopia Rising