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Why is Supreme so Popular?

Why is Supreme so popular? This is the question that everyone involved with pop culture and fashion are asking. For those of you that don’t know by now, Supreme is a popular skate shop that was originally built to cater to the average teenage skater. 187 more words


Believing the Hype

Last week, I was stunned to see Netflix and Marvel’s season 1 of Daredevil to buy on Blu-ray.

Being a fan of Marvel’s properties, and hearing how good the shows on Netflix were, I wanted to buy them for myself. 845 more words


Blogmas #7 | ootd ft. oversize sweater

Perhaps you have heard somewhere one of the most common stereotypes about the Russians (no, it’s not about vodka) – that we are very superstitious. I will not speak for everyone, but sometimes I do throw myself on mercy of all sorts of superstitious beliefs. 111 more words



Tonight I will be attending the much anticipated Insomnia59 Gaming convention here in the UK. Details of the day, ‘inspirational’ moments and photography of the events will appear here, on 8BZT’s Twitter and Facebook over the next three days of the indoor camping experience. 6 more words


Is the hype still alive for Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan Season 2 has been announced and it’s airing April 2017! No seriously, I’m not even joking. We actually have a solid release window now. 694 more words

Nike HyperAdapts Going For Upwards of 5K on eBay, the Future Is Bleak

Okay look, it’s easy to take a cheap shot at hype beasts, too easy really. Essentially, these kids roast themselves more often than not when they leave the house each day – by 1) being who they are as individuals and 2) dressing in whatever tumblr has deemed fresh for the time being. 406 more words


Brand Yourself Rather Than Create Hype

When you look at people in Network Marketing what is it that you see on their social media profiles or posts? So many people are promoting their… 327 more words